To join the conversation, please The North Lakes Common is the excess land, totalling 56ha, that would remain on the site should the company be successful in establishing the retirement village and aged care facility. Photo credit: North Lakes Resort Golf Club/Facebook, Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of Australia. /Resources /CS0 272 0 R /Group Almost 300 community members attended the sessions and many completed feedback forms, which will be included in any development application. /C2_0 278 0 R The objective is that North Lakes Common will provide exceptional community amenity and assist with neighbouring property values. If the course was to be redeveloped these native animal species will surely end up dead, as they simply have no where else to go in the community. /Length 1608 Detailed plans for the actual retirement village and aged care facility, which are central to the whole development proposal, have been be completed separately and were not included in the masterplan. That could be parklands, community gardens, cycling and cross country facilities and sporting fields but the project team is open to feedback on what the community thinks might be a good fit. << Appropriate engineering to provide flooding resilience and improved water quality of water entering wetlands and Lake Eden is an important part of the planning. In addition, Council has the power to approve a range of other uses as code assessable activities on the land including education facilities, public utilities and recycling depots. >> /C2_0 278 0 R /GS0 273 0 R /Filter/FlateDecode H���ۊ�0@e~ �F� �ޤ��P��J)%����aS��wF�r��D��IǏ��~��t|��?��a'�������������X�r�� ���x֔o?�ƙ��W�3˭��kݹ�o(b+�&���H&�%�_��=���x^�Z%�pp&��]XB��C6����Ȼw��YZ�? ]�6>�/8����._O{���7���&y5��I��f�_�g�iL�b�N��WR��*�.gp��}�Y�\���Օ!��B�̿`{�h�����Y������D����܅ޞ�ȷ}��a9��8���yr��ک}/e_;v���iV����oچob�/M_M�>AK&�{������!�2Չ�� ��.� �k�E>[��}�g�1 ��I#j�?֌d��%��3XP�?�/6�< @���k�!�}��,Jh���U���,�>oB�+� yf� Much of the North Lakes site is due to remain as open space, so figuring a way to keep nine holes open or perhaps convert part of the property into a par three golf course deserved to be explored. The proposed aged-care facility would generate around 150 vehicle movements per day. Our aim is that the community has genuine input to ensure it is the best it can be. Not only is North Lakes Resort Golf Club one of the most beautiful & best courses in the Brisbane region, it is the focal point of a thriving community that boasts a population of 21,000+ residents (as at … There is an opportunity for a range of options that engages the community in active outdoor pursuits and nature play. 5 0 obj The Australian Bureau of Statistics expects this to grow by 55 per cent by 2026 to 77,486, indicating a strong need for both retirement and aged-care accommodation. All memberships expired on June 30 and have not been renewed. Planting the correct species, appropriate management and the use of buffer zones will minimise the risk of bush fires. There are currently 28 people employed at the club. /Font SAVE NORTH LAKES GOLF COURSE has 4,281 members. Division 4 Councillor Jodie Shipway said the future of The former North Lakes Golf Course land was one of the biggest issues raised by locals. << >> “Given the differing views of residents and the land owner, Council has been more than happy to facilitate this agreement between the two parties,” he said. However, due to the legal obligations set by the State Government Legislation, Council and Councillors cannot provide any comment on their stance on the issue as Council has not received an application for the development of the North Lakes Golf Course. Even if you don’t golf or live anywhere near the plush rolling grounds of the Kanata Lakes course, you might want to keep tabs on how this all unfolds. The Village Retirement Group and North Lakes Resort Golf Club offered the opportunity for community members to learn about the sale and engage with the project team at a series of community information sessions at the club. Currently, the petition has already gathered 3,265 signatures and aims to reach at least 10,000 signatures. >> President of Save North Lakes Golf Course Andrew Cathcart, the community group fighting against development of the site, said the proposal raised more questions than it answered. Barrister to Determine Eligibility of North Lakes Golf Course Redevelopment By 96five Monday 31 Aug 2020 The question of whether it’s possible to lodge an application to redevelop part of the former North Lakes Golf Course as a retirement village or aged care facility will … The closure of North Lakes Resort Golf Club on 11 August 2019 provides an opportunity to create North Lakes Common - 57 hectares of open space in the heart of the community. A number of new entrances are planned to allow the community access to North Lakes Common precincts along with car parking areas. Yes. North Lakes Development Page 1 of 48 Sector Plan No. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. << There are a range of uses that are permitted under the existing planning legislation and do not require approval. We think that would mean everybody loses. The barrister’s appointment follows the signing of a ‘Heads of Agreement’ document by both the golf course land owner and local residents group Save North Lakes Golf Course. A dedicated Facebook group named Save North Lakes Golf Course has been established to oppose the closure of the golf course. H��W[k�6�+z.�#ɒ,ò`;9����[)��=�B�pR�߯4��F�v�ۄL��4�o����_��#�LJ��w�B��i}܄x�~���%,�?����x�6,��"&-&3(-�Uè�f'��.�����_�P��%�K)Gq~�7=����(^&9x'����?� %���ᙤ4ks:�a H�ԗY��6������U�����鷰,a� ���@�~T��a�ݽ3�%��;nYG�W�~���_�x|�0�(���q�a�Q���8��������8�۫�Zx�)-,��h!�މϿ�1��:�I /Parent 256 0 R “At a minimum this process will save everyone involved a lot of time and money, at best this arrangement might even provide a way forward. %�/q\Ji���޴�E�sqGz�N8�A�����q��t| >^J;�6�Aw>~�Oq���4������\|���KC��_��ۚ�H��G����{aeg�> << /Group However, TVRG is eager to explore partnerships with community groups, Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Queensland Government to facilitate the best possible outcome to ensure the open space is well maintained and a public asset for the long-term. Within these two defined uses, there are many forms of activities that are permitted to occur without any further approval from the council, such as outdoor recreation including sports activities, riding schools, open-air recreation including organised sporting activities of educational institutions, kiosks, band stands, outdoor amphitheatres, picnic areas and the various requirements to support these uses such as car parking areas, structures and paths. /GS0 273 0 R << The location and size of these will be dependent on the type of activities and facilities the community envisages for the site. /C2_3 136 0 R /ColorSpace The remaining land area will see 200 low-rise independent living units and a three-storey 100-bed aged-care facility on the site. Located just 35 minutes due north of the CBD, the course is open to everyone seven days a week. Make a Donation & Ways to Support Your Radio. /MediaBox[0 0 595 842] The aged-care facility would be accessed via a new driveway located on Endeavour Boulevard. No, it’s private property. /MediaBox[0 0 595 842] North Lakes Common should be an asset for local schools, sporting clubs and the general community. /Filter/FlateDecode This petition starter stood up and took action. /C2_2 288 0 R << That is a coincidence. A newsletter outlining the plans was sent to North Lakes residents, asking for people who supported the proposal to provide the company with further feedback. << The local community is particularly concerned about the implications of the development on the environment. MS�"�wY}�;��B=����$n�am�����\���a.���n�. 016 - 2000 - Residential Sector Thirty-Two, Golf Course East ‘B’ Residential Precinct 25 August 2005 MANGO HILL INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT CONTROL PLAN Sector Plan No. Currently, there are persistent infestations of the invasive water weed, Salvinia molesta, through the ponds on the site. Some residents commenting on Facebook raised potential issues such as who would pay for the development in the common, and who will pay for its ongoing maintenance?

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