[11]  This represents a unique approach to presenting an argument even for the quality and quantity of scholars present during the fifteenth-century Italian Humanist movement. He makes known his belief in the dangers associated with man’s insatiable appetite [greed] for knowledge and the death that follows pride. This was a major diplomatic victory for Lorenzo who succeeded in sidelining the Pope giving the pontiff no choice but to abide by the truce and accept Lorenzo as the ruler of Florence. This kept the vast majority in the republic happy bar the ambitious few who decided they wanted to overthrow the house of Medici and assume control themselves, this manifested itself with the Pazzi conspiracy which occurred in 1478. E. Cassirer, P.O. Directed Readings in Early Modern History, The work begins with an address to the bishop of Lerida. Lorenzo further quotes from Paul, (Rom. [66] See Charles E. Trinkhaus, Jr., “Lorenzo Valla: Introduction and Translation of the Dialogue on Free Will,” in The Renaissance Philosophy of Man, ed. As if this one will not be sufficient and more! 11:33): “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! I freely promise that I will ask no dinner from you.”  Here we see the brilliance of Lorenzo Valla for in this one exchange, I would argue, Valla foreshadows how he will answer the question of free will. Lorenzo Valla (Italian: [loˈrɛntso ˈvalːa]; also Latinized as Laurentius; c. 1407 – 1 August 1457) was an Italian humanist, rhetorician, educator and Catholic priest. For I attribute more to him than Antimachus to Plato or Cicero to            Cato. Thereafter, Daedalus builds a temple to Apollo and offers his own wings as a sacrifice to the god. The Papacy had relied upon the Donation to assert Temporal Power over the West. Valla attempts to counter Antonio through numerous historical examples where he argues that God's foreknowledge of our action does not affect the morality of the decision at hand. Have we, like Sextus, no recourse but to submit to the will of Jupiter as foreseen through the eyes of Apollo? Jupiter as he created the wolf fierce, the hare timid, the lion     brave, the *** stupid, the dog savage, the sheep mild, so he fashioned some men hard of heart,            others soft, he generated one given to evil, the other to virtue, and, further, he gave a capacity for         reform to one and made another incorrigible. This document was accepted as genuine for seven centuries and was cited by at least ten popes in contentions for the recogn. Sextus goes to Apollo wishing to know his future. The heretical implications of this passage are many, stretching back to the times of St. Augustine, Pelagius and the Donatist Controversy. In returning to the classical and biblical authors of Cicero, Quintilian, St. Augustine, and St. Paul, Valla was essentially re-designing the Aristotelian rules governing medieval language and then applying these rules to a new understanding of the motion, or change, of the word through the three dimensions of space (height, width, and length) and the one dimension of time. Here you have what I had to say by way of an exhortation, which I said not so much that I might     move you and them as that I might show my own disposition of mind.”[63]. It is certainly more unpleasant not to show the way to the erring and to him who asks you to show it. 12: 7): ‘And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the          revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh.’  Let us not wish to know the height, but let us fear lest we become like the philosophers who, calling themselves wise, are made foolish; who,       lest they should appear ignorant of anything, disputed about everything. It's where you share this knowledge that counts. The first of the two main characters is Antonio Glarea, an educated man who Valla identifies as being from San Lorenzo. Again, Sextus cries out to Apollo, “And why is it my crime rather than Jupiter’s?

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