This may include interpreting graphs and tables or using math and algebra to solve calculations. Have a think about what sort of person they are looking to recruit. How the results of the test will be used in their selection decision. The numerical exams aim to assess the candidate's ability to analyze mathematical problems and draw logical conclusions in a limited time. Some HR staff are surprisingly helpful with this. Often employers ask you to sit a repeat test at the assessment centre to verify that you are indeed the same person who scored that great score on the online test, so don't get your friends to help with your online test! You can find ratio questions within our numerical reasoning tests. Test time limits are often fairly strict. But don't stop there; adopt these test-taking techniques to really make sure you shine on the day. Make sure you read and fully understand each question before answering. Test Tips. If you are taking your numerical reasoning test at an assessment centre everyone will be lent an identical calculator to use to standardise the testing experience. Buy our full practice pack for the best preparation. The answer is that negative marking is unlikely to be used, but accuracy will be assessed so don't just frantically click answers in hope. So don't get your friends to help with your online test because they will probably work it out when you attend the assessment centre! It is specifically designed to measure a candidate’s numerical aptitude and their ability to interpret, analyse and draw conclusions from sets of data. Comparing the productivity of two different branches of a company. There are two types of numerical aptitude tests: the numeracy test and the numerical reasoning test. The many features of a Test Prep Account: Learn more or sign up now to get instant online access 24/7 to your personal Test Prep Account. Give it a go to see how a real test works! A ratio for numerical reasoning is a comparison between two or more numbers. The best way to familiarise yourself with these tests is to take one of our free example numerical reasoning tests below. This is an automatic system which tries to verify that the online test was indeed completed by the same candidate that attends the assessment centre. So, if you're looking for a way to improve your aptitude test score, practice can help significantly. The Main Test Publishers of Numerical Reasoning Tests. If your test is online, obviously you get to use your own calculator. This test is rated as medium and is about the same difficulty as real numerical tests graduate employers use. The test has a mixture of numerical questions that vary in difficulty. You will be asked questions invovling the following 7 core mathematical principles: If you don't feel comfortable with any of these questions, focus your practice on that type of question. They still use only the seven basic maths skills listed above but they require you to analyse and interpret more advanced data, and they have several steps to the same question. Most candidates want to know if it is sensible to guess the last few questions if time runs out. Test takers are usually permitted to use pen and paper as well as a calculator. Many people struggle with percentage change calculations, the following video features Ben take us through an example question where we tackle the infamous percentage change: Try to work both quickly and accurately during your test. Graduate and professional level numerical reasoning tests are the most difficult, reflecting the calibre of candidate they are trying to select. Numerical reasoning tests are a specific type of numerical test that will assess your ability to use numbers in a logical and rational way. The following images explain the format of an example numerical reasoning question: With thousands of job applicants to choose from, it's common for employers to use aptitude testing to sift the good candidates from the mediocre. So our test platform and example questions will give you a good feel for the numerical tests employers use. This free numerical reasoning test contains just 12 questions and has a time limit of 12 minutes. For example candidates with disabilities are sometimes entitled to extra time to complete their test (this can include dyslexia). You can then go to that test publisher's website to get more information and possibly example test questions. If you are not happy with anything you are being asked to do, make sure you say something before you sit your test; otherwise they might just think you want to make excuses for a perceived bad performance. It's a competitive job market out there, and employers are increasingly turning to numerical tests to help them make choices about whom to invite to interview. All Rights Reserved. Whilst they might not tell you, bear in mind that your accuracy score is visible to the employer, so guessing answers will result in a low accuracy score and may suggest to the employer that your numerical work is prone to error. Some companies will be looking to select candidates with accurate and consistent results, while others will be more interested in quantity of correct results and speed. The tests are timed and in a multiple choice format. Practice on 120 Numerical Reasoning and a total of 530 numerical aptitude test questions with detailed description and score statistics. These tests are not designed to assess your mathematical ability, but rather your ability to use numerical data to make reasoned decisions. We suggest you try our sample test to get a feel for the type of questions you will see. As well as taking example tests, you should read the advice and findings below on how these tests work and what they measure. Application processes that require the candidate to sit an online numerical reasoning test and then subsequently another follow-up test at the assessment centre often use candidate verification methods. You'll have a much better idea of what to expect and will be able to get your numerical reasoning skills up to scratch, hopefully leaving you in a much better position than you would otherwise be. But there's no harm in asking the employer this question before your test to ensure that during your practice, you can either use one or practice your mental arithmetic. 2. Try a real numerical reasoning test. For example, 4:5, this shows that for every 4 of one thing there are 5 of the other. However, the use of a calculator may not be permitted in all tests. Once you understand the premise of ratios, the best way to master them is to practise. We know how much importance employers place on numerical reasoning ability, we also know that performing your best under strict timed conditions can be difficult. If a role doesn't require strong numerical skills, the employer shouldn't be using a numerical test as a selection criteria. By taking example numerical reasoning tests you will become familiar with the question format. The numerical reasoning test highlights the candidate's ability to quickly grasp numerical concepts, solve mathematical problems and make sound and logical decisions, using numbers and any other given information. If you pass your online test larger employers tend to then invite you to an assessment centre. The practice test questions on are of a similar nature to most numerical aptitude tests used by employers today. Our practice tests are created by the same psychologists who design tests for the likes of SHL, Kenexa, Talent Q, and Saville Assessment. Even if they don't know that you're guessing, you are risking a low accuracy score, which might reflect badly on your attitude to work. Cubiks Logiks is a set of aptitude, or ability, tests divided into two groups of difficulties including three categories of numerical, verbal and abstract practice tests and the questions are multiple-choice (MCQ). Kenexa Ability Tests - Kenexa are part of IBM and are another large test publisher. Learn more about each of them below: You could also dig out your GCSE notes if you still have them. The great thing about the numerical reasoning tests used for employment selection is that they are not the same as a maths test. Most test administrators do not allow the use of your own calculator, however it is a good idea to take you own just in case they do allow it. Answers and full explanations are provided after you have completed a question. Whether you will be provided with feedback after your test. The following video features Ben talking through our advice for tackling a numerical reasoning test: For further information check out our Numerical Reasoning Test Tips. Luckily for you most employers use a similar format of numerical reasoning test, which means it's easy to get some realistic practice beforehand. In a numerical reasoning test you will see many different types of graphs and tables. The numeracy test is the most basic numerical aptitude test and is designed to assess the testee's ability to manipulate basic mathematical concepts without the help of a calculator. That's why we want to open up the test process and let you know what to expect. Where are Numerical Reasoning tests used?

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