The laboratory experiences provide opportunities for students to explore and learn core computing practices and prepare for industrial liaison and entrepreneurship. International applicants, applicants whose native language is not English or who have received their bachelor's or master's degree from outside the United States, Australia or England please refer to the following English Proficiency requirements. — Aileen Novero, MS Computer Science, "ALIGN opens the door to a whole new career path that combines my existing background with new knowledge. Seattle, Master's : Department of Computer Science at DSU has initiated steps for career advancement of its students with various software houses and IT companies. San Francisco Satellite, Master's : Depending on the option chosen, the program requires students to take four courses from two of the seven following concentration areas: computer graphics, geometric modeling and game design; computer networks and security; database management and analytics; software engineering; systems software; and web computing. 9am. I have already answered this question, see answer to What does it take to be admitted to a top US school for a computer science master's? Students will be able to analyze a CIS problem and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution. The specific objectives of the program are to enable graduates to understand the computing profession with respect to professional, social, and ethical issues that prepare them for potential challenges in the future. Our faculty represents a wide cross-section of professional practices and fields ranging from finance to education to biomedical science to management to the U.S. military. Computing tools and devices are powered by state-of-the-art Data Center to assist in the construction and analysis of computing intensive applications. Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado – MS in Computer Science: The Masters in Computer Science program is offered either oncampus or online. Apply now—and take your career to the next level. Below is a look at where our Computing & IT alumni work, the positions they hold, and the skills they bring to their organization. Elective courses in machine learning, databases, distributed systems, networks and security, and software engineering allow you to tailor your degree to your unique interests. The team of graduate co-op faculty within the Khoury College of Computer Sciences provides support for students in preparing for and succeeding in their co-ops. 200,000/- per annum, excluding the amount refundable). San Francisco Satellite, Master's : MS in Computer Science Align is an additional 16 credits on top of the full master's degree — 4 of which will count towards the MS degree. The program may be completed entirely on campus, entirely online, or through a combination of on-campus and online courses. The faculty is actively engaged in developing solutions for the present problems using futuristic concepts. Explore seven reasons to attend graduate school. Please note: This curriculum is for marketing purposes only and is subject to change. A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a grade point average of "B" or better. Applicants must submit the online application and all required admission materials no later than the stated deadlines to be considered for admission. The faculty in the Department of Computer Science provides guidance to do research in many areas including Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Informatics, Distributed & Parallel Computing, Information Security, Multimedia & Game Development, Graphics & Visualization, and Software Engineering.

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