temperature and humidity, NIST Compliant® with certificate Our glass thermometers meet ISO9000 manufacturing standards and DKD/17025 calibration standards. diameter, 112 x 40 x 120mm ”Super-ex-Sensor” for particularly exact and fast measurement, NIST Compliant® with certificate Meter only accuracy is ±1°C. In addition, the head can also be turned through a full 360° range. Looking ahead with the leading minds in healthcare. tory thermometers with the measurement ranges 0–50 Use to quickly verify termperature. These thermometer readouts deliver exceptional accuracy, wide measurement range, logging, and trending, all in a handheld tool you can take anywhere. Resolution is 0.1 from -200 to 640°C (-328 to 990°F) otherwise 1°. the air temperature is measured by means of a TL2 laboratory thermometer (measurement range 0– NIST Compliant® with certificate. The legacy Cardinal.com Medical Ordering site has been replaced with Cardinal Health Market. Manual reset. The wide temperature. Switch from °F to °C at the touch of a button. Rubber coated. Range is -40 to 2000°F, Description: , thermocouples, and thermistors. The Model J DialTemp™ bi-metal thermometer features a swivel neck which allows the large 5" dial to be set at any angle within its full 90° tilt range. Temperature mapping of the laboratory work areas can pinpoint areas of temperature instability. Affordable routine thermometer now has extra features At the touch of a button, display temperatures from -58.0 to 500.8°F and -50.0 to 260.0°C, switch from °F to °C, or set high/low alarms. Large dual display These instruments are ideal for remote reading, such as panel installations, with capillary lengths, Description: Hand Held K Type Digital, Dial Thermometers - Battery included, with up to 60000 hours of use. pipes and the tube section are measured by means of a NIST Compliant® with certificate 3134-3, Temperature Probes - Rely on this IR thermometer for quick and easy surface temperature measurements. °C/°F switchable. Looking for other medical products we carry? Ideal, Description: This minimum/maximum thermometer is used to monitor temperatures in freezers, refrigerators and incubators as well as ambient air. Compatible with, Description: A clinical thermometer’s range is 35 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius while a laboratory thermometer’s range is wider at -10 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees Celsius. 12 in. One second normal temperature sensing time. General Lab, Denatured Proprietary Ethanol (Anhydrous), Bio-Check® Biohazard Wipes and Benchtop Liners, AccuTip® 2 3/4-in. This economically-priced Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Model 909, is the workhorse of calibration laboratories all over the world. Standard Platinum Resistance. LCD viewing area: 20 x 30mm Laboratory thermometers are designed for lab purposes such as checking boiling point, freezing point, or temperature of other substances. Stainless steel stem thermometers offer a quick response and laboratory accuracy Easy to read LCD display Fahrenheit/Celsius switchable Display updates every 2 seconds Auto power off Complete with one 1.5V LR44 button battery and protective, Description: NIST Compliant® with certificate Digital: Has Datalogger or Data Collection Capability? Manufactured to stringent standards, the data loggers are 4.3 in. 150°C; scale division 1°C). CH2960-15: NIST Compliant® with certificate. This product is extremely versatile for use on many applications. High-Accuracy PRT and TC Thermometer Accepts Scanner Cards for up to 10 Channels of Measurement The TTI-7 is a very high-accuracy multi-purpose digital thermometer for both platinum resistance thermometers and thermocouples. Double - triple digits display Jumbo-size, 5/8-inch-high digits are readable from 10 feet away. Product Highlights The model CTR3000 precision thermometer provides a complete measurement and control interface for users wishing to make high-accuracy temperature measurements or calibrate thermometers. To measure a temperature point unit at object, pull the trigger and read the measuring value from the display. , thermocouples, and thermistors. This ensures optimised press speed and high-quality products with minimal scrap. 8 in. They are suitable for industrial and laboratory use. As a laboratory thermometer is more complex, it yields more accurate results as compared to a clinical thermometer. F); Fisher Scientific, Hanover Park, Ill.) and used as a reference. NIST Compliant® with certificate

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