notify all applicants about whether or not they are entitled to an EMA. Moreover, physicians providing this type of care are under no obligation to notify the parent or legal guardian of any services provided if they feel that doing so is not in the best interest of the child. 4. Contact your local school district to find out what the deadline is, if there is a form that needs to be filled out or if you simply need to write a short letter to notify them of your intent to homeschool. Finally, notify the DMV and any insurance agencies attached to the car to ensure the car is out of your name and you are no longer liable. notify in a sentence - Use "notify" in a sentence 1. Furthermore, Chase's guarantee covers 100 percent of any funds that are stolen from your account if you notify Chase within two days. 42. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 5. Lastly, be sure to notify your insurance company of your intent to add a pool to your property. They also must notify all persons who are eligible of their option to opt in for coverage. Parents should notify their healthcare provider if their child develops symptoms atypical for their previously diagnosed condition or if those symptoms get worse or recur with infection. Again, you can have iTunes notify the recipient via email or you can print out a certificate to give to the recipient when you see them. verb. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Once the confirmation is complete, the new registrar will contact the old registrar to notify them of the domain transfer. Not only must the bride and groom personally deal with the tragic decision to cancel, but they also must notify family, friends, and guests who will ultimately bombard them with questions and concerns. 160+15 sentence examples: 1. Italy was the first of the Powers to notify its recognition of Rumanian independence (December 1879); but Bismarck succeeded in prevailing on the Western Powers not Estab- to give official recognition until Rumania should have purchased the railways from their German owners. Most importantly, invitations notify guests of a special upcoming event. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Parents should notify their doctor if their child displays any of the symptoms of galactosemia. Section 119 sets out the persons the responsible medical officer must notify of any such revocation. If the affected area becomes red, warm, or tender to the touch, The driver's name was being withheld until police could, If the situation seemed urgent, the receptionist would, If you suspect that this has happened to you, you must, The most that can be said is that a state must, It simply means that those airports have to, If you want me to proceed to trial in respect of Mrs. C then under the provisions of the Law Society guidelines I am required to, These contract notices were issued before legal guidance was available so the GLA was unable to, If you have received this message in error, please, The president will determine whether the individual is to continue in the endowed or honorific position and will, To date the local authority has been obliged to, Unlike utilities, which must publish their lab results in a public record, bottlers don't have to, The learning management system can be set up to, At least some people had seen the posting and failed to, The objective is to create an upstander culture, an anti-bullying phrase used to encourage students not to be a bystander when they witness cyberbullying, but rather to speak up or, The network will include an alarm receiving centre which will be notified of any activated burglar alarms on the system so that it can, The shopping bot will watch the internet and when it finds a listed item, will, And when the database flags a conflict, the court must, Jeffrey Frisch, parents found out Friday after school about a morning incident, but did not, The service provides a copy of the complaint in order to, In Great Britain, Quakers keep a separate record of the union and, When hydrostatic lock is suspected or exists, stop cranking immediately and, Blank rounds may also be used, but the MoD does not, But Nowicki says most dealers involved in reselling faulty vehicles in his state failed to, Proposes to add a new contract clause requiring contractors to promptly, The proposed rule contains a contract clause requiring contractors to promptly, He explored the coast, realizing that the large land mass was probably a continent, and dispatched a ship to, News of Henry's landing reached Richard on 11 August, but it took three to four days for his messengers to, The nugget was about 40 metres from the site of Royal Charter's wreck, so Thurkettle had to, Alexandru-Samson Gorjan, 18, of Headborough Road, Stoke Heath, Coventry, was convicted in his absence of failing to, The planned parades and ceremonial dinner were cancelled, but in the absence of rapid transit or mass communication there was no way to, When such risks arise out of foreseeable events, the state in question must, Mr. Ayres efforts to refind his man proved utterly futile, and nothing was left to him but to, In the old woman of Moscow who declines to die, yet concerning whom they are for ever expecting telegrams to, But be sure to come alone, and under no circumstances, They are shilly-shallying still, dragging out this painful saga until they have to. notifying example sentences. Amastan 1 2254868 Who notified you? You must notify the enforcing authority without delay i.e. The first ground for closure (the Appellant failing to notify the Respondents) has been fully made out.

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