For those units, we recommend our stand-alone Ninja Precision Processor™ with Auto-Spiralizer™ (NN310) sold separately. As we scope the main differences and exclusives of each manufacturer and engage in brief a blender comparison towards the end of this review, it will make more sense why our final pick is Vitamix. Vitamix offers a full warranty up to 10 years depending on the model and they even pay for shipping if you make a warranty claim. The only thing that I would never do with any chopper/blender is chop up cement pieces like you can do with the ultimate chopper/which is a very small but powerful chopper/which cost me 5.00 dollars in almost any thrift store. In comparing the Vitamix S30 vs Ninja Duo, the Vitamix will generally outperform in head-to-head tests for a range of tasks but the Vitamix does cost twice as much. A standard 64Oz container with attached blade assembly and two-part lid. The Ultima offered a powerful 2.5 peak HP motor and Ninja’s first variable speed dial which is a very popular feature on Vitamix blenders. Both Vitamix and Ninja have a variety of containers, and this gives you the flexibility to select any size of your choice for use. Unfortunately when a Ninja blender breaks they require you to send the entire machine in, not just the broken part and you must also include around $20 shipping and handling. If you want your blender to become an indispensable tool that can handle most of the difficult task like- making creamy desserts & hot soup - the Vitamix 5200 is well worth the money. Click the following link for a full write-up: Vitamix TurboBlend review. Vitamix vs Ninja Conclusion. Different blenders have different blending control options. It does all with power to spare. Ninja container options include a variety of jars.The Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with the following accessories: N.B- Ninja requires the Dough Paddle attachments and Dough Blades with the 64Oz bowl, which is available with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System or separately. Some also complain that disassembly is a pain, the lid sometimes gets stuck on the container, and that the container doesn’t stay as snug on the base as it should. Ninja produced the soup that was well blended but it remained cold (76.4 F) while the Vitamix produced a steamy hot soup (152.5 F) with smooth and rich consistency. It is powerful enough to handle most tasks and is well priced. The Ninja machines are produced in China while the Vitamix machines are actually made in America. Vitamix line container options include a 64-ounce container (both standard and low profile), 48-ounce container, 32-ounce container and 32-ounce dry grains container. This obviously limits the amount of control when blending. There are also four main blender models to choose from: the Ninja Professional Blender, Ninja Mega Kitchen System, Ninja Ultima Blender, and the Ninja Ultima Kitchen System. A negative of the Vitamix G series blenders is they can struggle blending small portions properly so you might need to buy another Vitamix container for small portions. Even some of Ninja’s smaller blenders (i.e., bullet blenders) are still a bit too bulky for storage in tighter places, as some users claim. Remember that, soup stayed hot for more than 30 minutes in the Vitamix containers. Buying a blender might seem like an easy task, but just like with purchasing a larger appliance, it’s important to weigh all options when buying blenders too. It also has a better build quality. Hello, I’m Scott – a juicer and blending enthusiast. You can read my full review about that model here. For build quality and reliability, the win goes to Vitamix. Although from different brands, both blenders have powerful blades that crush ice in a matter of seconds. The frozen desserts I’ve tried were delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare. The idea is that you add ingredients into the blending jar and can walk away while it works by itself. The blenders apart of these series have a price starting at $289.95, $329.95, and $399.95 respectively. Features: The Duo is larger than the Vitamix S30 and comes with various containers – Full size 64oz pitcher and 3 Nutri Ninja cups(18oz, 24oz, and 32oz). Not compatible with CT680, CT641, CT640C, CT680SS, CT680A, or legacy Kitchen Systems. The final option is the Ninja Ultima Kitchen System which has the same 10-speed dial and includes the jars and bowls that I mentioned earlier with the “Mega System” model. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; But here’s a run-down of what we found: We have also dedicated an entire article to reviewing Ninja blenders. If you are going to be an active user and blending a wide range of ingredients then it is worth paying more for the Vitamix 750 for durability. For features, the Ninja Professional has a 72 ounce container versus Vitamix’s 64 ounce container. It is due to the blade design and also that Vitamix has a tamper. Both brands have been adding more electronics in recent years to make blending more hand-offs like pre-programmed blending modes, digital controls, electronic container recognition, and more. All the three have their own pros and cons. Here is the link: While buying a kitchen blender seems like an easy task, it isn’t. If you’re a fan of the previous model but want a few more pre-programmed modes, you should definitely look into getting the 750 blender. ). Click here for Vitamix 5200 Current Price. The blade is fixed so there's no need to handle it at all. Ninja vs Vitamix 5200 and E310. The blender most suitable for you depends on numerous factors that go beyond brand name, cost, and manufacturer philosophy. The models range in power and features. Most people who want a sturdy and sizeable blender always opt for either of the two. Many enjoy Ninja blenders as they come in a plethora of sizes, types, and styles, and of course, have fairly affordable prices.

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