Made with green pigeon peas, this tasty Puerto Rican rice dish gets its stunning yellow hue from achiote powder. Mahatma® Parboiled Medium Grain Rice! Bring to a boil. Remove bay leaf and serve. This rich Mexican-inspired rice pudding treat is made with caramel-like cajeta, cinnamon and vanilla for a comforting dessert everyone will love. There is also a fantastic $1.50/1 printable coupon for Mahatma rice that can be redeemed at Walmart available below. This classic Spanish party-style paella is infused with crowd-pleasing Tex-Mex flavors for a tasty fusion of flavors. Personalize it with your favorite apples. For best results, combine Mahatma® Rice with fresh veggies for a complete, nutritious, tasty dish! Please log in or sign up to access these features. Dirty Rice pairs best with White Rice or Jasmine Rice. It’s hard to go wrong with a mouth-watering meal of savory Key West Pork Chops browned and oven-baked in seasoned rice with a kick. Whip up some new flavors tonight with these Cheese and Jalapeño Quinoa Rice Cakes served with Roasted Garlic & Lemon Aioli. There are two ways to search for recipes: 1) Use the search field located in the header of each page --Please ensure the "Recipes" radio button is selected; With herbs, a hint of spice, and fluffy Mahatma® Basmati Rice, this chimichurri-inspired rice is perfect with grilled steak, chicken, seafood, or veggies. Add all of your favorite seasonings and ingredients for that extra hint of spice! It makes a wonderful main or side dish. With toasted pecans and shredded coconut, this recipe takes rice pudding to the next level! Take fried rice to another level with this Bacon Fried Rice recipe made with Mahatma® Long Grain & Jasmine Rice Blend, bacon, scallions, and eggs. Savor this creamy risotto dish topped with poached eggs benedict in a homemade Hollandaise sauce of butter, lemon and Parmesan cheese. Fresh or frozen carrots, Mahatma® Rice, and water. In a large skillet, heat oil. This irresistible rice dish is jam-packed with all the flavors of Grilled Mexican style Street Corn and served over a fluffy bed of Mahatma® White Rice. These deep-fried Risotto Balls perfectly combine the flavors of Isreali and Italian foods for your next event. A refreshing summer recipe! Rich and creamy, this stovetop easy to make Rice Mac and Cheese is a comforting main or side dish the entire family will love! Make the perfect weeknight Brown Rice Casserole by putting together some chicken, zucchini, Monterey Jack cheese, chiles, and jalapeños. Our Arroz con Pollo recipe combines the savory flavors of chicken, Roma tomatoes, white rice, spices and garnished with cilantro. Add onions, green pepper and celery. This Creamy Marigold Rice is infused with dried flowers, and a great dish to remember those we love on Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. This veggie fried rice gets a flavor boost with white miso paste, the mildest miso, which adds a wonderful savory accent to the jasmine rice. For a delicious and hearty chicken and rice dish try this Arroz con Pollo recipe packed with whole grain brown rice – a feast of comforting flavors! For a warm and hearty soup, try this Red Pozole with White Rice, garnished with avocado, pickled red onions, radishes and cilantro. These sweet little Raisin & Rice Mini Pies the perfect dessert for any occasion! A little bit Spanish and a little bit Italian, this Chorizo and Manchego Risotto is the perfect dreamy combination of risotto and paella. Heat oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. This crispy Gluten Free Rice Pizza Crust is simply made with just 4 pantry staples– white rice, egg whites and mozzarella seasoned with salt and pepper. and your could recieve a ###. This pork fried rice is a classic oriental dish made with savory pork, fresh scallions and bean sprouts. In a medium bowl, combine pineapple, onions, chile and cilantro; mix and set aside. … Use this Jollof Rice recipe to bring the taste of Africa to your kitchen with its spicy Habanero pepper flavors and vibrant red color. Cook until tender. Enjoy the rich and creamy taste of this homemade Horchata Ice Cream recipe made with vanilla, cream, cinnamon sticks and quality white rice. This soup is made with a cornucopia of vegetables, curry, Jasmine rice, and quinoa will help to keep you full and satisfied for longer. Looking for a dish that’s a crowd-pleaser? A warm and hearty stew, this Green Pozole with Fish is made with Mahatma® Jasmine Rice, your choice of grouper, tilapia, or codfish, and a tasty salsa verde. This huevos rancheros recipe combines our flavored cilantro limón rice with the smooth texture of avocado and tex-mex cheese alongside pinto beans, salsa and crunchy tortilla chips. This vibrant green rice is made with a flavorful blend of poblano peppers and spinach for a dish that will spice up any weeknight meal. A perfect blend of Asian and Latin flavors that will make everyone happy! These sweet rice tamales with cream cheese and blueberries are a different and delicious dessert for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner! Made with our Jasmine Rice with Quinoa, this Chicken Stir Fried Rice recipe is a classic fried rice, with all the goodness you crave. Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos with Homemade Salsa Recipe! This recipe is a great way to turn leftover turkey into easy and delicious burritos filled with rice for a meal that the entire family will love! Our Green Chili Mexican Rice Casserole is a great vegetarian dish to share with friends and family or add your choice of meat such as chicken or beef, if desired. With three easy steps – it’s ideal for a weeknight meal. Make this Bourbon Street Red Beans and Rice Dip and bring the taste of New Orleans to your kitchen! Stir in remaining ingredients. Beat up some eggs, dice a few tomatoes, and slice your favorite Chorizo to make this energizing cheesy Breakfast Scramble. The savory flavors of butternut squash, fresh sage, nutmeg and cayenne pepper come together in this delicious and creamy risotto. Made with brown rice, this recipe is as good as it sounds. What’s the secret to our Traditional Paella recipe? Find a snack that is better for your heart! Bring to a boil. and your could recieve a ###. See our favorite Authentic Spanish Paella recipe. © 2009 - 2020 GSFF All Rights Reserved. Top with raisins and pumpkin seeds. A traditional favorite made with whole-grain brown rice ... just sauté onion, corn and cumin for two minutes. Enjoy this simple, fun, and delicious Rice & Turkey Stuffed Peppers recipe to convert any moment into a festive occasion! 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