Add a granita machine to your convenience store or dining hall to provide guests with a delicious frozen drink during warmer seasons. Simple front control panel: This machine has an easy-to-use control panel with simple buttons that makes it extremely easy to operate. These units need to be refilled manually after a certain amount of product has been used by pouring the liquid product mix into the tank to make more frozen drinks. We use our own experience, hundreds of reviews, videos, manufacturer specs and information to create a complete and trusted review. Its 32-ounce blending chamber is large enough to make slush drinks for everyone at the party. It's also important to check the manufacturer's user manual to ensure that there aren't any special maintenance requirements or procedures frozen cocktails in the machine. Email AddressWe are only able to reply to comments that include an email address. Choosing the Best Commercial Slushy Machine, The Leading Distributor of Restaurant Supplies and Equipment. You can use this professional margarita machine not only for the household but also for a commercial purpose. A traditional slushy is a blend of water / ice and a flavored mix. You’ll also find select models that come with decals decorated with drawings of fruit, smoothies, and other vibrant images. Whether you are planning to blend up the perfect slushy, smoothie, or frozen cocktail, it's important to know what sort of slushy / granita machine will best serve your needs. This heavy-duty slushy machine is often used for commercial applications, but people do purchase this unit for their home. Knowing how many slushies you need to produce for your ice cream or snack shop relies entirely on how many people you plan to serve. Elmeco FCM-2 Millennium Granita Slush Machine, 7. This guide will help you choose the right equipment, mixes, toppings, and accessories that your concession stand needs to get started! Simply blend up a neutral base granita, and as you draw beverages from the tank, add whichever flavoring of liquor you want and mix it with a beverage stirrer. Check out how much you can save using Carnival King 5 gallon bag-in-box syrups! A Commercial Margarita machine can make several Margaritas and Frozen drinks with consistent quality. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you are looking for a slushie machine able of producing large quantities of slush, the VEVOR slushie machine is an excellent choice for you. This is a large capacity commercial drink machine which helps you to make the slush up to 50 cops from your favorite drinks to your customer and guest. For other great items to use for drink service, check out our slushy syrups, clear plastic cups, and straws. It is a truly professional machine that some people even use in commercial establishments. The workings of a Slushie Machine. It equipped with a ¼ HP air-cooled compressor and stable control so it won’t keep your drinks to freeze up. If you are running an … Furthermore, it is heavy-duty enough to be used for commercial purposes. For example, a 220V machine will yield more product than a 120V unit in a shorter period of time. This slushy machine from Vbenlem is perfect for home use for three reasons. The two 15-liter tanks that come with this home slush machine are made of a super strong plastic material that is resistant to both high and low temperatures. This is also a great unit for a recreation room in your home. It is a high capacity best commercial margarita machine which is very useful for commercial purposes. of syrup, costing approximately $0.12 per cup, 16 oz. Why should you purchase a home slushy machine? Our selection of machines includes high-performance models for faster freeze times and standard units for light-duty use. Investing in the ‘Best Commercial Margarita Machine’ is a wise decision if you want to see your business grow. You can set your most preferred drink consistency to get your slushie drinks just the way you want them every time you use the machine. It measures 14 x 9 x 18 inches, and it is backed by a 1-year limited warranty for worry-free buying. That’s why we have provided you with the above top quality products. Happybuy 110V Margarita Maker Frozen Drink Machine (12L x 2 Tank), 8. On slushy machines, a higher voltage generally means a faster recovery time. We are the authority on ice makers, ice cream makers and really everything that has to do with ice. The manufacturer calls it the ultimate summer accessory and it is difficult to disagree. Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Mini Size Slush Machine, 5. This means all you need to do is to go through each of them and then decide what you want to take home. With the help of this margarita machine, you can make a large number of slushies in your own bar, at home, in your restaurant or hotels or clubs. Durable construction Has a large capacity Convenient to use Come with a strong motor. Notify me when thisproduct is back in stock: Frozen beverage dispensers are a versatile addition to any snack shack, concession stand, convenience store, gas station, or bar. We review the latest products so that you can make an informed decision before you buy. You’ll even find machines that automatically mix liquid concentrates or flavored powder with water so your employees don’t have to waste time doing it themselves. As such, they can be used to make margaritas, mimosas, Moscow mules, and other delicious drinks. Product buying guide and comparison blog which will help you buy best product with minimal research, we got you covered. Also make sure to check out other great items from Narvon, Crathco, Fetco, Spaceman, Stoelting by Vollrath, Vollrath and Wilbur Curtis. It has an excellent design made from stainless steel body with non-breakable bowls. … Margarita Girl Double-Bowl Mini Size Slush Machine, 2. By making the use of this machine you can create more drinks for your party and commercial purpose. We understand how frustrating it can be to settle for the best home slush machine. Whether you want to make daiquiris, soda drinks or margaritas, this is the machine for you. In this margarita drink machines, you can mix two different drinks at the same time, and also you can easily serve drinks in less time. The Bravo Italia Margarita Maker is a large capacity margarita drink machines and it consists of a two-bowl iced drink maker in which you can make drinks for 100 peoples easily to your guest or customers. Its tank can be detached from the base to make cleanup a breeze. You can keep these separate and clean it completely. That’s why we are certain that you will not go wrong with this 2-bowl slushie machine. This slushy maker is equipped with artificial syrups. This single bowl slushy machine is a perfect unit for your home, office or business. Keeping the party going can be as easy as pie if you have this home slush machine. It has tanks that are made up of durable plastic material and it is high and low temperature-resistant. This is the best commercial margarita machine for parties and commercial purposes. Happybuy Slushy Machine Margarita Maker, 3. It has two shaving settings that produce snow/slush ice textures and also has clear measurement markings on its pitcher to help get the perfect results. By presenting a slushy machine in plain view of your customers, you'll help boost impulse sales when they see the swirling, bright colored beverages inside. These units perfectly freeze drinks like margaritas and wine slushies. Everyone loves a refreshing slushy on a hot summers day. These units feature a reservoir to hold liquid product mix and automatically refills the main bowl as needed. This is the professional margarita machine for home use also. It uses the high-functioning stainless steel shaving-blending Cage to finely shave beverages into a mouth-watering slurry. Have you ever headed over to the nearest convenience store and purchased a cup of slush for you and your family?

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