In this essay, I argue that Machiavelli’s The Prince is an immoral book. Machiavelli’s views regarding politics, religion and morality are essentially based on his view of human nature. There are various views of his book. Although it seems his writings have become quite well known and admired, not everyone fully shared his beliefs. But Machiavelli did have a model—neither Dante’s Roman Empire nor the Holy Roman Empire, but the Roman republic of antiquity. For more information view the SAGE ... What are the duties and rights of the individual in domestic society and can there be a similarity of morality at the level of political leaders in international politics? His opinion on the morality or lack of morality in politics, to me makes it more evident that Christianity persuades his views. Niccolo Machiavelli, for instance, seemed to believe in a government that was not driven by morality, but more by practicality. It may be more accurate, however, to view Machiavelli as an early political scientist, concerned only with setting out what human beings are like and how power is maintained, with no intention of passing moral judgment on the state of affairs described. It is true that Machiavelli is a puzzle, a contradiction, but at the same time a fascinating thinker that addresses traditional political issues and dilemmas with freshness, candidly and openly. Machiavelli’s views on morality, based upon a literal interpretation of the satire The Prince, is very much a practical and realistic approach to the nature of morality and human nature. The paper argues that both Machiavelli and Kant were dealing with different contexts and societies, and morality for them had different meanings. Hobbes’ views, based in Leviathan, are of a more idealistic . On the contrary, Croce argues that Machiavelli’s politics ‘precedes morality as base precedes superstructure’ (1914, see, Lukes 2001: 561) and that Machiavelli discovered ‘the necessity and autonomy of politics, which is beyond or rather, below moral good or evil’ (1945: 59). In Plato's time, man served the state. Machiavelli's Moral Theory: Moral Christianity versus Civic Virtue Felipe Lamus ... especially, his views on morality. Plato believed in just rulers, who ruled via moral virtue. Read More. Machiavelli believed in "Virtu'", whatever was best for the State was Virtu'. He abandoned these mainstays of morality, so goes the argument, in order to observe political life as it actually existed, rather than as it should exist. According to Monarch notes on The Republic: The basic idea referred to is the view that ethics and politics are the same, or at least co-terminous (overlapping in essential features). Similarities Between Socrates And Machiavelli 1436 Words | 6 Pages. Machiavelli says that, “Men are ungrateful, fickle, deceitful, cowardly and avaricious.” From this it sums up to the conclusion that a ruler or a monarch should aim rather to be feared than to be loved. In any case, The Prince gained instant notoriety, and Machiavelli’s name became synonymous with political cynicism and deviousness. For this purpose, we will look into three different aspects of his work. Niccolò Machiavelli, it is said, invented secular politics by liberating it from religion and natural law. The morality of Machiavelli’s book has been discussed for quite long time already.

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