The assertion of an experienced believer. mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand? Though it be unworthy on account of my iniquities—hear it. This verse shows that the Psalmist was Under a sense of sin, and felt it imperative upon him not only to cry as a suppliant but to confess as a sinner. "An Exposition upon some select Psalms of David...Written by that faithful servant of God M. Robert Rollok...And translated out of Latine into English by Charles Lumisden ...Edinborgh... 1600", 8vo. 18mo. Psalms 85:8. b) But he will not always nor often speak pardon at the first asking; for He will make His people reverence his holiness, feel the bitterness of sinning, learn caution, etc. But more probably, looking at the place which it occupies, and at the whole tenor of the Psalm, and its line of thought, "The Lord" he waited for so intently was that full sense of safety, peace, and love which God's felt presence gives, and which is, indeed, nothing else but the coming of the Lord most sensibly and palpably into an anxious and longing heart. And you may test yourself by it, as by a rule or measure, and ask yourself at each line, "Have I reached to this? Such repetitions are the reverse of vain repetitions. Truly, our Psalm has ascended to a great height in this verse: this is no cry out of the depths, but a chorale in the heights. Can flesh, which is but dust, be clean before thee, when the stars, which are of a far purer substance, are not? 4. Hebrew, selichah, a word used only here and by Daniel once (Daniel 9:9), and by Nehemiah (Nehemiah 9:17). He has supplicated many times, but always with one voice, or for one purpose; and he begs to be noticed in the one matter which he has pressed with so much importunity. There is no man who can stand in God’s sight when he comes to mark our iniquities; and if we are taught of God’s Spirit, we shall know it to be so. 1. Let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplication. Albeit the throne of God be most high, yet he delighteth to hear the petition of hearts that are most low, that are most cast down by the sight of sin. —Sir Richard Baker. They should hope for light in darkness; for strength in weakness; for direction in perplexity; for deliverance in danger; for victory in conflict; and for triumph in death. Lord, hear my voice. But there is forgiveness with thee. 2. In looking back over his past experience, the psalmist tells the Lord that he has prayed. —W. A gracious promise: "He shall redeem Israel from, all his iniquities." If the Lord will but hear us we will leave it to his superior wisdom to decide whether he will answer us or no. 3. And it shows the sovereignty of God, — to give just when and just as he pleases. Printed by John Bell, 1623. Whole Psalm. Ver. In fact, the more holy a man becomes, the more conscious he is of unholiness. Ver. Iniquity of memory —does not memory sometimes bring back sins you formerly committed, and your evil nature is perhaps base enough to desire they had been greater Iniquity of feeling —no enmity against God's people ever working? ], 1668, 1669, 1680. God's Holy Spirit reigns with largest power. 7. If we can find no more words, let us entreat the Lord to hear those petitions which we have already presented. Ver. —James Smith (1802-1862), in "The Believer's Daily Remembrancer, ". This plenteous redemption leaves behind it no more relies of sin than Moses left hoofs of beasts behind him in Egypt. O Lord, we are neither angels nor stars, and how then can we stand when those fell? Prayer flutters up "out of the depths." —C. It follows well upon 129: when we have overcome the trials which arise from man we are the better prepared to meet those sharper sorrows which arise out of our matters towards God. Psalm 130 begins with a personal testimony of God’s rescue from the depths of guilt. The Holy Ghost layeth out here two opposite passions most plainly—fear, in respect of evil deserving sins, and hope, in regard of undeserved mercies. Mercy is always on the throne. The exercise of it is his delight. M'Michael. Was it chiefly the distress, the disgrace and poverty where with he was burdened, or the famine that almost caused him to starve? The most vivid imagination faints in conceiving it, the most glowing image fails in portraying it, and faith droops her wing in the bold attempt to scale its summit. —W. I hope, beloved, you feel that, because you are forgiven, you fear to offend God; because of so much love, you fear to grieve the blessed Spirit of God. Exercises of faith, whatever their object, must all settle on him. —Sir Richard Baker. 7-8. Go to, To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient, Spurgeon's Verse Expositions of the Bible, Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. --Samuel Annesley (1620-1696), in "The Morning Exercises." No man hath hoped in him in vain, neither was ever any disappointed of his hope. God is near to a contrite heart, and it is the proper seat where his Spirit dwelleth: Isaiah 66:2. —Solomon Gesner. Ver. This title is applied to all the Lord's people; it sets forth their dignity —they are PRINCES; it refers to their experience —they wrestle with God in prayer, and they prevail. Prayer de profundis gives to God gloria in excelsis. Watch. —Robert Rollock. The pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem sang these songs as they went up to the city for the great Jewish festivals. He is confused, and his prayer may therefore be broken, and difficult to understand; he begs therefore that his Lord will give the more earnest and compassionate heed to the voice of his many and painful pleadings. —J. Ver. With us there is sin; but hope is ours, because "with the Lord there is mercy." H. Mollerus. And now join all these depths together— the depth of sin, of misery, of sorrow, the depth of danger, and the depth of devotion, —and then tell me if David had not, if I have not, as just cause as ever Jonah had to say, "Out of the depths have I cried to thee, O God." 3. Mercy—"with the Lord." 5,7. In the days of Moses the waters were first bitter, then sweetened by the sweet wood. If JAH, the all seeing, should in strict justice call every man to account for every want of conformity to righteousness, where would any one of us be? 5-6. "He shall redeem", etc. or a banished man, but hope to come home? Let us give earnest attention to what we ask, and how we ask. It is not fair to your fellow creatures, to whom it may be a very great injury. Attention from God to us—how to gain it. 1. —Archibald Symson. Those that are farthest cast down are not farthest from God, but are nearest unto him. 1 John 2:12. a) In God's nature there is the desire to forgive; the gift of Christ is sufficient evidence for it. It practises the patience of faith. This is the natural order, the necessary order, easiest, wisest, and most profitable order. There are many kinds and degrees of prayer in the world; from the coldest form to the most intense agony. What gracious souls do when in "the depths." "I wait for the Lord", —spiritually, with my deepest thoughts—in the very centre of my being—"I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait." Ver. We pronounce this a most blessed posture of the believer. How men get into "the depths." Whatever breaks a command of God is "not equal." Oh, have faith in God. Expecting him to come to me in love, I quietly wait for his appearing; I wait upon him in service, and for him in faith. It does not rise even to the height of conscience. The Lord often shuts us up to this waiting for his interposition on our behalf, that he may keep us waiting and watching at the foot of his cross, in earnest, believing, importunate prayer.

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