Pre-employment job personality tests are now delivered online, where they are processed instantaneously. It is not only the qualifications of your employees that matter. The way they behave, adapt to changes and react on certain circumstances also matter. Taking a practice test allows you to preview typical questions in a relaxed environment before the official test. Now that you know how popular these career personality tests are becoming and why, how … Results are then verified and normed against thousands of other candidates, speeding up the hiring process and ensuring that the candidates who move forward are compatible with the company. The story of pre-employment testing began with integrity tests. Overt integrity tests ask direct questions about integrity and ethics. What can a pre-employment personality test measure? Pre-employment personality tests help these hiring managers sort through a list of candidates quickly and effectively. Take a Sample Test. When you take a pre-employment personality test, which is mandatory for many senior and management positions, you are placed in front of a computer screen and then flooded with all types of questions that seem to have nothing to do with the job for which you applied. Pre-employment personality tests are designed to gather information about a person's motivators, communication style, preferences, and emotional qualities. For example, by using a personality test for employment, you can test important character traits and behaviors such as: They can help companies avoid hiring dishonest, unreliable or undisciplined people. To test an applicant's skills: Employers give pre-employment tests to see if your skills match the requirements within the job description. Instead of spending hours if not days bent over a pile of cover letters that all look more or less the same anyway, they can compare a set of test results to see who’s most likely to share the company’s values and suit the company culture. A pre-employment checklist can help you execute a pre-employment personality testing. Employee personality testing allows you to measure aspects of personality that are relevant to the workplace and to the job you’re hiring for. For example, if an employer is hiring for a copywriter position, they might administer a writing test to find out if your skills match their expectations. Although the questions will probably differ from the ones required for the position, it will lessen your anxiety by giving you a sense for the type of questions likely to appear on the exam. These tips will help you pass a pre-employment personality test. Covert tests assess personality traits connected with integrity, like conscientiousness.

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