individuals, couples or family members living in the same household. For example collections of large grey stones, dirty looking grey sand, and particularly knobbly dark brown lumps of Iron Pyrite. Nigel Clarke (max of 6 people). We will be taking bookings for guided walks from December 2nd. The best time to go fossil hunting is during calmer weather on the outgoing tide. take a look at our fossil page and contact us for full details or to make a booking. Terms & Conditions | Privacy policy | Access statement | Pet policy, Beginners Guide to fossil hunting in Charmouth, Beginners guide to fossil hunting in Charmouth, Beginners guide to fossil hunting in charmouth. These standards recognise that we're following Government guidelines for COVID-19 giving you the confidence we have the relevant Having found your spot it's then a case of getting down on hands and knees and searching between the stones and gravel. Download our free Beginners guide to fossil hunting in Charmouth to learn how to start fossil hunting on Charmouth Beach. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult, Private walks start from £125 (for up to 6 people), All walks are led by a fully qualified & Insured Mountain Leader, For further details and to discuss your walk please contact us, Please contact Martin Curtis on 07900257944 or, 'Please contact us to arrange your next guided walk or tour along the Jurassic With patience, and by adopting the correct approach, anyone can find fossils in Charmouth. Remember they change daily! safety talk examples of fossils that can be found will be shown before heading down onto the beach to hunt. There are fossils all along the Jurassic Coast. Generally it is best to walk up to 400 metres on the beach to find the best areas. Regretfully many visitors rush onto the cliffs with their hammers, which is dangerous, prohibited, and very unlikely to result in success. Ammonites, as shown above, had spiral shells which fossilised to form the fossils we find today. Walks start with a safety talk and a discussion on how to find fossils on the foreshore at Charmouth After a We also hold the required COVID-19 permit from the Parish Council to be able to run fossil walks at Closer to the low water, but before the flat sand, is usually best. Visit the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre and join a fossil hunting walk with a professional guide like Jurassic Coast Guides or from the Lyme Regis Museum. Jurassic Coast experiences can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities. Fossil hunting is such a fun holiday activity for kids visiting the Jurassic Coast. Chris Pamplin Click on the picture below for the latest COVID-19 updates from the They are led by a qualified, insured & experienced Mountain Leader. Learn more about the important role erosion plays for the World Heritage Site. We went fossil hunting on East Cliff beach, which is east of the town of Lyme Regis. Martin Curtis 07900 257944, Proprietors Warren and Jayne Edwards © Copyright Hensleigh House Charmouth Hotel 2018 Fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast is completely free, just head down to the beach, start looking down and see what you can spot. The most common Jurassic Coast fossils in this area are Ammonites and Belemnites. We will not be able to run any group walks until further notice and will only be able to take bookings for private (max of 6 people). Lyme Regis is the fossil capital, with plenty of fossil shops, museums and guided tours, and even the lampposts are sculptured into ammonites. In fact, ammonites are the most common find in … will be run with strict social distancing rules in place. Charmouth, We will not be able to run any group walks until further notice and will only be able to take bookings for private Winter is by far the best season to try fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast – the beaches are quieter and the fossils are more plentiful. Finding your first fossil can be thrilling, and usually leads to many more hours of discovery. Contrary to popular belief you don't need any special equipment to go fossil hunting in Charmouth, just your eyes, warm and suitable clothing, and details of the tides and weather. Risk Assessments and Safety Operating Procedures in place when booking a guided walk. government, We have NEW! Coast', Please click on the lmage below to download the West Dorset Fossil Hunting Code Of Practice, There's always an exciting fossil walk waiting with Jurassic Coast Guides. You are probably thinking I am mad talking about fossil hunting during the winter months, but it is the perfect time of year for it, as stormy weather churns up the beaches exposing the fossils from the rocks and the cliffs. We are This fossil walk is a two hour session and start up at the Centre with a 20 minute talk from the Centre Warden about the fossils of Charmouth and how to find fossils on the beach.

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