However, Eusebius’ definition of “Arabia” is easily explained using the Renaissance-era map in Figure 1. What I have found is that the events of the Exodus are even more dramatic than is generally believed. In other words, Sinai was a mountain in Horeb. The fourth letter is from the abbreviation of Arabic Mostaqbal meaning “future.”. Not only is the distance longer, but this site is also in the heart of the wilderness, and is much further away from any ancient roads than Jabal Maqla (as the ancient city of Midian is a short distance from this mountain). Another verse which is often cited in relation to the location of Mt. Eusebius, of Caesarea; Jerome, Saint; G S P Freeman-Grenville, Rupert L Chapman, Joan E Taylor. Retso, Jan. 2005. Josephus later reiterated: “…mount Sinai…is the highest of all the mountains that are in that country” (ibid. Sinai in Saudi Arabia. Part 3. If their research proves right, the world has to redraw maps, the whole geology and geography of the world will be changed. 2003, 95), it can be stated that Mount Sinai was in or near Midian. – short preview. Jethro was the leader of the Midianites who were found in this area, “East of the Gulf of Aqaba in the northwestern regions of the Arabian Desert” (Britanica). Deuteronomy 1:2 states that “Kadesh was an eleven-day journey from Mount Sinai by the way of Mount Seir. The local people there today told Ron Wyatt that Jethro was from that area. . An alternative route for the Exodus according to Cornuke and Williams is suggested in the following map. “There are monasteries and mosques at most of the holy sites as well,” Moskoff noted. The Bible does not say Mt. A documentary maps out and explains all the biblical locations are matching with sites in KSA. Sinai was located east of the Sinai Peninsula and south of Palestine. 2003). Urwa’s Father Breaks Silence Over Daughter’s Rumored Divorce From Farhan, NUST Is Pakistan’s Only University Among Asia’s Top 100 Rankings, Breaking News! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This conclusion is partially based on research that assumes the traditional candidate for Mount Sinai in the southern part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is legitimate. Josephus said that Mt. It should be noted here that there is absolutely no evidence of such an encampment or other artifacts at the traditional Mount Sinai located in the heart of the Sinai desert. The exodus discovery harvest inspiration discoveries jebel el lawz mount sinai google my was mount sinai a volcano by glen, Google earth discovers evidence exodus was via saudi arabia or mt sinai found mount b noah s ark found arche gefunden the location of mt sinai and red sea crossing a o the real mount sinai found in saudi arabia midian, A O The Real Mount Sinai Found In Saudi Arabia Midian, Google Earth Discovers Evidence Exodus Was Via Saudi Arabia Or, Earthmover Credit Union Wire Routing Number, Battle For Middle Earth 2 Rise Of The Witch King System Requirements, Earthmover Credit Union Routing Number Aurora Il, How Many Times Does The Earth Spin In A Day, How Many Times Does The Earth Rotates In A Day, Earthmover Credit Union Routing Number Il. This map was created by a user. SO WHAT if Dinosaurs and Humans Coexisted on Planet Earth? He implies this has been generated by flammable natural gas or volcanic gas emerging from the earth. DINOSAUR and HUMAN FOOTPRINTS DISCOVERED IN THE SAME ROCK STRATA! Sinai! Blackened rock at the summit of Mt. “I don’t know where he gets 19 days from,” Moskoff said. Jerusalem is circled (green). Researchers have proposed about 20 different locations for Mt. Jethro was Moses’ father-in-law as we saw in the … . Paul would be perfectly correct in stating Mt. Unfortunately, these descriptions have generally been misunderstood or ignored due to confusion about the “Arabia” term. Pictured here are the remnants of the uncut stone altar where the priests sacrificed animals unto the Lord. A documentary maps out and explains all the biblical locations are matching with sites in KSA. Moskoff noted the irony in the religious division over the site since Jethro, Moses’ non-Jewish father-in-law, joined the Hebrews at Mount Sinai. ______. Copyright © 2020 Aardsma Research & Publishing. From this they are called Madianites, and it is now called Madian (ibid. The Onomasticon: Palestine in the Fourth Century A.D. Jerusalem: Carta. Meanwhile, the mount is the site, which is also scared for all the Abrahamic religions. Kerkeslager, Allen. Part 1, Who is the end-time nation called “the daughter of Babylon”? Consistent with the biblical account of water pouring out of the rock, there are clear signs of water erosion in an arid area where such erosion is evident nowhere else, said Richardson. This led Wyatt to conclude that Mt. The Journal of Roman Studies 61: 219-242. Sinai! In order to research this subject, it is necessary to go back to the original sources which are Biblical and Jewish.”. Horeb. “There is a bit of tension between the religions when dealing with sites of Biblical importance,” Moskoff said. Another verse which is often cited in relation to the location of Mt. Remnants of 12 stone pillars can also be found at the foot of Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. “The Seder Olam Rabbah states explicitly that it was seven days until they arrived at the sea.”. The antique map in Figure 2 displays just such a location for Mount Sinai relative to Midian (red arrows). The crown prince admitted in 2018 that, as a result of the ensuing scandal,  “No one will invest [in the project] for years.”. The Real Mount Sinai - In Saudi Arabia T he actual site of Mount Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments has been misidentified for centuries, since the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. However, Moses, when first exiled from Egypt, dwelt in Midian, at the base of Mt. In fact, as the map at right shows, Arabia at the time of Paul included a much larger area than it does today. The fact is, the real Mount Sinai is not in the Sinai Peninsula but in Saudi Arabia. He has mentioned “the presence of rock art, structures, and various topographical distinctive” in the region of Jabal al Lawz as testimony supporting his claim. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 247: 1-26. Kadesh and Arabian Location? Iran Demands Biden Pay Up to Re-enter Nuclear Deal, The Biblical Roots of Thanksgiving No One Ever Told you About, Iconic Rabbi Explains the Biblical Connection to Thanksgiving, Tel Aviv University Discovery on Crystal Formation Could Lead to Treatments for Hearing Loss by Regenerating Hair Cells in the Ear. Rabbi Harry Moskoff, the author of the A.R.K Report, concurred that Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia but disagrees with the theory that Jabal al Lawz is Mount Sinai. . The Day Planet Earth Will Be Jolted Out of Orbit, UNSCRAMBLING THE CONFUSION of COVENANT THEOLOGY. Sinai and there is no consensus of opinion. MOUNT SINAI IN ARABIA 2 what was legal and what was not. After visiting the site in 2018, Bible scholar and bestselling author Joel Richardson told, , “If those on the fence actually could visit the site, I guarantee they would be fully convinced, or 95 percent there.”. MODERN DAY SIGHTINGS OF FLYING DINOSAURS? The book has over 550 color illustrations including topics of the real Mount Sinai, the Red Sea Crossing site at Neweiba Beach, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Joseph’s grain storage complex in Egypt. This places the Exodus of the Hebrews going "out of Egypt" and the Wandering in the Wilderness in the current land of Saudi Arabia. Stone column erected by Solomon to mark the spot of the Exodus.Wyatt and his sons were apprehended by Saudi government officials and were accused of being spies. BUT . No such evidence has ever been found at the supposed site in the Sinai Penninsula in Egypt. New York: Routledge-Curzon. The country is the key place of Islam which is. Part 2, Who Is The End-Time Nation Called “The Daughter of Babylon”? Sinai was not located in the place where Moses' Midianite in-laws lived. it is bordered on the west by the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea.” (Britanica). New York: New York Public Library. Where Is The Pakistani-American Doctor Who Promised To Return To ‘Naya Pakistan’? The Truth About Dinosaurs. Jabal Maqlā (Burnt Mountain) located about four miles to the south, is often misidentified as Jabal al-Lawz by various authors such as Bob Cornuke, Ron Wyatt, and Lennart Moller as shown by local and regional maps. Maps indicate Midian is near the border of the Gulf of Aqaba in Northwest Saudi Arabia, in the area shown on the map above.

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