For example, are you a global organization seeking to consolidate a fragmented approach to social media, or a startup looking to build a social presence from the ground up? Terms Noun: Strategy / A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. By definition, media relations strategy is the calculated deployment of media to tell an organization’s story. However, both can be achieved using a thorough and specific media plan with distinct timelines and distinct forms of media—TV, radio, print, podcast, website, social, etc.—to reach certain business objectives. When brands get real, so to speak, followers have more incentive to show loyalty in response. This doesn’t mean that brands should strive to be inflammatory or controversial, but rather not afraid to speak out on issues relevant to their audiences. Check out this read about social trends that are going to take over 2018. and identify any new customer types that you want to attract based on your products/services. The financial sector faces its own particular challenges when it comes to financial services social media marketing It’s not exactly considered the sexiest of industries but financial services social media is a necessity – it’s where your customers are so ….. Social media in 2021 is shaping up to be more important than ever. Give them a try on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any of your other accounts. and been lead consultant on high profile projects for Econsultancy, Salmon and Greenwich Consulting. Lastly, don’t neglect the importance of showing off the personality behind your brand. Then sense check that your web analytics tools are configured correctly to capture all relevant data. Below is an example – I find using a tabular form helps to visualize this: This frames who you want to reach via social networks. A = Achievable so that your team has a realistic chance of success Consider how much the social landscape has already evolved. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. This is why knowing what you're going for and measuring results is so important. Download our Free Resource – 10 common social media marketing mistakes. Avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience by taking a look at our Free guide on some of the most common social media mistakes. Facebook is explicitly putting their foot down on social media marketing tactics they see as “engagement bait.” This includes excessive “tag-a-friend” or “like this post if you ____” content, which Facebook sees as little more than a cheap attempt to game their algorithm. Platforms come and go. would you put anything else in a social media strategy or plan? If you launch one strategy that doesn't have the expected business results, your company can learn from where it went wrong and improve subsequent launches. R = Relevant to your business so it’s aligned with overall business goals {{^validation_errors}}{{message}}{{/validation_errors}}, best practices of today’s social platforms, algorithms demoting promotional, link-heavy brands. Brent Barnhart: Brent Barnhart is a professional writer and content critic. For example, marketing through mobile apps and social media would be more effective to reach the teenage demographic than advertising in print and traditional media. Below is an example channel level plan for Twitter: We will use our primary Twitter handle as both a customer service channel and a broadcast/interaction channel instead of having 2 separate handles. Activities without deadlines tend to drift and are often seen by others as less important (if you don’t know when you need it by, it can’t be important can it!). How you’ll use social networks to promote newsletter content, How you’ll use apps/widgets to drive email sign-up. Craft Your Message: The marketing proposition is the customer problem your business will solve and how it will do it. Here you set out the business challenges for the social channel that need to be overcome, and the strategic activities that will enable this. In fact, oftentimes targeting niche audiences can actually work in your favor. Subscribe to our newsletter and get social media resources sent to your inbox. Use the SMART method, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Based. Sign up to have social media resources sent to your inbox every week. Although the popularity of video content is no secret, brands are looking to push the boundaries of live video as social networks increasingly add and highlight live features. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Disclosure Policy Brands are constantly scrambling for the latest and greatest when it comes to engaging their social followers. by S = Specific in terms of what needs to be achieved If nothing else, the ability to curate customer photos through geotagging is an awesome form of social proof. Whether it’s a big player in your industry or someone’s audience you’re looking to tap into, tactical tagging takes almost no time on your part. While a public service advertisement for an issue might appear onscreen at a theater during a new release, promotion of the movie requires a media strategy that will draw the audience to the show. By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our, Laura Lake is a former writer for The Balance Small Business. Sprout’s team regularly promotes fresh content to their respective followers, for example. Facebook has explicitly advised brands to take advantage of Facebook Live in the wake of their algorithm change. 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