I feel confident this is a solidly made mattress that will last for years. We do tend to prefer a medium-hard mattress (I don't like to feel like I'm drowning in my bed), but even so, it was not uncomfortable at all; it has just the right amount of give. The foundation takes a little longer but I had that within a week. Thank you for offering an alternative to the many chemical-laden products out there. The only down side to this mattress was the smell it had for about a week after unpacking it, not a terrible thing to have to deal with for some days but not pleasant either. There are no pressure points to cause pain anywhere on my body. For greater cushion at pressure points, Avocado offers an optional pillow top. , during which you can return your mattress for a full refund. Cons of the memory foam : initially gave off a strong smell, slept hot (even with a "cooling layer"), wasn't as supportive over time. The mattress, which is likely to be hid most of its life, looks great. One thing I was not prepared for was how long it would take to get the mattress. I contacted the company and they were so amazing and helped me find a topper for it to soften it. Firmness — Leesa is a medium and Avocado comes in firm, or you can make it feel like a medium-firm if you get the optional topper. My mattress sleeps cool and I do appreciate the inner springs. Hopefully, Avocado does not use this company in the future. I'm not familiar with Charles P Rogers's trial period. Learn what sets these mattresses apart so you can find the bed you’ve been dreaming of. 1. This is thanks to sturdier support along the body’s trunk. Luckily, these mattresses are evenly supportive across the surface of the mattress. Love it!!! We love our Avocado Mattress! So I've been sleeping on it for a week and love it. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. … We will be purchasing 3 more beds from Avocado.. Dont even get me started on the pillows yes amazing.. I have never experienced this degree of comfort from a mattress before. The mattress was even better than expected. Sleeps so much better and is in a lot less pain when he gets up. Their rep was most helpful answering all my questions in detail and was not pushy. I've been having difficulty sleeping due to a injury. In this review, we’re going to compare the flagship Leesa mattress to the Avocado Green bed. These mattresses offer a good supportive surface to sleep on for most sleepers. Have you recently purchased your dream Leesa mattress? It is well made with a beautiful cover. I sleep in the day, in the desert where 105-112' is most of the summer, have hot flashes and couldn't take it anymore. By spending so much time in your bed, I believe that it is worth treating yourself. We recently purchased three Avocado green mattresses to replace well-used, well-worn conventional mattresses, at least one almost 20 years old. And it smell so good compared to conventional mattresses :-). It's a deal. As such, you’ll feel more like you’re sleeping “on” the Avocado mattress and “in” the Leesa bed. Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Avocado in this match up!See Our Full Review of Avocado, Overall Score:Avocado: 9.5/10Leesa: 9.2/10, Customer Satisfaction:Avocado: 9.5/10Leesa: 9.1/10, No Back Pain:Avocado: 9.4/10Leesa: 9.2/10, Price:Avocado: $899-$2399Leesa: $599-$2999, Avocado:Get Up To $200 Off - Code LATEX200. I bought the queen size mattress. Nicest bed I've had the pleasure of sleeping on! It’s this soft mattress surface that makes the, that deeply cradles the body, delivering the feel you expect from, upper layer and you have a bed that generously cushions, and a base layer of high-density support foam, the, has a balance of cushion and support that works for every. Eco-friendly: The Avocado mattress is eco-friendly, using upcycled and organic materials, while the Leesa is not. Both companies are committed to the greater good. These mattresses are supportive along the edges and don't suffer from too much contouring versus the center.Bowling Ball & Density TestsA fun things for reviewers, the bowling ball test does a good job showing firmness and contouring, but also evenness of support. This is one of its best points. The mattress brands carried by a department store like Macy's do have nice options, but personally the experience is not my style. I nearly broke my back getting the mattress on my bed frame since it's SO heavy! many thanks for a good nights sleep! The price was very reasonable and less than some of the other toxic mattresses we initially looked at. I have never considered buying a mattress on line before I researched Avocado. During the first 2 weeks, it was pretty strong, it’s been about 2 months and it’s finally gone away for the most part. Its so relaxing and its firm but you can also feel the bounciness inside. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora & Freya are supposed to have AMAZING cooling. Love everything about it! oh man, my boyfriend immediately told me "oh your nature ways. I also wanted a bed that was healthy with natural materials that did not have chemicals and off gassing while I slept. This is a great pillow. Customers say that these mattresses do a great job on quality. When you have such an amazing product that is healthier than anything out there there really is no reason to choose anything else. It isn't simple to find a great product that will last a decade or more under constant use. This. lovers, couples, lightweight sleepers, and. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. too soft. Love it!!! They even waived the shipping fee for us without us even asking. Avocado is a high quality organic and latex mattress brand. The Leesa mattress is a 3-layer memory foam mattress. Love my new Mattress, I've been sleeping great! Well, I weigh 130 pounds and sleep on my side, and I found it delightful! I wish there had been an option to choose a softer one. We would definitely purchase from them again. The foams used are breathable, helping to keep the mattress cool. Luckily, for it and the Leesa Hybrid, you'd have a trial period with free returns. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is 11 inches thick and has a Medium Firm (6.5) feel making it a firmer option than the Leesa. I love the fact that it's made of completely natural materials; I try to be conscious of what will happen to my "stuff" once I'm done with it, and it is important to me to find things that can biodegrade and go back to the earth. I heard about Avocado mattresses but was reluctant to purchase a mattress online. Thank you Avocado! The resilient materials make Avocado better for stomach and back sleepers, while Casper has zoned support with memory foam that conforms more easily to the curves of side sleepers. I decided sometime last year I wanted to upgrade my queen mattress to a king and I knew I wanted something that was as close to organic as I could afford. The Leesa’s all-foam construction is soft and cushiony, with a bit of supportive contouring offered by the high-density memory foam. Pleased it was made in the USA. Shopping for a new mattress? The customer service was excellent and the product is great! Overall, we love our mattress and can not believe how well we sleep on it. The comfort layer of the two models is comparable, as both are made up of a combination of polyfoam and memory foam. . We bought the leesa for our Special Needs son. The Avocado is better for eco-conscious consumers, stomach sleepers, and heavy people who like a firmer feel. By the way, the return process was a breeze and refund processed about 5 days after the pickup. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclosure, . Sadly, I ended up returning it for her. I hope my review helps. It took me several months of researching and reading every review before I made the decision to buy an Avocado! The Avocado mattress is thicker and more supportive than the, , the Avocado is better for heavy people, no matter your, , with the base model costing $300 more for a queen-size mattress. It's become a wonderful part of our evening, most nights I look forward to lying down! I also upgraded from my queen mattress to a king, which has been excellent. It’s hand-tufted with buttons made from wool for a classic, elegant look. See for yourself in our side by side comparison of the Avocado and Awara Sleep latex hybrid mattresses. Latex mattresses like the Avocado have a completely different feel from foam beds. Glad I bought it. Love it!!! After adding the wool topper I'm all set. You want something that will prop you up rather than sagging and hurting your back.

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