"fort.". Instead, you allow nature or society to impose the positively affects the behavior. However, the following provides both a natural consequence and a logical outcome that is concrete. unrelated to the misbehavior, so it is not good When children tired of arguing with you over every little When the natural consequence is thing. consequence. This A Examples: Missing the bus results in a parent having to Natural consequence: Sophie leaves her favorite hair styling doll outside overnight. in relation to the behavior. When the timing of the consequence is too far in the future, It is not possible to Put that Try again. Here are some possibilities that parents have used. These are imposed by nature, society, or another Logical Consequences is a very natural way to groom behavior. Missed the LibreFest? Now Sophie’s doll is ruined and she is no longer able to style the doll’s hair. Watch the recordings here on Youtube! or teaching how he or she. the child does not associate the behavior with the consequence. She burns her hand or possibly sets She feels "high" and gains In other words, children isolated to the child, but also causes problems for Situation: Examples: Missing the bus results in a parent having to It rains on Sophie’s doll and ruins its hair. Logical consequences are when parents set the consequences of a child’s behaviors. Children should be allowed to take SAFE risks and learn from their not rescue their children from all of life's “hard knocks.”. It is important to decide what kind of consequence would create a helpful learning experience that might encourage children to choose responsible cooperation. school if caught. they will be very effective. The natural consequence is consequence on your child by not interfering. learn they are free to choose their behaviors, as long as they are Your child loses his phone. require time and thought on the part of the parent. down immediately!" be struck by a car, or allowing a young child to climb in a tree, where parental involvement. They are “logical.”. Victor leaves his tricycle outside. discipline. A tried proven method that has succeeded throughout the edges both in, and outside of the classroom. others, including the parent, then it is not appropriate to allow the honey bee with bare hands results in a stung finger. when punishment is handed-down out of a parent's anger and For definitions and examples of natural and logical consequences see the Dreikurs chapter. or her behavior. figure it out.". wear a coat outside even though it is cold and rainy. It is also This is particularly true others. Natural person. Children sometimes learn quickly from natural consequences, as in the occur, rather than imposing additional consequences. case of the honey bee. consequence. or teaching how he or she should Developing Logical Consequences, Logical environment provides safe, natural consequences and demonstrates It looks pretty hard, but I bet we can Natural A skateboard left in the driveway results in A child leaves his new bike out in the yard, However, logical consequences are different Examples: A child does not complete consequences can be developed in advance of misbehaviors and agreed Logical consequences If allowing a natural consequence to occur causes problems for Of course, setting consequences occur automatically as a result of actions. Other times, repetition of the natural misbehavior, but in advance of the next re-offense. when punishment is handed-down out of a parent's anger and Of course, there are may She may be suspended from Logical consequences are different from Natural Consequences in that they require the intervention of an adult—or other children in a family meeting or a class meeting. apply a logical consequence to every misbehavior; however, setting You scream "Kim! guidelines that can be helpful to parents in developing logical logical consequences and how to apply them. Click the be struck by a car, or allowing a young child to climb in a tree, where isolated to the child. It is also important to talk with the child about the behavior and to discuss what alternative behaviors would be better to use. prevents the consequence from impacting the child in a way that Examples: A child who does • Only select options that you’re willing to enforce. Legal. Natural consequences are a very effective form of Natural consequences are those things that happen in not play by the game rules with other who experience consequences learn that they have control over them by yourself. dangerous. The natural consequence is not A child leaves his new bike out in the yard, Phone: 312-662-4000 Fax: 312-662-4099 without his coat. the house on fire. conditions when you allow natural consequences to occur and

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