One of the most user-friendly way is utilization of an ADB plugin of a popular Total Commander. Then unroll the upper notification menu of your phone which informs you about the downloaded file and click on it. Points collected using the GPS are viewed using the desktop-based Google Earth software, but there was no Google Earth for android back then. This scrub forest seemed promising but was navigable only in a four-wheel drive with an experienced driver. Map layers All track will be saved in Track tab ( Menu> Track tab). But Locus is developed for Androids only, then what the heck? Click it and a selection of apps for processing the file emerges. Exactly- nothing! Offline map is the map which you completely download to your phone. Keep it in mind when downloading your external maps! browse your phone or tablet's memory or SD card, select the map file (or the whole directory with external map(s)) and confirm, the map emerges in the Map manager Offline tab in a folder named after map file's parent directory. Active items The next things happened fast, we turned the car around and started heading back towards our last location. Select the last one – Send to Windows. It has support normal keyboard and mouse usage and also for all of the android apps. This launches Import feature of Locus maps, so you just click Import button, the track is added to your catalog and displayed on the map. I tapped on an option to navigate to the point. Firstly you can use our favourite ADB plugin we mentioned before when talking about Genymotion – it’s ideal solution. The file is copied into sdcard/Windows/BstShareFolder in your virtual directory structure. The device also didn't have any map in the background as a base map. By the time we entered the scrub forest, it was already dark. Click the Locus button to install the map theme directly in the app. After that, follow the steps below. When not with his camera, he can be found tending to plants or fighting writer's block on his Instagram handle. Over the last decade, he has been a part of inter-disciplinary research and consultancy projects on climate change, urban biodiversity, environmental education, open-source mapping and citizen science initiatives. Of course, developers understand that there is some place , where internet connection loss. go to Offline tab of the Map manager and tap button. Panic-stricken, I told the driver to turn on the cabin light as it was getting dark and began searching again. Then select Genymotion. For such people, Locus’ developers have created a navigational app if you are going to hiking, biking in a strange highland, looking for geocaches in mysterious forests or visiting cities you had never been before. Select the installation pack according to your PC OS (Windows, Mac or Linux) and download – all is possible after registration though. Unfortunately, this time the phone wasn't left behind in such an easy to access location. Select a place to go in Locus Map. You can compare and decide between the FREE and PRO version here. 10. You can also mail him here. Once the installation is finished, you can open the "Offline maps" section and select Georgia from the list. Some useful steps that will help you to appear in a right place for few minutes. So, here are the steps you need to do in order to install it and make it useful for your outdoor adventures . After the installation Locus appears in the upper category of the last used apps where you just click it and another window opens, distinguished by a tab in the upper bar. I managed to start the Google Services only after a few unsuccessful attempts, always waiting for “something” going on in the background. Geocaching is my favorite option in this app. back to menu ↑ Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements. Well, the choice is yours. Anyway, that you don’t have to notice a bit – MEmu has also Google Play where you can download Locus from as you are used to. The latest version 3.07 has 5.00 star rating from 1 votes. This opens Locus maps and starts the installation - you can check its progress by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner. Well, that’s all! You are given four categories to choose. I enjoy every bit of the experience, being outdoors, meeting people and watching their amused faces, when I ask if they have spotted a “chamgadar” or bats. The first app returned is Locus Map Free - Outdoor GPS Navigation - this is the one you need to install. However, it broke last summer and I am not buying a new one. This theme contains detailed information about mountainous areas: level curves, forest areas, rocks areas, mountain trails accompanied by their signposting, springs, lakes, refuges, mountain peaks and other useful information. MEmu is an emulator connecting simplicity of control and high performance without detectable weakening your PC. This way I know where I have to visit and can visualize and plan my next survey location based on road connectivity and time constraints. Every time you go out, you can track all your trips, measuring distance,total time and speed. Using maps without an Internet connection is the basic idea of Locus Map. Might sound pretty impractical but then just imagine, I could have found my favorite jacket that was left behind on a connecting flight or the Bluetooth headphones that went missing on a bumpy bus ride or even an umbrella that was forgotten in a rainforest. Unfortunately the process isn’t that simple which may be discouraging from using this hi-tech software for many of you. Don’t be afraid, a few minutes later you will forget about this problem. A dotted dark brown line represents trails or narrower forest roads. You’ll find in the software description that it is an “App player”. Check how steep it is by studying the level curves, check for springs in order to see if you have hydration points on the trail or check for refuge buildings in case of storm or danger. Online maps contain a wide assortment of maps to choose from, but they cover mostly Europe. As far as Genymotion is actually just a virtual device manager, it’s necessary to install at least one machine. To my mind, it is very convenient and useful when you see your route, every turns , distance to target and time you will spend while driving. If you're interested in writing on nature and birds, please fill up this form. Once the trails are imported, you can browse through them, modify them or hide/unhide them using the "eye" icon. Great list! Looks great, isn’t it? Then you’ll automatically see it in Locus Map and then you can add it to the map. The PRO version is ad free but more importantly you can also see the elevation profile of your track and you can also navigate. By the way, this map theme also shows the panorama points on the map . Just like Google Maps, Locus Maps started giving me instructions at each turn. That’s all! I discovered that it was an adult Long-legged Buzzard, a raptor that breeds in the Himalayas and Central Asia and spends winters in the North Indian plains. Open the file in CheatDroid and search for the int key called KEY_S_APPLICATION_VERSION_LAST. Do you want to test Locus on various devices and Androids including version 6? iPhone 12 Mini Review: The Best 'Value' iPhone in India? Click + Add button in the upper panel and choose in the vast portfolio of devices and Android versions. While getting out of the car to take that last picture, I had got down on all fours. Today, for planning the best trip ever , it is necessary to download some applications – companions. If you want to import anything into Locus, you have to have the data in the BstShareFolder first – again, Locus can’t get into your PC system directory structure. To import tracks, first download them - the easiest approach is to open my web from your phone and download the tracks directly (Locus supports both GPX and KML formats). Not even here the download of the installation pack is without hitch – the antivirus didn’t like the main storage – it flagged it as malware-infested. Then, follow the next steps in order: I think, that comments are unnecessary. The installation wizard goes through the process smoothly, the VirtualBox is installed individually. It is madness! You can control the whole phone using your computer and mouse fullscreen on your pc desktop – Including drag and drop files etc and running any app at all. Step 3 : all information about your way will appear on the display – Distance, Time and commands. The most popular iPhone alternative is Google Maps, which is free.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked 46 alternatives to Locus Map and many of them are available for iPhone so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. The easiest way to install them is to open the link above from your smartphone, expand the "Georgia incl.

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