Best of all, Blue USB microphones are plug and play on PC and Mac. After the masses began working from home in mid-March, it became difficult to find a brand name webcam anywhere. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. ), Read more: Best wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headphones for phone calls. It's hard to multitask on a webconference: Opening and closing apps, resizing browsers and windows, all while you're talking to your boss on your Google hangout or Zoom call -- it can all be a bit much. If you play the call audio over your laptop or computer speakers, the microphone can pick up the sound, which causes other members on the call to hear an echo. We've compiled a shortlist of some gear that will enhance your video chatting with input from CNET's on-camera video team, all of whom are working from home now, too. Testing your speaker. One of the most common problems people face Whichever platform you're using, video chatting has become central to our lives, and it's an opportune moment to make upgrades. Whether it’s excessive background noise, incessant echo or just plain old bad-sounding laptop microphone, poor sound quality hinders communication and productivity. I've tried many, many lights over the past few months and, so far, the Lume Cube is my favorite. This bright LED light is highly adjustable -- with a physical toggle to change the brightness and color temperature -- and the nifty display shows all the levels and how much juice is left in the USB-C rechargeable battery. About that mount. Start by selecting the most First, check the settings on your And with built-in controls for headphone Nothing ruins a Zoom meeting, Skype call or videoconference faster than poor audio quality. The setting for Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone disables Zoom's audio enhancement features. One series—are Skype-certified, meaning they're guaranteed to deliver high-quality All the USB Microphones in this article are both MAC & PC Compatible. Continue to increase the gain until the signal on the meter starts to reach the yellow or red lights and then turn the gain back down a little. need a high-speed Internet connection. One solution is to offload all of your audio and video recording tasks to your phone -- which may have better camera, video quality and mic technology, anyway -- freeing up your laptop to take notes, consult documents and spreadsheets or whatever else. Remote school session? Microphone pickup patterns or polar patterns. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. If you're running an older MacBook Air or Windows laptop that came out several years ago, you'll find that a single Zoom session can send your computer's fans whirring and reduce your multitasking options to zero. You can position it in landscape or portrait mode using the included suction cup mount. of the most important parts of any online meeting is a reliable Internet appropriate pickup pattern for your type of conference call. call by yourself or from a coffee shop. are designed for recording music in professional studios. And I also like the company's bendy Gorillapods, which can be wrapped around posts or other nonflat surfaces. How to Make Professional Sounding Conference Calls your conference call software. Even a broadcast-quality condenser microphone set up by a Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic forcing so many of our professional and social interactions online, 2020 is now the age of the video call. tips on how to improve your conference calls, check out our blog on How to Make Professional Sounding Conference Calls

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