He could have availed himself of the opportunity… (But he did not), We could have finished the work on time. Note: ‘Can’ is also used to express a Possibility. Note 2: The Past Tense of ‘must’ (to express certainty or inference is ‘must have’ e.g., Mohan must have passed. You can go only when you have finished your work. It is a secret. (To a stranger) ____ I have a look at your newspaper? 3. 13,14 & 15, Modal Verb Rules, Exercises and Worksheets No. e.g.. You need not see him; just write a letter. There is no certain information about it, he ____ be right. Use of HAS/HAVE TO, HAD TO, SHALL/ WILL HAVE TO. (Surprise at on unexpected behaviour) 3. Wish Clauses Tests category includes free online quizzes on wish clauses tests consisting of multiple choice questions with answers. He could be successful if he had tried hard. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (Disapproval at an unwise action). Note 2: The negative form of ‘Ought to’ is ‘Ought not to’. A modal auxiliary verb is one of the best things to learn. The old man is walking with care lest he should stumble. 4,5 & 6, Modal Verb Rules, Exercises and Worksheets No. I could have helped him d he had asked me. tests consisting of multiple choice questions with answers. In sentence (9) the use of ‘must’ expresses Compulsion or Necessity. You are to drive on the right if you are slow. It must be the postman. In all these sentences, it is the person addressed (You) who is to decide. Causatives Tests category includes free online quizzes on causatives tests consisting of multiple choice questions with answers. In sentence (8) the use of ‘alight’ expresses a Possibility. She ____ be either with her friends or studying her lessons. The accident can happen to anyone. if I had the money. In sentence (1) the use of ‘will’ expresses Determination. Could you postpone the meeting for two days? (A sensible action in the past which was not performed), He should not have misbehaved. I could swim across the river when I was young. Note: ‘Cannot’ is used to express Impossibility. This Advice may be concerned with something that is useful entertaining etc. In these questions, the speaker wants to know the desire or wish of the person addressed. Study the following table giving details of the usage of modals: Modal Verb Rules, Exercises and Worksheets No. 1 will fight the election whatever may be the result. For example sentence, Note: Inability is expressed by ‘Cannot’. Home » English Grammar Tests » Advanced English Grammar Tests » All Modal Verbs Test Exercises – Multiple Choice Questions With Answers – Advanced Level 4. Note: The expression would rather is also used to express a wish or preference. Society ought to look after the handicapped. The sentences express a wish that is not likely to be fulfilled. You can’t add “s”, “ed”, “ing”…, They are always followed by an infinitive without “to” (i.e the bare infinitive.). Note 1: The idea of obligation can be expressed with ‘should’ and ‘must’ also. Describing an Event : A QUARREL AT AN ELECTION BOOTH. My uncle used to go for a walk every morning when he was alive. MODALS You say: If you have an aquarium, you ____ give too much food to your fish. Here. He shall be punished for his misbehaviour. (f) Read the following sentences and note the use of, That we should meet here! Considering this Edumantra is providing omission exercises for class 9 and 10, editing exercises for class 9 and 10,  and gap-filling exercises for class 9 and 10. But others didn't have enough time to finishit. Modals enable you to do these things with English. The same idea can be expressed by using ‘can’ or ‘may’ However the use of ‘could’ suggests that the permission is sought in a polite and hesitant manner. You may go home when you have finished your work. Your room is a mess, but you ____ clean it if you want to go out with your friends provided that you do it when you come back. (a) In Present Tense, we use ‘has/have to; as: The watchman has to open the school gate at 6 a.m. every day. Note: The use of ‘will you’ express a polite request. The sky is overcast with clouds. But, the words in the second column add something to the idea expressed by the Principal Verbs. They could not understand it because it was too difficult. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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