I know in IP Passthrough the Hitron wifi signals stay active and in Bridge Mode they are turned off (I like the idea of having the additional wifi network to use, for guests as an example). IP-Passthrough or Bridge Mode Hi Guys, So there are several posts on the interwebs about additional functionality being exposed through FW updates to these devices. I know the Mofi Networks version of this router has IP Passthrough and it's possible because their firmware is based on openWRT. Passthrough as a feature. Re: Does Bridge or IP passthrough work with MR1100 or LB1120 when using AT&T I use both an LB1120 and an LB2120 in Bridge mode with AT&T (USA). So there are several posts on the interwebs about additional functionality being exposed through FW updates to these devices. Unless you absolutely have to use Default Server for whatever reason, you'll want to do IP Passthrough, the main reason being that Default Server will double NAT you, which can lead to problems. I'd like the openWRT device to push the 4G LTE signal to my Ubiquiti USG's WAN port. Based on just a quick glance, this guide looks like a good one. Please please tell me this should be coming out soon. I bought and assembled the other device because it was quite a bit less in price. Cisco 3848V, Enable bridge mode or ip passthrough. These devices are great but they are less usefull as a business failover device using a Dual-WAN Router as a CPE as IPsec VPN tunnels and the likes do not seem to work very well. Are there any internet security risks from one to the next? From my own perspective, I like that I can enable/disable IP Passthrough myself (if I ever want to to do that) by going into the router settings, whereas for Bridge Mode I have to contact Shaw (and there can be long wait-times for chat or phone support). Security should be the same on either set up, it is recommended to have software on your devices to protect them. Personally, I have used both types of setups. I am banging my head against the wall here - please help? With a bridged modem with two routers, you will have full control on settings through the two 3rd party routers (the two remaining ethernet ports on the Hitron would be disabled). It really depends on your needs. I also would prefer not to have double NAT. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.nerd-quickies.net/2017/04/03/setup-lanwlan-bridge-with-openwrt-luci/. I do it this way, and get full speeds from it, and my router of choice is the controlling firewall as expected from a regular Bridge Mode. Has anyone figured this out yet? As for an IP passthrough, you may run into a "double NAT" issue (a router behind another router) depending on … Create a Secure WiFI 6 Bubble with Business Access Point WAX204, A ReadyNas is not an excuse not to have a backup. I am really really keen to see this functionality as it would form the basis of a great cookie cutter HA deployment for small businesses who require direct internet access for SaaS products but do not want to pay for the price of Business grade connectivity for failover. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I think this article is hinting towards the right direction but a more clear-cut tutorial would be amazing. I'm running the latest firmware (NTG9X50C_10.16.04.04) which was recently released and that has I.P. I know the Mofi Networks version of this router has IP Passthrough and it's possible because their firmware is based on openWRT. Does anyone know when we might be seeing this functionality. Just wondering why I would choose one or the other ... the advantages and disadvantages of each? Passthrough as a feature. Related projects, such as DD-WRT, Tomato and OpenSAN, are also on-topic. That's what my Mofi device did before I fried it on accident. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Other than that, why would I choose one or the other ... Is one "better" than the other, and why? Speeds on either set up would be handled through the modem/router (depends on which device it prioritizes) but through a 3rd party router, you could have more control over that. Some days ago i did this following that guide. ©2020 Shaw Communications. The openWRT device would act as a modem only without all the other features. IP Passthrough: This configuration is the closest to actual bridge mode as the Arris will pass through its WAN IP address (your public IP address) to the USG's WAN port. If you want just IP Passthrough, with the BGW still attached, but having it pass the public IP Address onto your own router, the setup for this takes minutes.

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