Fun, colourful, cute, scary, and just a tad bizarre... Its score was crafted by Hajime Wakai, the versatile composer that has also contributed to Star Fox 64, F-ZERO X, Nintendogs, and New Super Mario Bros., and implemented by a team of experts so it made the most out of GameCube hardware. "The Last Huge Living Thing" uses the old cliché of organ-led final boss music. There's an intelude dedicated to impressionistic piano chords against minimalistic string and glockenspiel utterings of a descending melodic fragment. While it gets full marks for being a technically complete score with some great setpieces, the tracks from 12 and beyond really damage the score and aren't worth much attention. Unfortunately, the soundtrack only contains three CM Versions that barely exceed 30 seconds long, one of which is in French. $('img.lazy').lazyload({effect : 'fadeIn'}); Only about a third of the tracks are worth one's time here and they're almost all at the start of the soundtrack. share. After all the quirk previously, I had hoped for something far better, but this theme just resorts to 'drag on and on until the credits are over' strategy that I abhor in game soundtracks. Be aware the album has its share of stinkers, some functional, others unpleasant whatever the context, as well as disappointments such as the incomplete "Song of Love". Momoyo Koyama), Hikari Kagura (CV. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Full or partial copying is strictly prohibited. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Hajime Wakai melded all sorts of musical and artistic influences together in weird but wonderful ways here. Megumi Han), Tamao Tomoe (CV. Despite its outward dissonance and randomness, it's very fitting. The ascending brass motifs paint an image of something big approaching (to pikmins, near enough anything is big though) while the percussion use provides a lot of vitality. "Today's Record" decorates its chillout bass line with a distorted cutesy treble melody, but repeats far too much to be worth its 2:05 play time. 'target=_blank> показано число просмотров за 24 часа, посетителей за 24 часа и за сегодн\я
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