I am looking into getting one but no place locally has them. This uke definitely sounds good, and the fit and finish is just fine. Having settled in at music shops with numerous tenors of various wood construction, I would have to agree with Barry. Thank you from JOE DAN BOYD. I have played a few of the new entry level Martin sopranos (made in Mexico) and find them very playable and nice sounding instruments, but probably not the equivalent of my Nazareth-built Martin soprano bought new in the 1970s, which is by far my favorite soprano uke that I own. I’m a guitar & mandolin player mostly and this is my first uke. Not only that, I have not found any wood (not talking laminates here) that sound as good as Koa. This being my joy and my blessing: when it sounds right, grab it and take it home (after paying for it of course). . You can pop it off easily with a sharp edge and a very soft push on each letter. But I don't tend to give string recommendations all that much as choices are too personal. The smell, too, is very pleasant. In addition, I have two vintage Martin 4-string guitars (a small bodied tenor and a plectrum) which I string with Worth baritone uke strings for a deep, mellow sound that I enjoy. Having played both I must say I very much disagree! and yes the setup is a little high but I'm going to settle on which string to use before making those adjustments. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 Got A Ukulele / Barry Maz - All Rights Reserved, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, The Martin T1K (note, strap button added by me! As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. Did this ukulele come with an 'endblock' build on the inside of the body, that makes it easier to install the strap button on the outside? BTW, I agree with your assessment of the prices for some of the newer Nazareth-made Martin ukes: Out of sight for most of us, especially when so many of the alternate makes during today's uke boom provide us with so many choices that are at least comparable if not quite equivalent to the wonderful Martin instruments. Totally right Barry.But i remember a review from you.That you have friends who own old Martins .Would it be fun just have one on Got a ukelele. Click here to learn about cookie settings. Click the logo to help. Your donations all go back into the site to allow me to keep bringing you reviews, and in the end the ukuleles acquired are given to local schools and charities. I certainly don't think there is a single holy grail string that exists, What a thorough and fascinating review. You have no items in your shopping basket. Later, I bought a vintage Martin baritone uke (probably 1960s) which I liked, but eventually found a Gibson baritone uke that I like considerably better (and still play regularly), and traded the Martin bari on the purchase of a vintage Martin 0-17 guitar built in the year of my birth. Before I sold this one johhat - I put Living Waters on it - they worked great. ©2020 C.F. Nice wood grain for this price point. Found the Martin strings far too bright for it. Still later, I bought a vintage (seems to be about mid-1930s) tenor which is still my favorite tenor of those I own, and which has been recently modified by a professional luthier with Waverly tuners (with the original vintage friction tuners bagged and placed in the case pocket). Nice to see you added a strap button to it! Aside from the Google ads, I don't get paid to write this blog and for reasons of impartiality a not sponsored by brands or stores. Very loud, clear, resonant voice. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. Patreon pledges, large or small, all help keep this site going!! I seen other reviews of these Mexico Martins and seen some that the top and back woods are not the same. If you enjoy this blog, donations are welcomed to allow me to invest more time in bringing you ukulele articles. If I find a 70's Martin, there is no way a reader can get an identical model which will have aged the same way.3. Did you install the button there yourself? My location makes it hard to find reliable used dealers without one heck of a journey - easier for people to browse actual used instruments in say London but not for me. Thanks in advance! Martin & CO., Inc.,  All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy. And is it very rounded, or something more like the Fluke? Can you let me know what you mean by 'removing the saddle'? Light build weight and even balance. How is the neck profile - chunky or thinner? To me this is the bottom line: the sound that I hear and that which reaches my audience. This is a very lovely Martin model made of solid Koa, a very popular choice for anyone after a bright, bubbly "sunny island" sound. You see I bought myself a Martin T1K tenor ukulele recently - that is to say a NEW Martin uke, and not a uke made in Pennsylvania USA, but in Mexico - ie - one of their entry level models. Martin has built the world’s finest ukuleles since 1916, and tenor ukes since 1929 that have long been prized for their full-bodied voice and great volume. Well I read a lot online about the new Martin range and what I read certainly shows a division of opinion. I have a few vintage Martins(Style 0 sopranos and 1960's Tenor) and have found them wonderful players, but I dont see any way to properly review them as they have all aged differently and all have their differences in sound-even with the same strings installed. The T1K Uke is a beautiful example of why Martin is still the name in superior quality ukuleles.

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