2. (c) Attempt to keep administrative and other allied expenditure low, may result in poor record keeping and frequent out of stock situations. But due to tough competition for most of the Industrial products and limited financial resources, industries have been compelled to find out ways and means of reducing costs if they want to survive in the competitive market. Image Guidelines 4. Shortages of raw materials, components, and products have been experienced on a global scale. Privacy Policy 8. For running any industry or business, we need a number of resources. Learn more. Materials handling also occur during prepara­tion for shipment, transportation may be by sea, air or land, and moving material in and out of carriers. b. Later on it becomes important to reduce materials handling labour in order to reduce production cost. Better accountability – Through centralization of authority and responsibility for all aspects of materials management function, a clear cut accountability is established. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7057920448327527"; This facilitates the collection and analysis of data, leading to better decisions. Planning of materials is a necessary function since inventory of materials involves a major percentage of the total investment in the organization. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Materials management helps in the development of materials and components that can do better or equivalent jobs at a lower cost. The objectives and functions of materials management can be categorized in two ways namely (i) primary objectives, (ii) secondary objectives. This helps in evaluating the performance of materials management in an objective manner. Materials required for production purpose are normally procured and stored in the plant and issued to manufacturing when there is a requisition. Determine, how to move the material i.e., in tray, bundles, pallets etc. (iii) Materials handling system should have built in features of controlling production, inventory, and accounting. (ii) Materials be moved in lots, batches, con­tainers of a predetermine quantity or size. Vendors will get the feed-back based on objective evaluation and can compare its own performance with that of competitors. Uploader Agreement. An effective materials management system has the capability to integrate the entire material and supply chain work processes. (vii) Efforts are made to combine operations like inspection during productive operation. Purchasing and procurement are very important functions of materials management since a major portion of sales turnover is spent on the purchase of various materials. Materials can be raw materials, components, sub-assemblies, parts, tools, consumables, services, or any other type of item. The profit earned depends on the utilization of these materials and reducing the inventory of the materials. This results into an impact in the total cost of the product, possibly increasing the total costs, and delay in the supply of materials for production and hence a significant effect on the production. 2.2 Objectives and Functions of Materials Management. Materials management also ensures that parts and materials used in the supply chain meet minimum requirements by meeting quality assurance standards. (i) Use slides, chutes, hoppers etc. (i) Handle unit loads. The purchase procedure followed varies from company to company and also from one industry to other. 1. (iii) Train employees on standardised equip­ment and methods. Optimum utilisation of building space. Determine the details of the equipment used viz., capacity, speed, flexibility etc. materials planning & control 5. This proved Study Material, guide, notes of Store department Indian Railway for departmental Examination & general studies. In short the new handling system must have technique and method which can easily fit the existing system and has least total cost of the system and meets the ultimate objective of the materials handling. (i) Keeping good records may also affect the objective of keeping wage bill low. It is concerned with the flow of materials from suppliers to the organizational stores and to the user in the production department. from input to output. Quality (To delivery as per specifications). Minimise unnecessary labour and make the enterprise more profitable. Therefore main objective of materials handling engineer is to reduce product cost the one overall goal. So, apart from a formal commercial relationship as a customer, a long lasting and mutually rewarding relationship is to be established. There should be a proper co-ordination and co-operation among different functional heads of materials department to optimise the operations of materials management. The flow of tangible materials from input through manufacturing to output of a manufacturing operation is represented in the fig (1.10). Suppliers play an important role for the organization especially when the organization is very much dependent on the outside suppliers for the materials needed for production. Safe handling meth­ods and equipment for better working con­ditions and to avoid unsafe conditions.. (i) Provide adequate guards and other safety devices. This is the effect of all preceding activities. h�b```g``�c`b`�e�e@ ^�r�,����Aʀ���F% ���`�0>� VJͧ���00�>p�f@��X��z)�f�N �a`� �3* o� 5. The objectives of materials management as we discussed above, aim at giving integrated view of the management of materials, a very important item in the total mix of resources.

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