Vegemite vs. Marmite Credit: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images. Lv 5. Despite the similarities in the two spreads, Marmite and Vegemite actually taste very different from each other. I love it in stir fry dishes, in grilled cheese sandwiches, in my eggs, with lots of other things, too. Re: Vegemite vs Marmite vs Promite « Reply #11 on: October 08, 2019, 01:22:51 PM » Throw them into the bin, then take that bin and throw it in another bigger bin, fill that bin with concrete and throw that into the Mariana trench then forget they were ever invented. 1997-2020 All rights reserved. I love the taste of Vegemite, I like to use it as a substitute for salt in savoury baking (Bread, scones et cetera), and as an addition to fruit smoothies, it adds a depth of flavour which you cannot get from Salt alone. I have eaten marmite and vegemite most of my life and like them both very much - I have always eaten everything put on the table, with not an allergy to any kind of food ever - that is, until I was given a jar of Promite to try and I had a violent reaction to it, vomited for three hours. Vegemite. Which European country will inspire your culinary journey tonight? It's so expensive to get here in the US, and Promite is non-existent on shelves where tiny jars of Vegemite exist, that I have to make a jar last a long time when I do get it. Vegemite eaters will generally tolerate Marmite and Marmite eaters will tolerate Promite. Tried again along time later - same thing. Vegemite is salty as well, but also has a bitterness to it. If that happens, I will lift the restriction within a week.Want other ways to interact? oops I meant to give you the url of my promite post - hope you don't mind the recommendation. To be fair, I love them all! Brewer's yeast by itself is low in kilojoules and very rich in B vitamins; as such it has long been used by itself as a supplement. It appears that Promite is the underdog of the three brands. Marmite vs Vegemite - can you tell the difference? Topics can be controversial, wide-ranging and opinions will become divided. Today we look at the three mighty Mites from Down Under and it's Kiwi neighbor! I hope they're not phasing it out either! I've never had Promite.. A battle between Vegemite and Marmite. Again this could be chance, particularly with such a small group of tasters. I couldn't bring myself to order it last time, but I'll be back for easter I'll give it a go. Just how much do you have to put on your toast to get a therapeutic dose? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Fortunately, I find the saltiness enough to put me off having much, so I don't think I'd manage to get to the therapeutic dose even if I wanted to :P. I have only ever tried Marmite but I don't eat it as a spread. Overall rating: Similar to Vegemite nutritionally but not quite as popular. The runny texture of the Marmite makes my stomach twitch. You'll notice that I am persisting in calling this Marmite, even if the jar says something else. The difference is that vegemite has added flavors—like vegetables and spices—as well as coloring and other additives. The end result is a thick black paste we love or hate. Vegemite vs Marmite . Protocol. Mr Bite described Marmite as stronger, and I would fully agree - but that's the only real difference either of us could put into words. Did the price of a Large Pizza start going over $1.00 in 1965 or was it even earlier than that. If you're Australian, you may feel loyalty to.

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