Perhaps you’ll identify with something in there? it feels smooth to me at least, haha. And, of course, particle size is very important here. Like my blog? Soap and lotion are both emulsions, and use lye and emulsifying wax (respectively) as their emulsifiers. If you tan or have a darker complexion, I recommend checking out this bronze mica powder. I'll try to do this as frequently as possible! You can kind of get away without using solubilizer. One of the most important things you should consider when you’re experimenting with your various DIY projects is solubility. It helps to push the lumps to the sides of your container to release the pockets of trapped dry powder. The dark lipstick on the far left is my Red Rose Lipstick, made using Australian Red Reef Clay. Beet root powder doesn’t infuse either. He said that most, if not all, of the ingredients would be easy to obtain. Maybe. If you want more of a liquid, polysorbate 20 (aka solubilizer) is a good choice. Thanks, Australia was amazing! Hi Leah! My Manly Winter Lotion would be a good place to start , I saw this lip gloss recipe that uses beet root as a colourant by infusing beet root powder in oil. Have you had this problem? Hi Marie And if I want to water that down can I just go right ahead or I need to change things? I mixed 9ml calendula infused almond oil, 6ml nettle infused hemp oil, 7grams Shea Butter, 4grams beeswax and melted together before I added 5drops of frankincense and 1drop of vitaminE oil. Have fun with your scrub! Then came the highlighter trend. Do I need to add an additional soluble even though I am using alcohol (Vodka)? Before you comment (especially with questions about shelf life and substitutions), please, What is it? The separation is likely caused by adding more additives to the soap than it can keep in emulsion—try cutting back . I will find it extremely useful in my next experiments. I love how they feel so much, I’ve totally abandoned lipstick in their favor! You’d also have to add an emulsifier as well. I bought these products to use as a home made face packs. When combining insoluble powders with oils, you’ll find some (like oxides), have absolutely no interest in going anywhere near the water. Yes, I have dyed my hair (trying to cover the grey). I am trying to create a body shimmer oil wear the highlight powder and oil will stay infused and not continue to separate. I make a body wash with Castile soap, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, honey, vitamin e oil, vegetable glycerin, citric acid and kelp powder.. This is what happens when you mix clay or mica into lip balm to make lipstick. Preservatives, thickeners, fragrances, artificial colours and dyes, and pH adjusters. Chemical services performed on overly porous hair require less alkaline solutions with a lower pH, which will help to prevent further overprocessing. Sorry! If I were to buy a water soluble powder and mixed it with vegetable glycerin, would it then be miscible with carrier oils like grapeseed oil? That’s that for my quick guide—what solubility tips do you have? -Staci, Hi Staci! Thanks for you I need to mix aloevera juice with olive oil, citrus oil, jojoba oil, white germ oil and castor oil but the mixture separate aloevera at the button below. Or rather, it gets these small lumps. I got my water mixture out of the fridge and whisked it into, I'm interested in making my own soap and shampoo bars, but my young son is allergic to all nuts and possibly to coconut. New posts will not be retrieved. I’ve searched high and low and can’t seem to find any solid answers! For poylsobate 20 you just need to blend an equal amount of polysorbate 20 with your oils before adding that mixture to the water part. You have a wonderful blog, and I’m sure I’ll lose a good many hours perusing the archives. It has an open cuticle that both absorbs and releases moisture easily; it processes very quickly and can be easily damaged even further if extreme care is not taken when a chemical service is performed. Can you help me what should I use these two products for? where you would just be mixing the clay with glycerin, no water? by Marie | Nov 1, 2013 | Articles, Essential Reading, Quick Guides, The Basics | 75 comments. Lastly, where can I buy optiphen plus in the UK? Many thanks. With a price tag of close to $200 it would take a miracle for me to buy it. For example: combine 1 part mica powder with 1- 1½ parts oil. Since aloe vera is water soluble, you will need an emulsifier of some kind if you want to combine it with oils. If you use emulsifying wax at about 25% of your oil phase you can create lotions with much smaller oil phases, giving you a much lighter end product. There are many different kinds of solubilizers; please read this page for more information. Something like Gel Maker or Thickening Clay from TKB Trading is perfectly suited to this task , Take your oil and put your mica in it at 1 tsp mica to 1 TBS oil I use jojoba. Here’s an example: beetroot lipstick. Not sure what to use to help with the keeping the mica floating. These things (especially the pH adjusters) usually bust an emulsion, even with an emulsifier. I answered your question where you first asked it, Janelle. Chances are they all have different emulsifiers included in them, which further complicates things. Also the butters melt at higher room temperature unless I use beeswax to stop it from melting. If you use melt and pour soap base, mix mica either with 90% isopropyl alcohol or vegetable glycerin before mixing into the soap base. This website participates in the Formula Botanica and Amazon affiliate programs; as an Amazon Associate, Humblebee & Me earns from qualifying purchases. Only to find that the aloe would not blend very well with the other ingredients very well. I would like to just add equal amounts of all the oils. My problem is that my deodorant bars are completely oil based (beeswax, coconut oil, avocado oil, tea tree oil, plus some arrowroot powder, etc.). The seaweed powder is only alcohol soluble, so if yours is the same, no matter how long you heat it in oil, it will never dissolve. I’m really enjoying your blog. It is helping my hair absorb the moisture and natural oils which is a good thing (I think). Basically, if you want to include anything oil soluble, your formula will need an oil part. I always dreamed of being tanned and for a lot of years, I tried. I have played with alkanet powder a bit, and it’s definitely on my list for a naturally infused/coloured lip balm, and for soap as well. Since your recipe is entirely oil based it will last quite a long time (think lip balm or cooking oil in your kitchen). Is it, by chance, this serum? not enough to work as a lip tint :/, That’s been my general experience with botanical-infused oils as well. I was looking for a glow, but was afraid to go with a bronze tone as it could contrast with my skin and look more dirty rather than glowy.

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