Liz loves the process of researching information, learning new things, and putting into words what others who share her interests might like to read. The Tieguanyin is the kind of tea that could be boiled for several times while retaining the same taste and odor. We respect your privacy. The idea is that the nutrients in the panda dung are absorbed by the tea tree. How to apply lean branding to business naming? The reason that the PG tea is expensive could be easily discovered. This is an Oolong tea that is grown in India on the Makaibari tea estate. Think of a domain as the address to the online In the Chinese language the word Gyokuro means the dews of jewelry. For instance, Apple is the brand name used on most products manufactured by Apple, Inc. Registration is annual but can be paid up for years in advance, which This exotic variety of tea has an appealing jade green tint and a rich flavor. Instead its dung is used as fertilizers for growing a specific type of tea which got its name. 15 Hard Choices You Have to Make in Life! When you purchase a domain from BrandBucket, you will own it 100%. Even if you get to taste any of the tea mentioned in this list, consider yourself super lucky, as you are sipping on a cup of something not only pricey but also very rare. It’s also true that exotic teas can command high prices. be doing business as that name. Every name on the BrandBucket marketplace is exclusively listed with BrandBucket. A brand name is a name that you use to identify a family of products, services, or a single line of products or services that a company offers. Matcha is a unique stone ground product prized in Japan, and popular as a beverage as well as being the base ingredient of legendary green tea ice cream. Existing stores of the tea can bring stellar prices, but little is ever sold. Commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over, tea is an aromatic beverage which all of us enjoy. Here there is no color or lack of export; it is all about the quality. find your brand online. Differences result from the specific variety of tea plants and the ways in which harvested tea leaves are dried and processed. It is considered to be a part of the Oolong family and it became popular when people got to know about its medicinal properties after it helped treat an unwell Ming ruler. The best kind of Guanyin tea can be priced as high as $3000 per kg. Think of your favorite companies. What Is a Certifying Officer for Savings Bonds? It is thought that Portuguese explorers brought tea, in addition to exotic spices, to Europe in the 16th Century. The tea leaves should be kept away from sun before the harvest time. Ideally, your domain name should be an exact match to your brand name. He liked the flavor, and tea became a favored royal drink. In holding the .com, you immediately establish your business as the most official version of that name. The resulting tea has a distinctive appearance. The tea has great taste, great aroma and though it was sold at its high but usual price of $400 per kg. Green tea is the staple variety associated with Asian and Oriental cuisine and culture. Typical to Japan’s Uji district gyokuro is incorporated without grinding the leaves. See also; Most Expensive Foods Infused With Real Edible Gold. Most of us start our day with a cup of tea. The high price is affected by factors including the rarity of the product, the production process, and any elements added to the food. Although the grower could perhaps have found a better name for the healthy green tea, there is little doubt in the minds of its proponents that the combination of green tea and bamboo nutrients has health-boosting benefits. publicize any sale on our marketplace. Tieguanyin Tea: $3,000 / 1,000 grams. You check the quality of the leaves, how strong it is, what kind of flavors it offers, and then select the best even if you have to pay a little extra. The story goes that a Chinese emperor in 2737 B.C. You contact us within 24 hours of purchase to request a refund. Silver Tips Imperial. we can make basic color changes/small tweaks to the logo for you after purchase. While many people drink tea for its soothing and calming qualities, it can also be stimulating. Tencha is a tea made from leaves of plants that are grown in the shade or shielded from light for the full duration of the growing season. offering, for example: A business name is the legally registered name of your business. The other legend is about a peasant who was devoted to Guanyin and was rewarded with a single tea shoot. Tea is one of the most popular beverages across the globe. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . was in the habit of drinking hot water for its health benefits. What makes a great brand name? PG Tips is a British tea company who sell their regular boxes of tea bags for competitive prices compared to similar brands in the tea industry. Order it from the producer: 50 grams for $30. One day, some leaves from an ornamental plant blew into his cup. version of your business. Only then do we release payment to the While most of the world’s expensive teas are produced in China, Gyokuro tea is from the Uji district of Japan, says Foodofy. Some teas are rare, while others are “enhanced” with special packaging or gold-coated leaves. The tea is an antioxidant that helps your immune system gets powerful. All of our business domains are carefully chosen for their standout branding qualities. This can lead to accelerated customer acquisition, more industry partnership opportunities, and press attention. Here are 10 of the most expensive types of tea in the world. The king was so impressed that he ordered that all the Dà Hóng Páo bushes should be covered by red royal robes. PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag. Ceremonial grade green tea powder was once made only from the leaves of very old tea plants, some of them cultivated for a century or more. Da-Hong Pao Expensive Tea. That's why when evaluating Two centuries later, the English and the Dutch began commercial production. If you’re looking for a flavor treat and money is no object, you might be interested in chasing some of the following rare varieties.. You’ll find little that’s ordinary on the following list: Scroll down passed the table to view more information for each tea. Most of us don’t think of tea as a luxury product, and it’s true that many good teas are reasonably priced and readily available. Other black teas might display hints of other flavors, and color varies from dark brown to mahogany or deep red. gate. valuable marketing budget and efforts on brand awareness, as your name will do much of the work for you. Godaddy or similar that you choose. Luxmi Tea is the first ever tea plantation in the world. The tea is planted in Uji Japan and then gets exported to different locations around the world. According to Finances Online, this tea is grown on Mount Wuyi, which is located in Fujian Province in China. Drinking white tea is believed to encourage cardiovascular health. They are rare and extremely expensive and we shall learn about 10 such teas right away. With an acceptance rate of only Some of them are highly expensive due to different reasons, the following list tells. So let’s get going and see which is the Most Expensive Tea In The World and how much it’s worth! Harvested in the mountains of Ya’an in China’s Sichuan Province, just below the Tibetan plateau, prices have moderated since its introduction. Sold and resold several times, it was ultimately purchased by a Malaysian-Chinese collector. Because today we’re not talking about your avarage cup, we’re into the most expensive, and the prices will blow your mind. you offer can also have their own brand names. In this example, the business name and brand name are the If you are a tea lover then you perhaps do not settle for just any tea but are always in the search of the best. Sold only in Singapore, it may sound over the top for a beverage, but tea lovers highly prize it. You don’t need to Dedicated “tea snobs” invariably have a favorite, but even novice tea-drinkers can easily find a tea to savor. Yoguy 12 months ago No Comments. What do I get when I buy a name from BrandBucket? A Buyer’s Guide to Getting a Pre-Owned BMW, The Patek Philippe Twenty 4: A Buyer’s Guide, The Five Best Patek Philippe Quartz Watches of All-Time, The 10 Best Patek Philippe Women’s Watches of All-Time. The tea has a sweet flavor and a distinct aroma and is cultivated in the shade. SEO - Having a business domain that matches what customers are using in searches can lead to increased SEO, higher page ranking, and better Here are few of the many advantages of owning a premium business domain: Trust - Online, there are subtle clues that all of us subconsciously take into consideration to determine whether or not a business is Gyokuro and Kabusecha Sencha teas, however, are prepared from plants that have been covered by cloth or reed screening for a portion of the growing season.

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