With the Juki MO-654 DE, adjusting tension is made easy. Hi! I'd like to make a few additions to your tutorials.After the user successfully threads their serger, clip the thread at the bolt, pull the thread toward the needles and remove. The discs I speak of are the area right behind the numbered tension knobs where you thread the thread though to control tension. What a wonderful sentiment-- you are right, we should all remember to have fun experimenting with our sergers! I just got a serger this weekend and am totally overwhelmed already. My right needle thread leaves loops about every 2 inches. This was so much more helpful than any other post I'd read! If you're like me when I first started out, you might have a bunch of numbers and settings floating around in your head now! Notice the setting in the picture! In this case, the thread quantity that goes through the machine must be balanced so that you can get the best stitch result. :). If you take the time to work through the TENSION tutorial named Secret To Taming Your Serger ONE TIME, you will know how to set your own serger and correct your own tension settings forever. I hope this helps (for your serger's sake!). :) Anyway, thank you!!! Most sewing machines are pre-set at the factories for sewing garments with a mid-weight thread on mid-weight fabric.That's fine if you're sewing clothes but what if you're doing something else? Do you have any suggestions? It seems that the common issue of the tension may occur in the looper thread. I have found one bit of advice which seems to help, but it's not a long term solution--that is increasing the tension of the thread at the input point of the thread--before it goes into the threading disks. :) Thanks so much for this tutorial. Have you learned anything since you made the above comment? The numbered tension dials feature highlights identifying the most commonly used tension settings. Karina, needle changes can be so annoying! I'd love you to share this tutorial and the others in the series, at our ongoing linky that's just for Sewing Tips and Techniques. I am going to start over again tomorrow with this in front of me. I'm about to sew dance wear and this will make my experience headache free ;o). Most of the time, it's that the needle isn't inserted properly or pushed all the way up. You might just need to adjust that...I Just play around with that until it isn't wavy anymore. If you see on the other side, you will see that the right needle thread will show up as a small loop close to the lower looper thread and it commonly shows up but it may be looser than the left needle. Arizona USA Skill: Advanced. I've actually serged with one finger there. However, you do not need to feel confused because the numerical system and the plus and minus have the same function and it is just for comparison. This has helped a lot. I got some help from a girl at the Northwest Sewing Center here in Austin, which I didn’t even know was there, but I found it when I went to check out the new fabric store The Cloth Pocket. But this is not the case why tension is needed in the serger. Not sure if this makes sense, but I've actually held the thread with a finger against the machine before it goes through its first entry point to give it more resistance, before it goes into tension disk. Thank you so much for all your hard work! The mechanism of the serger tension is two adjacent discs and straight with each other. I thought I commented, but it disappeared. For some reason I never "got" any of the other instructions I've read. not only have I needed this explained desperately for years now, you are using my EXACT same serger! Is there anything else that might cause that problem? The tension control is also completed with some kinds of symbols. You willl of course need to simply rethread the needle(s).Keep your machine clean. i spent numourous days on end trying to set my tension (Glove m-34 so much older machine than this!) This helps you create a "stitch dictionary" for how your own machine produces balanced stitching: Secret To Taming Your Serger . This is exactly what I needed. My stich settings are right around .9mm and that works great for all the stretch fabric I use. Anonymous! Remember also that you can knot the large spool thread to the already threaded adjusting colors and pull through the loopers. What is actually the serger tension? Once you have that balanced stitch, swap out the small spools to your larger ones. Play around n have fun while doing it. I had NO idea you needed to do this… I didn’t realize I was such an amateur! The tension control is also completed with some kinds of symbols. Thank you for this great illustration! I'm still a little confused about all the adjustments. I just got my serger (the same one as you) and am trying to make a swaddle blanket out of jersey. They were able to order the regular plate for my machine and now all is good in the world! Yeah.The information about the tension and stitch help me a lot.You know ,the serger is an complex device that is so troublesome to the newbie like me.And it is alway so different to adjust the differnet tension .Thank you for a explaining the tensions so clearly to me. In this case, each thread has one tension control. The smooth and uniform look will also be seen on the bottom part of the stitch of the sewing machine. Thank you for sharing it with the sewing world. So, just doing this has changed my life! What number iis the tension be set at on my serger? Anonymous, that is a great tip-- It's easy to get the threads mixed up; especially when you first start working with a serger. Suppose you want to have good 4 thread overlock stitch, then you have to use the left needle thread which is from the top part, it will move uniformly and smoothly from loop to loop. Look at this beautiful rolled hem! The owner has an adorable kid’s clothing line called Adorbz that she also carries in the shop. My lower looper thread is always loose and loopy. I'm hoping your tutorial will help me get it right. Thank you for your help! Suggestions? If the stretch is not much, then the tension will be loose which means that the machine can let more thread to go through it. But when I had it serviced they asked if I knew I was using a rolled hem plate. For the most part I keep the 1034D's tension setting on all '4's' unless I'm sewing something very thick or stretchy. :), Fiza, thank you for the comment! worked a treat :) the pics make it so much easier to compare to my own stitches, only downside is the pics dont show when or if the needle threads are far too lose. I've been fighting with my serger for a week! Now it all seems much clearer. Another tip from the NW Sewing Center: Clean out under your bobbin case! :). Now it's just getting to grips with threading the dreaded lower looper! Notice the setting in the picture! I have so many things I want to make my Grand Daughter. However, basic understanding of the principle of operations goes a long way in problem resolution. The pressure of the tension will provide a chance for many threads to enter through the serger and you can use the tension adjustment for the change of pressure. (Position is right; no pulling or misplacement). I am doing a 4 thread overlock on a huskylock s25 (automatic tensions) and even though everything is set for a regular stitch, the fabric is being rolled to the back. I've since bought a new serger, but would still like to get the tension right on the old one. The easiest thing when learning serger tension theory is the 4 thread overlock stitch examination. I really hope you can help. Member since 4/22/04 Posts: 7282. I'm not familiar with that machine, but I would check out this link on adjusting serger timing: http://bangerlm.blogspot.com/2007/01/do-it-yourself-serger-repair-how-to.htmlIt looks like it could be just what you need. Relevant Tutorials . If you have a Juki serger, you can try these setting out for a lovely rolled hem! Look at this beautiful rolled hem! If you have a Juki serger, you can try these setting out for a lovely rolled hem! Since the thread is matched, then you will feel difficult to tell which one the looper thread or the needle thread is. thank you so much for this !! times until you get comfortable with it. Have you any idea what the problem could possibly be?!! Babylock tension is somewhat … I hope this helps! Thus, you have to set the cutting width and length in the normal condition. Hi, your instructions are wonderfully clear and helpful - thank you so much for the effort you have obviously put into these tutorials, they have helped me when even the instruction book for my Janome EzyLock couldn't. Great information. Palak. Some of the tailors think that they may feel a headache because their sergers have a lot of tensions. Oh my goodness! Now, thanks to your brilliant easy to follow tutorial I know how. Apparently if you don’t it will eventually jam up your machine. This Juki serger has multiple useful stitch options such as 2-Thread Overcast, 2-Thread Rolled Hem, 3 ... needle set, spool caps, looper threader, LED light, tweezers, screwdrivers, foot control, power cord, brush, and needle inserter. It comes with a fully automatic self-adjustable tension and a color-coded lay-in threading system which make it easy to work with. I can't believe what an excellent tutorial you have put together here. The fear that is commonly experienced by the people when using the serger tension adjustment may be caused by the stitchers who feel afraid of amputation of their fingers when they touch the tension.

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