It has flowered a lot since then and the only negative I can think of with this hoya is all the sticy nectar that gets on the hoyas … Cutting (minimum 10cm long) - $5 each Plant in 4" pot - $15 Plants in 6" pot or hanging basket - … Mensajes: 1.058 Ubicación: Lloret de Mar. Foliage looks alike in both plants but h. kentiana is solid green, whereas h. wayetii has a dark red picotee border. ISO Hoya Kentiana/Wayetii Variegated. Water from bottom by sitting the pot in a tray of water. check availability here. Mensajes: 1.058 Ubicación: Lloret de Mar. ... Rare Hoya kentiana Wayetii Hoya Wax Live ROOTED PLANT SHIPPED in 3 inch POT . I have the non-variegated version as well, but I liked the … Do you know how to tell them apart? Thank you, Denise. 6" Hoya sp. It is a PNG native that once again will do much better with some extra warmth and humidity. Blooms readily, easy care, and adaptibility are all traits for this plant. The color and shape of the corona show slight differences between the two. Hoya wayetii y Hoya kentiana: ¿cómo se diferencian? Speckled Pubicalyx $30.00 3" Hoya Pachyclada This is perfect for a gift for someone looking to expand their Hoya collection. UNSOLICITED PLANT TALKS. Also, I have found that those forms that are most variegated are usually the hardest to root. Hoya Kentiana Variegata growth Habit. Other sources say kentiana and wayetii are the same. Get the best deals for hoya variegated at 3" Hoya Kentiana Tricolor $25.00 4" Hoya nummularioides $30.00 4.5" Hoya Retusa HB $30.00$25.00. Try around 55 - 60°F (13 - 15°C) for a month or two during winter (before spring) but no lower than 45°F (7°C) which may encourage blooms for late spring - summer. Hoya wayetii is almost always found in the big box stores in the summertime. H. kentiana I have never seen, but I believe the leaves are slightly different from the other two and the flowers are supposed to be all pinky-purple. Light: Plenty of … These are evergreen, epiphyte, or terrestrial, perennial vines with trailing growth pattern. check availability here. It is however a great hoya that I enthusiastically recommend. Favorite Add to Shop more similar items. angustifolia than like H. wayetii, form the written descriptions I have seen. But with the green versions, it's the leaves that are only slightly different - wayetti develops almost black margins when given high light, and even in lower light conditions, the margins are darker than the rest of the leaf. Hoya plants kentiana Rare Hoya Wayetii Wax Live Plant indoor Houseplant rare plant collection. 1 plant with 2-3leaves 2. I've heard that wayetii flowers are bigger, but I'm not sure about that one. According to other sources, Hoya kentiana and Hoya wayettii are different plants. HOYA SP. It is a must have Hoya. Avoid soil covering any part of the leaves. Interesting curly leaves (like seashells) closely paced on the vine, making it looks like a rope. Unlimited space to host images, easy to use image uploader, albums, photo hosting, sharing, dynamic image resizing on web and mobile. Separa los nombres con una coma y un espacio. Hoya kenejiana is a very nice Hoya that flowers prolifically once established. It even has pink on one of the four leaves. Home » Hoya kentiana [hort] Hoya kentiana [hort] Wax Plant. One thing you should not rely on for identification is the flowers since their color and number greatly depends on the environment of the plant, like light conditions and nutrient availability. Similar to plants sent to us as H. wayetii as well as Unidentified #70 by our former Athens neighbor, ... Variegated plants are our specialty. My eyeballs don't see much of a difference in the flowers. 1.5k. I love the variegated version of ANY plant. There's an old thread about the difference H. wayetti vs. kentiana that explains it technically. Tema en 'Identificar hoyas' comenzado por curruca, 9/8/08. The leaves of Kentiana are longer with more pointed tips. New growth has brilliant pink variegated leaves that fade to an inconsistent green white variegation; creating an attractive umber effect. Oh, that was an interesting post! Care: Light placing and light soil. Mine has really suffered this winter out in the main house. wayetii.jpg - Click to see more photos. keep the soil just My eyeballs don't see much of a difference in the flowers. ... Related: hoya wayetii variegated hoya kentiana hoya linearis hoya wayetii varigated hoya chelsea hoya plant hoya serpens hoya retusa. $15.00. pictures of plants growing well in east Orlando area, garden for wildlife. I hope someone can come up with a positive ID so I can correctly label mine!Denise in Omaha. 4" Hoya Shepherdii $20.00 6" Hoya Macrophylla Variegata $40.00 ... 3" Hoya Kerrii Reverse Variegated $40.00 6" Hoya Krimson Queen $30.00 6" Hoya Retusa HB $30.00$25.00. It is a very flowering Hoya. Over time kentiana 'Variegata' can become quite long and full. Hoya kentiana 'Variegata' is a very special draping house plant. Thank you in advance for your opinions. There's an old thread about the difference H. wayetti vs. kentiana that explains it technically. The dense low growth of Hoya wayetii should lend it to use as a groundcover beneath larger plants with similar growing requirements. It's not an Exotic Angel plant (they don't even carry that brand there). I am guessing that it looks more like H. sp. curruca. Until then, I'm happy to enjoy its foliage. This Hoya Wayetii/Kentiana varigata plant has beautiful variegation which is quite breathtaking. This is a fleshy Hoya that takes the #81 spot of "365 Days of Plants". Choice of green leaves, or variegated leaves.. PLEASE NOTE: We have identified the Hoyas to the best of our knowledge, based on our own research and the representations of our suppliers. But with the green versions, it's the leaves that are only slightly different - wayetti develops almost black margins when given high light, and even in lower light conditions, the margins are darker than the rest of the leaf. Dec 30, 2016 - H. kentiana (left) and H. wayetii (right) Blogging in Myrtle Glen, a backyard wildlife habitat in central florida. ¿Hoya kentiana u Hoya wallety? One has … USDA 354242. Unless, of course, you get flowers and your eyes can see the difference in the flowers. Thanks again! This listing is for Hoya Wayetii/Kentiana varigata plant shown in the photo. It seems to be mostly called kentiana in the trade, but I think it's variegated wayetti. Church Street, P.O. Get the best deals for hoya wayetii at I don't grow kentiana personally, but in photos, you don't see that dark leaf margin. For many years I believed it to be Hoya kentiana, but it seems I was wrong and it should be wayetii. Hoya macrophylla variegata medium cutting NaturefindsawayGB $ 14.00. Tengo unos esquejes de Walletty que me mando Evalentin, y comparados con esta tienen las hojas diferentes. Some sources say hoya kentiana is often confused w/ hoya wayettii. Georgia. Rare Variegated Hoya plants kentiana Rare variegated Hoya Wayetii Wax Live Plant indoor Houseplant rare plant collection. The flowers of Wayetti have somewhat petal-like appearance with lighter edges. hoya wayetii, Description Scientific Name: Hoya wayetii Trailing, cascading succulent Spectacular clusters of red-maroon flowers Plant level: Easy to Medium Your Hoya Wayetii houseplant come in a 12cm Nursery Pot. Hoya kentiana 'Variegata' New hoya on the market : check availability here : ... Hoya wayetii: check availability here : Huernia schneideriana. Bueno pues tengo la duda. Hoya Care Temperature: Temperatures from 65 - 80°F (18 - 26°C) are ideal during spring and summer. Hopefully there is some interest. Similar plants: Hoya archboldiana (Papua Wax Plant) Hoya australis (Common Waxflower) Hoya carnosa; Hoya carnosa Compacta (Hindu Rope, Krinkle Kurls) Nobody that's ever had the privilege of caring for a Hoya is neutral about this genus of plants - they simply are fantastic. Varieties: Hindu Rope, Publicalyx, Carnosa Green, Carnosa Krimson Queen, Kentiana, Obovata, Wayetii Green, Wayetii Variegated Pictures in order of variety listed 4” and 6” Pots Hoya wayetii 'Variegata' is our tentative placement of this Hoya species from the available information that we have been able to find. Keep it gently wet during the whole period of growth. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The main difference between these two is the blooms. (Tema cerrado. Para participar visita el foro aquí. Leaves around 3-4 inches, and about half an inch wide at the center. I’ve got: Bonefish Cactus - Euphorbia Firesticks - Tons of Spider Plants - Monstera Adansonii - X-Mas Cactus - Stromanthe Triostar (Whole plant) - Staghorn - Hindu Rope. Tema en 'Hoya wayetii' comenzado por curruca, 28/7/08. On the other hand, the Kentiana flowers are round, reddish and more uniform in the shade. I believe that light intensity greatly influences the percentage and extent of variegation (and the introduction of pink and red) .

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