Is there a particular reason for this? Just fixed the recipe. I am featuring them tomorrow at Snickerdoodle. Please see my full disclosure policy for details. Sooo sooo good. The mixture should be completely smooth. Place 1 tbsp of blackberry pie filling in the bottom of each cupcake tin, followed by 2-3 tbsp of batter. We used the lemon cupcake recipe for my sister’s bridal shower! Whenever berries go on sale, I stock my refrigerator full and sometimes that results in last minute recipe ideas like these cupcakes. Be sure to give it a good read through before you start. Tag @beyondfrosting on Instagram and hashtag it #beyondfrosting. It will start to look glossy as the peaks begin to form. The flavors in the cupcake and frosting pair so well and are sooo good. LoL! This is a really delicious dessert for spring and summer. Additionally, I’ve swapped out the milk with buttermilk to bring out a bit of the lemon flavor just a bit more. That way when I take a bite, I know I am eating a homemade cupcake. In a large mixing bowl, add butter and blackberry puree. When it reaches 140° F, the sugar should be dissolved in the egg whites. These homemade lemon cupcakes are topped with a blackberry Swiss meringue buttercream. I’m Michelle! Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line cupcake pan with the liners, Using a hand or standing mixer, beat together all ingredients until combined and mixed, Bake in the oven for 19 minutes or until a light golden brown, Using a standing mixer, beat together the butter, powdered sugar, heavy whipping cream, lemon juice and lemon zest until smooth and stiff with peaks, Combine all ingredients into a medium bowl, Using your fingers, mix ingredients together until combined and crumble like, Pipe a ring of frosting onto the top of the cupcake, Repeat step again to have a “wall” of frosting, Scoop some of the blackberry pie filling into the center of the frosting. I’m sorry, I must admit I’m not overly familiar with the fruit market in Greece, but you can sub the blackberries out with other berries like raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries (make a puree first for strawberries). Test the cupcakes for doneness by inserting a toothpick into the center of the cupcake. I swapped out the vanilla extract for lemon extract. Thank you for sharing! You will notice that as you increase the speed, the body of your meringue will also increase. Bake in a 350° oven for 15-19 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the top comes out clean. Any of our creations or ideas that are shared without permission are a violation of copyright. Next, zest 2 lemons and then juice the lemons. You sure have found a great place to be! Thank you for sharing and hope to see you again soon! Blackberry Buttercream ▢ 1 cup blackberries ▢ 2 tablespoons lemon juice ▢ 1 cup butter, room temperature ▢ 4 cups powdered sugar ▢ 1 teaspoon vanilla ▢ 1 tablespoon milk or cream Mix for another minute and scrape down the sides of the bowl. Really not as difficult as they seemed (total time, prep to eating = 1hr 45 min. If the toothpick comes out clean, the cupcakes are done. Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Bloglovin. The only reason I can think of is that the blackberries did not reduce enough. Add half the flour followed by the baking powder and salt and beat on low speed while pouring in half of the buttermilk and mix just until the flour starts to incorporate. Divide the cupcake batter evenly between 12 molds. Your SMB should look kind of like whipped cream. It’s May which means it’s my birthday month, which means there will be plenty of dessert in store for both you and me! Be prepared for the frosting to take a while (this was much first time making frosting) but it is so worth it! or do you think your cream cheese frosting would. You will need to double the recipe as this will make about 1 layer in a 9-inch cake pan. Scrape down the bowl as needed. |. Allow cupcakes to cool completely before decorating. Lastly, fold in the blackberry puree and lemon zest and stir well to combine. Did you like this Lemon Blackberry Cupcakes Recipe? Lemon Blackberry Cupcakes have a light fluffy lemon cupcakes with a rich and sweet blackberry buttercream frosting. Slowly add your butter, about 1 tablespoon at a time, ensuring it is mixed well after each addition. I was wondering which it is? sugar cookies to the next level. I'm Julianne. COPYRIGHT 2020 BEYOND FROSTING, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s incredible!! Would love your thoughts, please comment. At this point, your frosting should have turned white as the egg whites are whipped and the body of the meringue starts to form. Thank you! Definitely baking powder. Lemon blackberry cupcakes are so perfect for a special occasion! If you love lemon, you can also add a teaspoon of lemon zest to your plain buttercream for a special treat! *, Crazy obsessed with desserts and snowboarding. Yes. These Lemon Blackberry Cupcakes are a light lemon cupcake topped with a rich decadent blackberry buttercream frosting. Awesome Marissa!! . Will it affect the flavor a lot? All of my guests loved them and asked when I would be making them again. MORE ABOUT ME>>, Michelle is a wife and mother of three striving to make her home the happiest place on Earth for her family, and surviving mostly on coffee. Once you have added all your butter. Cream together the butter, powdered sugar, heavy whipping cream, lemon juice and lemon … Beat for another 3 minutes on medium. Also about how long does the buttercream last if it’s made and then stored? I love seeing your creations. frosting was fabulous though. pan? After you have beat the meringue for a total of about 10 minutes, the bottom of your mixing bowl should be cooled completely.

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