Site map      followed by name of the electronegative or more electronegative element or group. In this article, we shall study the method of naming of chemical compounds. First, write electropositive element (say A) in its radical form ( Ax+) followed by the electronegative element (say B)  in its radical form ( Ay-). Order of name and formula are: In medicine, on one hand it is used in dentistry as a whitening agent, while on the other it is used to treat for skin diseases. They contain hydroxyl (OH-) group. i.e., SO2, sulfur dioxide. Chemical formula NaOCl Sodium hypochlorite has de-staining properties because of which it is used extensively in household bleaches, and to remove stains from crockery. Cation: Generally a transition metal. These symbols and formulae are shorthand notations of the molecules involved as reactants or products. Cd(NO3)2: Cadmium nitrate PbS2: Lead(IV) sulfide, Example: Chemical formulas should be entered a straightforward syntax. Type I, Type II and Type III: Write the molecular formula. For exposure by ingestion do not use emesis, lavage or acidic antidotes. Hence the formula of the molecule is  AyBx. Formula for magnesium phosphite: The formula for magnesium phosphate is Mg 3 (PO 3) 2. Covalent compounds: A compound in whcih electrons are shared (equally or unequally) between two atoms forming a bond. Entered chemical name or chemical formula is first searched in database and if found its chemical name, formula, molecular weight is displayed.    Cation(Oxid St) - anion hypochlorite, the active ingredient in bleach. In a chemical equation, the various substances involved as reactants or products are written in the form of symbols and formulae. Grade A is used in the chemical industry, as a disinfectant for treating potable water and water in swimming pools, for general disinfection, paper and textile bleaching. Compounds: Binary compounds, Ternary compounds, Ionic compounds, Covalent compounds. Cupric Chloride  or  Copper (II) chloride. Sn(C2H3O2)2: Tin(II) acetate If the percentage of oxygen is less, then suffix ous is used. Identify radicals. Disclaimer, Copyright Binary compounds, Ternary compounds, Ionic compounds, Covalent compounds. The first letter of an Element symbol is always a capital letter and remaining letters are written in lower case only. the iron showing higher valency r is named as ferric and by the IUPAC system, it is named Iron (III). These are unique 1,2, and 3 letter symbols. Sodium Hypochlorite is an alkaline corrosive. Na+ + OCl- NaOCl sodium hypo- sodium cation chlorite hypochlorite anion The most common method for producing sodium hypochlorite is to react chlorine with sodium hydroxide (NaOH). FeCl3: Iron(III) chloride It really answered my question. i.e., S and 2 O forms SO3, sulfur trioxide Find the valencies of constituent groups. Many of the element symbols reflect the English name of the element such as Oxygen (O), hydrogen (H), carbon (C), nitrogen. Below the element write their numeric charge without considering nature. The formula is a representation of the actual number of atom or atoms of each element present in one molecule of the substance. Depending upon the number of charges carried by radicals they are further classified as monovalent, bivalent (divalent), trivalent and tetravalent radicals or ions and so on. About      Sodium Bisulphite is one of them. Polar covalent compounds FeCl3: Iron(III) chloride Since manganese is a metal and hyperchlorite is a polyatomic ion, manganese(II) is an ionic compound. The formula for nitrogen is N2, that of oxygen is O2, that of carbon dioxide is CO2, etc. if the negative radical is derived from ous acid the suffix ite is used for naming the salt. If acid contains more number of oxygen than its corresponding ‘ic’ acid a prefix per is given to the negative. MgO: Magnesium oxide The negative radical consists of non-metal and oxygen. Some symbols are derived from Latin names Aurum (gold) (Au), Argentum (silver), Stannum (tin) (Sn), Plumbum (lead) (Pb), etc.(Ag). Calcium hypochlorite[Ca(ClO)2] is a white solid inorganic compound, though commercial samples appear yellow, It strongly smells like chlorine, owing to its slow decomposition in moist air. (Use tables for radicals). It is important for elements showing variable valency. A radical is a group of atoms of elements carrying a charge, e.g., chlorate [ClO3–]. i.e., NaOCl, sodium hypochlorite. In a chemical reaction, the molecular composition changes and it is represented by a chemical equation. Reference Matrix      ( x and y), Swap the numbers obtained in step 2 i.e. Cation: Representative Metal with fix charged, Example: Previous Topic: Methods of Separation of Mixtures, Next Topic: Laws of Chemical Combinations, very good information very very thank you. The reaction by … Conversion Matrix      The molecular formula for sodium hypochlorite is NaOCl.    • Prefixes are indication of the number of atoms: The name of salt is written with positive radical followed by negative radical. The formula for magnesium phosphate is Mg3(PO3)2. A symbol is a representation of an atom of an element. Privacy policy      When an electron is gained the group of atoms acquire a negative charge and is called a negative radical or negative ion. Required fields are marked *. In case of oxyacids, if the negative radical is derived from ic acid the suffix ate is used for naming the salt.   mono-, di-, tri-, tetra-, penta-, hexa-, hepta-, octa-,... - order of naming nonmetal1 & nonmetal(ide) nonmetal1and nonmetal2 position in the periodic table. Binary compounds, Ternary compounds, Ionic compounds, Covalent compounds, I (Metal - nonMetal) In the case of the electropositive element showing variable valency. i.e., MgCl2, magnesium chloride. In next article, we shall study next chapter: Laws of chemical combinations. The negative radical consists of a single non-metal. Compounds: Bookmarks      Use hydro as prefix and ic suffix. Grade B is used as an oxidizing agent in the vitamin industry and for bleaching of fabrics. For example, iron shows two valencies 2 and 3. the iron showing lower valency 2 is named as ferrous and by the IUPAC system, it is named Iron (II).    Cation - anion Cation: Generally a transition metal. Binary compounds: Compounds in which there are two different elements in the formula. Salt is assumed to be a product of neutralization reaction between acid and base. Any metal not type I. The formula for Aluminium hydroxide is Al(OH)3. Chemical Formulae of Ionic Compounds: Ionic compounds are made up of a cationic entity and an anionic entity. (due consideration to be given to elements showing variable valency). The name of metal or group is written first followed by the word hydroxide. Dilute immediately by giving milk, melted ice cream, beaten egg white, starch paste or antacids such as milk of magnesia, aluminum hydroxide gel or magnesium trisilicate gel. Examples enter CH3COOH as CH3COOH, H2SO4 as H2SO4 or as Sulfuric acid, CaCO3 as CaCO3 or as Calcium Carbonate, Home      Your email address will not be published. Ionic compounds: A compound in which electrons are transferred from one element to another. They are named as per the rules laid by IUPAC. 2P and 5 O forms P2O5, Diphosphorus pentaoxide. Thanks for the information. Si - C - As - P - N - H - Se - S - I - Br - Cl - O - F Web Conversion Online © 2015,  All Rights Reserved, Find Molecular Formula of different material, Find Molecular Weight of different material, World Time - Find time at different places, Calculate Calories Burned in different activities, Definition of different measurement Units. Metal is the electropositive radical and hydroxyl group is negative radical. Incase entered chemical name (or chemical formula) is not found in database, its Molecular weight is calculated using node-token algorithm. If the percentage of oxygen is more, then the suffix ic is used. i.e., CuCl2, coppper(II) chloride. II (Metal - nonMetal) If acid contains less number of oxygen than its corresponding ‘ous’ acid a prefix hypo is given to the negative radical. Example: They have general formula HA. Base have general formula BOH. i.e., MgCl 2, magnesium chloride.. Ternary compounds: Compounds in which there are three different elements in the formula one of which is an oxygen. For lower valency, its name is written in form ending with ‘ous’ while with higher valency its name is written ending with ‘ic’. Calculate molecular weight and chemical formula of magnesium hypochlorite or Calculate molecular weight of different compounds using its molecular formula or its name. Ternary compounds: Compounds in which there are three different elements in the formula one of which is an oxygen. In which we shall study dalton’s atomic theory, the law of conservation of mass, the law of definite proportion, the law of multiple proportions, the law of reciprocal proportions, Gay-Lussac’s law of combining volume. These are single letter symbols. Sn(C2H3O2)2: Tin(II) acetate Binary compounds: Compounds in which there are two different elements in the formula. Your email address will not be published.

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