These businesses rely on food service managers (FSMs) to control costs, keep customers happy, and ensure smooth operations on a daily basis. Foods are parts of our daily lives. As the economy is growing so demand for F&B is also increasing this rises growth of packed food which can cater need of people in different event. So, in this manner raw material availability also affects the recipe and menus of food and beverages (Macheka and, 2013). There are various factors which influence failure & success of business whereas effective management practice leads to reduces changes of failure for new dinning arrangement, There are different methods which are used by restaurant for cooking food in order to cater needs of customer by serving them according to their taste & preferences. There are a lot of options that are also available for drinks that management of the restaurant should take care of the hard drinks and cocktail section so that no problematic situation is created (Tsai, Pan and Lee, 2011). International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. [Internet]. This entire process involves lot of people and the costs of the items are then measured according to the same. Cichy, R. F. and Hickey, P. J., 2012. Atlantic Publishing Company. There are some important aspects that are related to financial statement reference to food and beverages operations such are as follows-. Get citations & references in your document in the desired style! Centralized method- For bulk production, this method is used by the large fast food chain and in this, food is prepared in central kitchen and distributed to different places like hospitals etc. Food and beverage industry is a great and an innovative initiative and a huge expansion of the food industry and a contribution of modern science to many lives. Pomeranz, Y., 2013. It is very essential for one to know all those aspect which are very important as because this will help to buy a correct thing for many options that are available in the market. They provide employees with the tools they need to give the customer their best possible experience. According to this statement firm will be able to know which all products are demanded in large number so according to this firm will offer their products and services. and Trienekens, J.H., 2010. Further in this context, the fresh green salad,  nachos with salsa sausages, shallow fried potatoes and mushroom, hot tea or cold coffee and green tea are chose for the vegetarian guests. Savanna was introduced by the Distell Group Limited, one of the best food and beverage companies in the South African food industry, as an all-natural cider in 1996. The menu design that will be offered to Frankie and Benny’s will contain three categories of the dishes for each course for selection. There are also the sets of certain standards for the products that are purchased in the menu and in order to meet those standards, a proper control measure is undertaken which is also called variance analysis (Ojugo, 2009). The budgeted amount is now all set for implementation in the event and one of the most important concerns over here is to keep in mind the aspects of health, safety, security issues at the place of event and also with the food that will be served. Food and beverage industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries after the food industry.People can’t live without food. The selection of recipes and menus also depends upon the storage facility and equipments. In buffet system, vegetarian food could be placed on another table which holds a banner named with “Vegetarian food”. For maintaining security standards the pub can install security measures such as fire extinguishers to prevent the perils of accidental fires. We have updated our privacy policy in compliance with GDPR. Disclaimer: Instant Assignment Help Australia Provides custom assignment writing services to facilitate college students. This analysis tool helps manager to understand the present cost and also helps to control the future cost (Gootman, McGinnis and Kraak, 2006). Share Your Requirements Now for Customized Solutions. Thus this method helps in controlling to conserve the quality of food that has been processed (Williams and Uysal, 2003). pp.209 – 220. With the help of sales record, manager easily understand that what guest would like to prefer. Here one of the best alternative is get selected by client and then he/she will purchase it finally. Financial statement is an aspect through which company will be able to know income and expenditure of a firm. DISCLAIMER – ECPI University makes no claim, warranty, or guarantee as to actual employability or earning potential to current, past or future students or graduates of any educational program we offer. This is a mark of a good hotel or inn. This shows the management to choose an accurate plan of menu and recipe that has to be included in offerings that a company should display for customers. In Frankie and Benny’s, they may bake a limited number of specific baked goods and with help of batch cooking; they can estimate the number of consumers that will aspire to buy that product (Kilkenny, 2011). Call order: In this method, the description of service is provided to the customer in the form of a printed menu. While selecting the menu for food and beverages the prices of recipes as well as financial statements of the pub is taken into consideration (Mortimore and Wallace, 2013). What we need to do, is know the limits of us and our body and the limit of soft drinks consumption. In this context, foods from fruits to high gourmet cuisines are prepared and decorated in different ways. Johanson, M. and et. pp.163-176, Bechet, T. P., 2008. Hvolby, H.H. In 2012, Pepsi became the third most popular carbonated drink produced by the food and beverage companies in a food and beverage industry in India having a 15% market share. Share Your Requirements Now for Customized Solutions. 4 (2). Disclaimer : Documents provided by Global Assignment Help serve as model papers and are not meant to be submitted directly to the university or reuse/resell in any way. The Coca-Cola Beverage Company, alike all other food and beverage companies has occasionally introduced several cola drinks as well as soft drinks in the food and beverage industry under the brand name of Coke. Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world, in terms of market share and the company has sold 5.2 billion cans in 2012.

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