There are several issues that could be causing this. I would happily plant bamboo in front of the concrete wall, but would leave enough space between the wall and the bamboo to put in the metal sheeting and have space to walk between the sheeting and the fence so you have control over the bamboo as it grows. If temperatures are predicted to go below 30 degrees, covering the tree will help. Another thought is that the flowers may be going unpollinated. Quite a lot, as it happens, Juice up a small garden with one of these easier-care or worth-the-effort fruit trees for a mild climate, Plant a mini orchard in fall, winter or early spring to enjoy fresh-off-the-tree fruit the following year, Your cups will overfloweth with color and interest this fall when you plant these vivid seasonal garden classics, Delightfully perfumed fruit and lovely spring blossoms make this apple and pear cousin worth a spot in the garden, Don’t have much space for a garden? 2. - Rives McCord. My other vote would be NOT to paint the wall. kpham thanked Dave in NoVA • N. Virginia • zone 7A, Brighten your porch or patio with a potted pomegranate, kumquat, blueberry bush or another great fall fruit, What can you do with a lime tree? Lime trees grow well in containers. I have my lemon tree outside this time of year, and the bumblebees are currently taking care of that task for me, but when it makes early blooms in late winter (still indoors) I hand pollinate it. Plants. If we miss one, it will grow straight out from the top of the concrete stones, again easy to find and easy to cut with garden shears. (Your tree does look slightly chlorotic to me; from appearances I am thinking it could be low on Nitrogen. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! The berm is about 3 feet tall and is surrounded on all sides by concrete stones. Here are the most common reasons for no lime tree blossoms or fruit: Proper care of lime trees requires that the lime tree get an even mix of nutrients. This is 5' x 5'. Hopefully, it’ll help make your holiday season as special as possible. Now I have 25 beautiful limes. Make sure you are watering it twice a week to ensure the soil is moist. Sometimes a lime tree will just inexplicably stop producing blossoms for a year. Let’s look at the possible causes. Keeping the lime blossoms on the tree means that you should make sure that your tree gets an even amount of water. It’s a little known fact that limes actually turn yellow when they ripen! Since then, I've had lots of blooms, but the fruit never develop. Answer: The main issue with your lime tree is age. Limes and other citrus take several years to mature and bear fruit consistently after planting. This will help prevent disease and encourage faster ripening of fruit. Uneven watering – While lime tree fruit drop is normal most of the time, there are a few problems that may cause lime tree blossoms or fruit to fall. So here are my two cents. Water is crucial too. The problem may also be pruning. Love to read about gorgeous gardens? Give your key lime more time. Have been given a lime tree in a pot but it’s leaves are falling off. Reasons And Fixes For Lime Tree Not Producing Blossoms Or Fruit. Your email address will not be published. Unripe limes are much more solid. The lighter the lime, the more likely it is to be ready to pick. I always called those cannibal forks.... Sydney...sorry you had such trouble with bamboo. You should not worry about it unless your lime tree shows other signs of distress, such as leaf drop or discolored leaves or if your lime tree drops all of its fruit or blossoms. Article from If the leaves on your lime tree are turning yellow, a good guess is that you’re overwatering. If the plant does bloom but still fails to fruit, this might be because the tree is not old enough. If rainfall has been light, supplement by watering the tree from a hose. Pruning lime trees isn’t essential, but plenty of gardeners like to do it to keep them shaped nicely and to increase airflow. We give citrus trees five years to settle in and mature after planting. 1. To its right and under the cabinet is an ice bucket which contains spatulas, blender sticks, etc -- anything to big to stick in a drawer. Having two or more in your garden or pots seems to provide our friends with the success they are looking for – no doubt the bees doing their pollination work also contributes to this point. Chances are, a lime tree dropping fruit or lime blossoms falling off tree is perfectly normal. I do use a balanced fruit tree fertilizer, but maybe can invest in something more citrus specific. Fertilizing lime trees means that they need to get a good amount of nitrogen as well as phosphorus and an occasional boost to the acidity level of the soil. If the roots are allowed to sit in standing water, the leaves will turn yellow and maybe even drop. I have a key lime tree that I've had for a little over 2 years now. One of these is uneven watering. So if you have a gardening question, get a gardening answer. 3. Dwarf varieties work best for container growing, but full sized trees will stay small and healthy with pruning. Regular feeding with a nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertiliser should give you great results. This means that the flowers contain both a male and female part. The best way to keep a lime tree’s leaves green is to keep its environment stable. They are attractive and of course the fruit are great in cooking and drinks. Blossom drop is one of the key growing lemon tree problems. These include leaf miners, scale bugs, citrus mites and aphids. We give citrus trees five years to settle in and mature after planting. Dry, arid or frosty and colder climates will challenge the hardiest of these varieties and usually see you losing your fruit to frosts. I saw that it had a lot of scale on it and thought that might've been the reason. Don’t let the thought of growing lime trees intimidate you. Some fruit drop is perfectly normal for lime trees. 4) Limes are the least cold hardy of the citrus we grow. Hubby and I wanted more privacy while in our hot tub, so we built a berm to the east side of the hot tub and planted bamboo. It just means you’ve left them on the tree longer than you should have. Lemon tree fruiting occurs at three to five years old, depending upon the rootstock. It is obvious that the tree is not unhappy, but at the same time it is not happy enough to produce blossoms. One piece of little-known lime tree information is that the trees need more heat in order to be encouraged to bloom than their other citrus cousins. If the temperatures will go below the mid-20s, adding strings of small, incandescent outdoor Christmas light will provide additional protection (the tree may still sustain damage).

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