Huck is a terrible driver and is always getting his van stuck, is getting lost, or both! She came up with an all new "salon beautification" called a "Glamicure", where she can make clients nails sparkly and play music. Despite her shortcomings witnessed in the episode "Queen For a Day" and despite her initial reactions to the children in the aforementioned feature movie, she was repeatedly shown to be quite maternal and intelligent. Sometimes she wears other outfits and hair styles, depending on the activity she is doing. For one thing, her last name was altered to "Torte", apparently since American Greetings didn't like an unseemly connotation that the word "Tart" has acquired, though a tart and a torte are markedly different types of desserts. Voiced by Kathleen Barr. This time around, it is revealed that Apple Dumplin' is Strawberry Shortcake's baby sister residing in their berry-shaped cottage, which more or less explains why a young girl is seen taking care of a baby unattended. She is voiced by Anna Cummer, and her singing voice is by Tracey Moore. For reasons that remain unclear, Tamale has also been billed under the unlikely name "Guaca-Mole" in some media. [2] Her neighborhood in Strawberryland is called Cakewalk, and is a frosting-coated layer cake testament to her abilities. Pupcake wasn't always a pet of Strawberry Shortcake, he used to be Huckleberry's pet. Login to rate this recipe and write a review. Blueberry has an excellent vocabulary and is frequently correcting the other girls' grammar. Raspberry sometimes can get competitive when it comes to design with Lemon Meringue as they are both very artistic and share the same flavor for style. Also changed was her position in the crimes; whereas before she had suggested schemes herself and often talked the Purple Pieman into them, this time she was the follower and it can be argued that she followed out of affectionate familial devotion. Orange owns her own General Store, where everyone can get everything they need. Pudding is ready when it is puffed and springs back when gently touched. Lemon also likes to paint, especially with watercolor, and loves to make scented sprays (like room sprays, perfume, and hair sprays). A white dog with blue spots, a blue tail, blue ears and a blue strawberry shaped patch over one eye, Pupcake is a very energetic and easily excitable puppy, although unlike Custard he is unable to talk to humans. In the special, she introduced herself as the Purple Pieman's old partner in crime. Cover and simmer for 2 hours, keeping the water at a gentle simmer. She is voiced by Janyse Jaud. Cherry Cuddler wore a bonnet that looked like a cherry, over her pink short curly hair. They attempted to start a "Good Citizens Club", but only did so because no one allowed them to be in any club before. Mr. Sun was voiced by Romeo Muller in the first three specials, and was voiced by Chris Wiggins in the final three shows. Yensi Rivero [season 1], Adriana Tamayo [season 2], Ivanna Ochoa [seasons 3-4], Kelly Viloria [3 last episodes] (Latin America) As of season 3, Plum adopts a purple and white terrier puppy she names Pitterpatch. The Baby and Fig Boot bonded instantly, and, following the foiling of a plot by the Purple Pie Man and Sour Grapes to exploit the creature, remain inseparable. Many of Strawberry Shortcake's days are spent in the simple pleasures of tending berry vines. Her pet is a yellow teddy bear called Jelly Bear. She is also the first to whine in a situation. Gifted with a full head of bright pink curls, the Raspberry Tart doll produced by Kenner depicted an unusual interpretation of her standard Strawberryland dress-and-bloomers outfit: both items were combined into a one-piece playsuit-type outfit. Milkshake is a very jumpy, timid filly. Good-natured but weak-minded, Coco befell hypnotism and mind-control at the fiendish hands of The Purple Pie Man, but came to upon tasting the actual entries in the Bake-Off. In the 2009 series, she had a puppy named Pitterpatch. She was at first not very good at playing the drums, and because of this, was very reluctant to perform one time, but learned to play well with Cherry Jam's help. A warm brown pony with a bright green-and-white striped mane and tail, Maple Stirrup pulled a light two-wheeled carriage called The Oatsmobile. It was difficult for residents of Strawberryland to tell the twins apart; only their pet sheepdog Sugar Woofer seemed to know for sure. Megan E. Bryant, SI Artists; The Friendship Trip, Grosset & Dunlap, 20th Century Fox/DiC Entertainment, Best Ranch Hand, Big Country Fun, DVD, 2008, Mentioned in the remembering book provided with the remembering book interactive Strawberry Shortcake toy manufactured by Ban-dai, List of 2003 Strawberry Shortcake characters, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, "List of Strawberry Shortcake characters", Learn how and when to remove this template message,, "13-Year-Old VO Actor Dies in Skateboarding Accident",, Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit,, Articles that may be too long from August 2019, Articles needing additional references from August 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Blueberrykin (Toy planned, but not produced), Raspberrykin (Toy planned, but not produced), Lemon Berrykin (Toy planned, but not produced), Lime Berrykin (Toy planned, but not produced), This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 23:26. [9] Honey Pie Pony and her filly contemporaries have been sidelined by this development, and as a result have received reduced screen time in Year 4. Her pet, however, in the 2002 edition, was changed to a yellow skunk named Sourball. Surprisingly, the bright pink pony rode by Strawberry Shortcake was not named, but "Ol' Buttercup", who was paired with Blueberry Muffin on Strawberry Shortcake's team, was. First introduced in the episode, The Blueberry Beast, this incarnation of Blueberry Muffin is a bookworm, moving into Strawberryland a few days prior to the start of the episode. She is an extremely talented fashion designer and seamstress; she can whip up the fanciest dress anyone could want in a day. Voiced by Rebecca Shoichet. Distinct traits will be noted in each of the circas in which a character happens to appear. A new updated character design was produced for a 2000s Cherry Cuddler, but she never actually appeared in a storyline. Due to her comic only appearance, she remains a fairly obscure character. The Berry Birds are nameless in the rerelease. Raven is another one of the few animals in Strawberry Shortcake's universe to be able to talk to humans. Serve the sauce with a slice of the warm plum pudding. Plum is fair-skinned with long purple hair. In her earliest adventures, Strawberry's home was a shortcake surrounded by well-tended strawberry vines, but in 1983 she moved into her "Berry Happy Home", a large and ornate mansion.

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