", 6 Must-Ask Interview Questions for New Grads & Interns This April. Here’s a good example: Your Company is so revered in the advertising world for its commitment to creativity. Tap into the young talent that is out there in the job market and use these interview questions … By submitting your information you agree to Glassdoor's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You want to show your interviewer you’re not a one-dimensional robot, but someone who is well-rounded and will add flavor to the team already in place. I know that Your Firm has a Feedback Friday lunch with interested employees once a month and I really love that. This list of interview questions for new graduates covers typical job interview questions college seniors and recent college graduates can expect at employment interviews. Their responses to the question, "What are your must-ask interview questions for new grads and interns?" }. DO NOT: Ever respond by shooting back a question like, “Why shouldn’t you hire me?”  Such a flippant response reflects a bravado most hiring managers would not be impressed with. DO: Use this question as a time to personally connect with your interviewer. Demonstrating strong self-awareness is crucial during a job interview and in answering this question most particularly. This works perfectly even for recent graduates. Above all, go into your interview with a positive, prepared and confident mindset. Try not to overthink this question. For example: My sorority sisters might say that while I’m an extremely effective leader as president, I sometimes take on too many tasks. The following answers are provided to give you a new perspective on how to answer tough interview questions. They don’t want to know that you have a fear of spiders or overindulge in ice cream when you’re stressed. Here’s an example: I deal with stressful situations by using the pressure to my advantage. I asked two experts for their opinions, one a senior-level leader with more than 25 years' experience in the corporate, public and start-up world, and the other, a millennial leader who has paved a formidable career path over the past eight years. This question may seem like a no-brainer for those who love people. The key to making a good impression with your answer to this question is honesty and a … Many candidates stumble on this question, but you should see it as a showcase for who you truly are. For example, when I was the features editor at my college newspaper, I had writers fail to make deadline a few times. The hiring manager wants to get to know you as a prospective employee. Remember to answer each interview question behaviorally, whether it is a behavioral question or not. Why It Works: "Asking an interviewee how others view them usually delivers a more honest answer," says Mertz. DO: Highlight characteristics you have that would make you a great fit for the company culture in the particular position you applied for. If asked this question, consider it an invitation to share your research and knowledge about the company. DO NOT: Act as though the experience you had with this classmate was all negative. 5 Job Interview Questions Accounting Graduates Need to Prepare For April 6, 2016 Unless you’re a human resource specialist, job applicants usually lose sight of the fundamental purpose of the interview—finding and hiring the right person for an available position. In other words, this question is perfect for those with limited or no work experience. }); What hiring managers are seeking is that you’ve done your research on the specific job you’re interviewing for. I’m excited to think how my creativity could enhance what’s already phenomenal here. If you’re applying for your first job after college, it’s unlikely you’ve had a job that’s identical to the full-time one you’re interviewing for.

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