Common serif fonts: Times, Times New Roman, Courier . Sans Serif Fonts . Studies of sans-serif vs serif are very interesting. Cyrillic. The sans serif type is more direct and simple than serif fonts. Verdana is an example of a popular sans-serif font that was created for Microsoft Corporation and intended to be easy to read in a smaller font size and on lower-resolution screens. 1. The reason sans-serif was more popular … Previous article in issue; Next article in issue; Keywords. Serif. However, given the research data, the difference in reading speed between serif and sans serif is apparently quite small. Serif is a traditional/old typeface. Five percentage serif fonts were slightly more legible than sans serif, but the average inter-letter spacing increase that serifs themselves impose, predicts greater enhancement than we observed. That’s probably because they have grown up in a digital world where sans serif fonts hold up best. A nice feature with sans serif typeface is that it can take on the characteristics of surrounding typefaces. Reading. Personally, even though I can read Latin script with ease in both typographic modes, I found it much harder to parse Cyrillic characters in serif than in sans serif while first encountering it in practice. Others, especially younger Americans, prefer sans serif fonts. Legibility research is inconclusive as to whether serif fonts are truly better than sans serif. Sans serif typefaces come in a wide variety of shapes and widths. Sans serif fonts were used for titles, headers, and pull quotes to stand out from the text. However, I am curious how readability for those people is affected (between serif vs sans serif) in Latin script (not in their native script). Because it increases readability and reading speed. The edges of a sans serif font can be precise or rounded. Popular sans serif fonts include Arial and Helvetica. More about Serif and Sans Serif. Using lower-case fonts varying only in serif size (0%, 5%, and 10% cap height), we assessed legibility using size thresholds and reading speed. No significant difference was found for reading speed and comprehension. Serif typefaces are used in books, newspapers, and most magazines. Introduction. Because of this, serif fonts can be easier to decode, increasing reading speed and comprehension. Almost all mainstream printed newspapers, magazines, and books use serif type, and thus people are more accustomed to reading long texts in this style. On the other hand, fonts like Georgia and Times New Roman are often harder for people with dyslexia to read given they have tails and other features that complicate the basic letter shapes. Sans serif. In general, people actually score higher on reading speed and comprehension with sans-serif fonts, but subjectively, they prefer serif fonts (Psychophysics of Reading).. If paired with an old style font, the sans serif font will take on the look of an aged and classic feel. If the sans serif is paired with a more ornate font, it takes on the look of a more formal or feminine font. Reading of Cyrillic texts in serif and sans serif fonts was studied. Text comprehension. The results confirm the generalized ecological hypothesis.

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