The thing is I was at a restaurant/bar and they’re open till 2. I was so mad My husband and our handicapped son was waiting on me to come back with the car. So work with or through the police to make the initial complaint. Since it was getting late, I said a quick hello (less than 5 min) and we together started walking back to my car. Props to you officer! I think what you’re doing is great. I’m not sure what is going on with my fingers and eyes. An automotive shop allowed a tow company to tow our car and tow company sent auction without notice from either company. They were gonna charge me $650 to release it. I have all necessary documents and permits to park on the street and underneath my building. Please advise what should be my next step. There are other cars still there but mine. I called the police to put a complain, they couldn’t do anything to help me. I live in a large apartment complex with multistory parking lot. I go outside and my mustang was gone, I had it parked on street in front of my house. This was after speaking to tow yard and automotive to get cost to pickup. After greeting me he suggested that I put the guest parking pass in my car. Was not forthcoming until 12-02-2014, three months after car was towed for allegedly being illegally parked. Anyways I come inside and asked him where is the van and he had a clueless look and then I knew the stupid tow truck towed it. I went back to the office and informed them they had my car towed and she still denied it she does not towed cars she hands me a phone number and tells me here they can answer all your questions I called the number and it had been disconnected these people are shady I’m taking them to court and getting my money back . He demanded $110 for release or $490 at the yard. Initially I thought my car had been stolen, but then noticed a small and obscure towing sign with a company contact number. I called them closer to 10pm and they didn’t answered the phone. However, I had legal sticker from building complex which it allows us to park. They said they had taken a photo of my truck the day prior and that it didn’t have the permit up. Its clear that you have no idea that the boom means that the car has been blown up or no longer in pieces that you would recognize. my friends car got towed and people have been saying the private property that has been towing cars has been illegal because we did not hear any sirens or any type of noise to let use know that our car is being towed. I’m a front line worker so with COViD I have to be extra careful taking care of patients and I couldn’t focus so subjected myself with patients with COVID. He periodically checked with the police with no luck. My car alarm is a little messed up and sounds multiple times a day and since I have another car I leave for work or for watever I have to do, during The time I’m. I borrowed the money from a friend, went to the impound yard, and got my car back within one hour. His story was all over the place. They’ll be quick to send you a check once they see the nice letter on a lawyer’s letter head knowing that you mean business. A deputy had called a tow company in another city and they charged me $250 to get it back. Since my visit was late in night and I knew it is short, I parked in an open space. But thank the Lord I got my baby handicap stroller out of the van but they also lookin sad about situation. File in small claims if they are wrong prove it and ask for four times what you paid out u0 to what your small claim court allows up to. I reported the vehicle stolen and even asked the leasing office if they had it towed and they told me that they only authorize tows after they have been properly tagged. I am also disabled mentally and this is causing me great upset and suicidal thoughts! So? We are dealing with a similar situation in NY. Requested an assigned space close to bldg in 2014 because of disability. Someone put a towing notice on ut, so she went to theapartment’s management and explained the situation and they said they’d allow it to be parked there and they would take it off the tow list.They did and the car went untouched for a while until yesterday, someone towed the car, they won’t say who and brought it to a storage place that clsims to be unassociated with the towing placem the storage place said it’d be 218 if taken out within 12 hours. I know they had signs about no overnight parking, will be towed, etc. Definitely check into this. Manager told me my car tow away.Here is complex and my driver licence shows that I live this address .I had to get sticker but they send last year which is I I have to fill it out and send back last year i did not but later they did not send any paper to fill it out and send them back.And I called the company I tried to tell them,they did not send any paper since last year but they did not listen to me.I believe that it is not fair because I live there but they can tow away my car.Finally I paid$250 and I got my car from vito’s towing.Worst part is that I am unemployment.Can someone help me please to get my money back.

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