I have ruled out sitsuma Prague because tangerines are so cheap. Steve, have you found any others places that sell Murami trees? I average below 0F every 3 years. Marumi Kumquat Tree Citrus Tree Fortunella japonica Marumi #MarumiKumquatTree #CitrusTree They were out of stock when I first looked there. I just wonder which rootstock they used on their Marumi Kumquat. It is the next year with 6 nights below 0F with one dropping down to -9 that is the killer without protection. When Does A Kumquat Bear Fruit. Here is our current pool plans as designed by our architect. Four Winds carries the Marumi but on what rootstock "Marumi Kumquat Similar to the Nagami, except with much smaller leaves and more round shaped fruit. I wonder why most sources sell Nagami or Miewa, and so few have Nordman Nagami Seedless or Marumi. I was heartbroken but am over it now. I have a couple of FD seedlings. It requires about the same care as other citrus fruits. Marumi on C35. This mini guide will help your lemon, orange and grapefruit trees flourish, Plant a mini orchard in fall, winter or early spring to enjoy fresh-off-the-tree fruit the following year, Juice up a small garden with one of these easier-care or worth-the-effort fruit trees for a mild climate, These container-friendly trees make great specimens for pots on the patio or marking an entrance, Learn how to tend citrus trees in spring and ways to preserve their delicious fruit, Make the most of small spaces on decks and balconies to enjoy your pick of vegetables, fruits and herbs, On some holidays you are just thankful when it’s over, Why give up style and comfort just because you add fresh air? At 0 degrees they will lose their leaves, but by spring, the leaves will grow back! Flying dragon is the only good choice for the Marumi kumquat. Cincinnati is allowing community gardens in city owned empty lots. When I lived in Venice (CA), I had pineapple guava, Manila mango, papaya, and Texas red fig trees, plus a Valencia orange. Didn't know about it. it will probably grow outside in your area if it is grafted on to Poncirus trifoliata or Flying dragon. https://www.gardenexpress.com.au/product/sweet-cumquat-marumi/, https://www.best-price-plants.com/Kumquat-Trees-The-Most-Cold-Hardy-Citrus-a/328.htm, I found one on the intern grafted to citrumelo Swingle 4475, http://exoticfruitplants.eu/index.php?route=product/product&path=70_71&product_id=98. Might be best high-grafted onto trifoliate. I suspect this is a zone 8 plant where they have the possibility of getting down to 10 degrees maybe once every 5 years (with a very slight chance of upper single digits). Steve it is doing great so far, taking off like a weed.. lol, Is your seedling still growing and doing well, Steve, thanks for asking. This broadleaf evergreen tree has deep-green glossy leaves and produces olive-sized fruit … Marumi on FD will survive that. I have no idea why. This winter dormancy is pretty remarkable and unheard of in other citrus trees. So far, mine seem fine, but I remember that is what happened to my other nagami last year and I could not save him. Similar to the Marumi. These trees do great in pots by a sunny window so that you can pick a few kumquats to snack on any time. I have no idea exactly what happened except the neighbors 2 dogs were up on my deck Saturday and possibly knocked the tray over and the chickens got ahold of my seedlings. I have only found fourwinds, and a bonsai site place that sells a murami bonsai. Hybrid varieties include various variegated types, Fukushu, Eustis Limequats, Indio Mandarinquats and Calamondin also known as Calamansi. Stan used C35. One of the most versatile of citrus plants, this tree makes an excellent ornamental specimen as a standard or in the garden. I think citrangequat is hardier than kumquat. I have not been able to find an appropriately grafted Marumi to bother with growing it here. The fruit you show look great! Drives me crazy. I wonder how Marumi taste would compare to Meiwa? Ty Ty marumi tree advertisement of 0-F is fraudulentl. Gone! Marumi Kumquats have a peel that is terrifically sweet and flesh that is unusually tart so when eaten whole creates a wonderfully refreshing flavor. to much for a company of thier reputation. Harris does not carry Marumi that I can tell. The Marumi tree is supposed to be very cold hardy..I have to say that my Nagami Kumquat suffered severe branch dieback immediately after it bloomed and produced a lot of fruit last winter. I forgot to wake up and feed the stove with wood one morning and the room was cold, ooops.. Sour orange, PT, and PT-FD are the 3 best rootstocks.

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