In August, we saw a dragonfly that was new to me, the Slaty Skimmer (Libellula incesta), with a dark blue body and black head. Some birds disappear for a while to change into their winter colors. Eastern Towhee, Pipilo erythrophthalmus, with fluffed feathers on chilly fall day; November 2018 in, Eastern Towhee bird singing. An eastern towhee sparrow with a bluish tinge on its wings and tail sitting on a yellow pole with a wire, Eastern Towhee looking back. An eastern towhee perched in a tree, Towhee - bird in tree. The adult moth’s chunky yellow body lined with black dots  is hidden under a pair of subtly elegant beige wings. Sometimes secretive but often common, this bird may be noticed first by the sound of industrious scratching in the leaf-litter under dense thickets. Sometimes secretive but often common, this bird may be noticed first by the sound of industrious scratching in the leaf-litter under dense thickets. Eastern Red-eyed Towhee perched on branch against clear blue sky in Crex Meadows Wildlife Area Grantsburg Wisconsin 703766, Eastern Red-eyed Towhee 703768. Male Eastern Towhee standing in the snow, Eastern Towhee songbird, Georgia USA. These tiny birds are headed for Central or South America to hang out with a flock they forage with every year – much like human friends who meet up in Florida each winter! `A strikingly marked, oversized sparrow of the East, feathered in bold black and warm reddish-browns – if you can get a clear look at it. All this severe weather is a serious threat to migrating birds! Male Eastern Towhee songbird, Pipilo erythrophthalmus, perched in Sweetgum Tree. Spends winters in southeastern U.S. and eastern Mexico and returns north earlier than other flycatchers. A male Eastern Towhee sits protected in a thick patch of tree branches during Spring mating season, Eastern Towhee. Ashbridges Bay Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Eastern Towhee. Thank you! Damselflies, another member of the order Odonata, are always busy in the summer and early fall at Cranberry. Eastern Towhee. According to the Stokes Guide to Bird Behavior (Vol. Juvenile (Summer) heavily streaked, brown above and buffy below . Wings are black with white markings, and tail is long and black with white corners. Females have brown head, throat, and back; white belly; rufous sides. Then lower your eyes to ground level and scan the leaf litter, looking for a scratching towhee or the bright white corners of the bird flashing its tail at you. These heroes of the insect world – the last generation of Monarchs to hatch here in the upper Midwest and Northeast  – will live for 8 months, instead of the 5-7 weeks of all other Monarchs. Cranberry Lake Park: Here Come the Migrators, There Go the Hibernators, the slightly rough-edged,  two or three note song, According to National Geographic’s website, Follow Natural Areas Notebook on These brown-and-white songbirds sit upright and wag their tails from prominent, low perches. A male Eastern Towhee is perched on a cedar branch looking up to the left. Botanical garden. Female Eastern Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) eating on the ground, Male Eastern Towhee eating a seed. Nov 3, 2019 - Explore Tom Reeder's board "TOWHEE" on Pinterest. When we spotted him, he gave us a sharp warning glance. Juvenile Spotted Towhee perched on a log loooking away. Male has black throat, head, and upperparts. When a north wind blows in the dark of night, getting out to the meadows in the morning can be a rewarding experience. But in spring, it thaws and hops away! Sparrow songbird, Eastern Towhee bird, Athens, Georgia. (Pipilo erythropthalmus erythropthalmus), male, a Spring Migrant to New York's Central Park, bathing in Tanner's Spring, Red-eyed Eastern Towhee 601658. The male Chestnut-sided is one of my favorites because of its varied color and pattern.

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