What are the best Linux distributions for 2019? What Linux distros look the best (nicest) out of the box? In addition to this, Linux Mint has a different PPA management tab for simple control. Canonical is focused on making money so you can see many proprietary offers by them and the OS has built-in trackers (Amazon). I believe we all have our favorite distros but having used either of these distros, I’m gonna make an argument for why I believe one is better than the other, so kindly indulge me and let’s see if you can agree with me. Todo funciona mejor en Ubuntu. esto ya tiene un tiempo, pero he probado Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS y me parece estupendo! What Makes a Good Leader? Both the distros are forked of the Debian system and share loads of things for all intents and purposes. 8. For Ubuntu, it’s just a case of clicking on the Dash icon in the dock and searching for the Software Updater. Standard is a great company and has put forth multiple attempts to drive its Ubuntu into corporate or business utilization. What are the best Linux distros for businesses? Not just for laptops - Ubuntu was designed with tablets and touchscreen devices in mind, and with phone support on the way. } Despite what you expect, Linux Mint runs smoother on old hardware just as a current machine. Siempre que lo instalé, tenía eso. Linux Mint and Ubuntu don’t accompany media codec or adobe flash on the off chance that you did not choose it during the Ubuntu installation process. Linux Mint Debian sin ninguna duda. Todas las computadoras compatibles con Ubuntu están listadas en Ubuntu.com. Learn how your comment data is processed. Derechos: En cualquier momento puedes limitar, recuperar y borrar tu información. Both Mint and Ubuntu use mostly free and open source software. What are the best operating systems for web designers? They provide a go-to point for transitioning OS users and companies. quedate con la que te sirva para ese equipo , ya me ha pasado que una y otra no funcionan igual segun que equipo, por eso, si usas una u otra, y te va bien todo, y puedes usar el pc , correctamente, pues quedate con esa. Por ahora, sin dudarlo, me quedo con Mint. In the question“What are the best Linux distributions for desktops?” Linux Mint is ranked 14th while Ubuntu is ranked 26th. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A nivel global, quizá Ubuntu estaría algo por encima, pero aquí te corresponde decidir a ti, aunque cualquiera de los dos son estupendas opciones. What are the best Linux distros for home use? mint es mas lijero pero como dicen espues de acostumbrarse a el bash es dificil pasar a mint En cuanto a iconos y ventanas, son similares. Built on Genesis Framework and Powered by UpCloud. mode: 'thumbnails-a', What are the best Linux distributions for laptops? On the other hand, Linux Mint’s Software Manager is lighter and quicker. Endless rebooting. It also means less time digging through forums looking for support. The final conclusion and answer to Linux Mint Vs. Ubuntu is that we have no winner. Best Youtube to Mp3 Converter- 11 Amazing Converters You Must Try! They also try well to keep their official packages as new and updated always. Linux Mint and Ubuntu both the distros accompany a lot of default productivity applications. While a new installed system is stable, after an update, there is a slight chance of something not working. Your email address will not be published. Los sistemas basados en Ubuntu pueden instalar todos el mismo software, usando los mismos comandos en el terminal y el Centro de Software. We Will Only Ever Link To Amazon Products That We Think Our Visitors May Be Interested In And Appreciate Learning More About. Por costumbre y buen resultado. Instead of original Gnome desktop with Ubuntu you get a tweaked Gnome and most of the tweaks makes user experience worse. Ahora hay que tener presente lo poco que está innovando en las últimas versiones. You can choose between Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE. Hoy los ponemos frente a frente. Linux mint la prefiero en su versión debian pues garantiza todo mint y la estabilidad de la gran debian. Ubuntu is sponsored up and created by a vast corporate company called Canonical Furthermore, it has a colossal fan base and community-driven support teams the world over. This means that the system must run well, otherwise they will lose money. Solo Ubuntu me da problemas de controladores. Sin salir de Ubuntu se puede hacer lo mismo sin gran esfuerzo. Linux Mint has a quite pretty default desktop. Yo me quedo con Mint, la única pega que le pongo es que no tiene los programas actualizados, por lo demás Cinnamon me encanta. It let you appreciate the opportunity of customization. Que Ubuntu cuente con más millones de usuarios nos beneficia a todos. Con LibreOffice, Chromium y VLC se puede hacer casi todo lo que se hace normalmente con el ordenador. It's based upon Ubuntu LTS or Debian.It depends on which one you select - Linux Mint or Linux Mint Debian Edition.The Debian Edition is even more stable. Produces nothing that can't be found in another Debian-based distros. The default apps available in Ubuntu cover the gamut of most anyone's needs. En este sentido, queda claro que optar entre Linux Mint o Ubuntu no es tan sencillo, pues cada uno tiene su fortaleza en un determinado apartado. ubuntu me gusta mas pero si agrgamos elementaryOS me quedo con elementary, Muy humildemente tengo que dar mi apoyo a LINUX MINT 17.3 MATE, de las muchas distros de linux que he probado, es la más sencilla, rápida, intuitiva y confiable. Responder a Freddy Agustín Carrasco Hernández, Responder a Javier Hernandez - Crnl-Misero, Magic Wormhole, envía archivos de forma segura desde la terminal, Responsable de los datos: Miguel Ángel Gatón. In any case, Linux Mint is cleaned and equipped for substituting any OS or distros for any users. if(window.performance && typeof window.performance.mark == 'function') Ubuntu looks clean even when running from a LiveCD. Both the distros give different software under various categories, letting users pick the privileged app without any problem. However, this … Actualmente tengo Mint para casi todo y Windows 10 para los juegos. Mint is extremely easy to install, and with community support, easy to move onto adjusting the OS to meet your specific needs. The default interface for Ubuntu is Gnome. Y si es dificil decir cual es mejor por eso tengo los dos. Other than every one of these differences, you can make these Linux distros as like as you need with hardly any tips and deceives, and that’s the magnificence of Linux – guaranteeing opportunity as far as possible. The Linux Mint team is very dedicated to upgrading and improving Mint, to the point where the releases are fairly predictable. Lo que a mí me funciona a otra persona puede no funcionarle. Siempre problemas, si es verdad facilidad en instalación de paquetes, es lo único que le veo más positivo que otras distro. The most packages are imported from Debian but Ubuntu uses own bug trackers and develops its own patches. And one should carefully read forums before doing it. Ubuntu Gnome version offers smooth modern design and dazzling enhanced visualizations, yet Linux Mint is somewhat antiquated. Ubuntu appears to run slower the older the machine gets. e.async = 1; Saludossss a todos. Ubuntu ha logrado buena estabilidad en estos últimos años. Workflow is much faster and easy to use in Mint. Contrasting with that, Linux Mint software supervisor is quick, snappy, and transparent. Linux Mint, on the other hand, comes in four main distros. The Ubuntu Software Center offers a GUI interface for installing new apps which is extremely easy and welcoming for beginners to Linux. In essence, both distros are very good, with proper support and updates, a well-designed interface, etc. Mi humilde experiencia, 10 cpu, con monitores de 15 crt. Dije hace un tiempo, le mando Ubuntu 18.04 y lo comenzaré a usar. Mint o Ubuntu depende mucho del equipo y del usuario. En velocidad y agilidad hay que dejar claro que Linux Mint vence a Ubuntu en este apartado. There’s Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, and XFCE. _taboola.push({ Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint are currently arguably two of the most popular Linux distros (with Debian) around. Por ir a algo más técnico y concreto, no me gusta la política de Mint con las actualizaciones. Its LTS supports five years for desktop and server systems. What is the best Linux distribution for the Budgie Desktop? Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, so they are quite similar to begin with. I do believe Linux Mint in its current state is a wee bit superior to Ubuntu. Ubuntu has a lot going for it but it comes up on top only in 3 categories whilst Linux Mint comes top in 4 categories. Even LTS releases should not give confidence that it will work. Linux Mint most definitely has an edge when it comes to speed and performance. Comunicación de los datos: No se comunicarán los datos a terceros salvo por obligación legal. Linux Mint Xfce keeps crashing 5-6 times a day with no way to fix it. This allows for users to always have a new supported release available without long unkown wait times in between. What are the best distributions for Nvidia Optimus? desconecto unoy conecto el otro. Mint gives more in terms of the pre-installed software but finding and installing software from Ubuntu’s Software Center can be a little easier.

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