This code changes every time you operate your garage door opener. First, press and release the LEARN code button on the receiver. 5. This Genie 1-Button remote replaces the discontinued ACSCTG Type 1 tombstone shaped remote that was used for many Intellicode model garage door openers over the years by Genie. Press the Program/Set button until the round LED will turn blue. The old remote model was also known as a G1T-1 or G2T-1. 1. Single channel transmitter, will operate 1 garage door or gate; 12V battery and visor clip included - Same as model GIT90-1 and ACSCTG Type I; Need help programming your Genie GIT-1 acsctg type 1 remote? 1B) (See owner’s manual). 4. While the … Remove the battery’s protective ˜lm by pulling it out the bottom of the remote. Get a genuine Genie-brand replacement for your ACSCTG Type 1 garage door remote control clicker. There is a LEARN button on the overhead motor, you need to find it in order to program your remote, it could be concealed behind the light cover if it's not directly visible on the motor box itself. The new replacement remote … Genie’s classic, tombstone shaped ACSCTG remotes have been discontinued and replaced with an updated design to provide even better reliability! 2. ACSCTG Type 1 Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Control Transmitter is a 390MHz frequency using a rolling code technology programmed by a Learn Code button. View the instruction manual for the Genie GIT-1 acsctg type 1 garage door opener. Locate the Program/Set Button and Programming Indicator LEDs on your opener’s powerhead (FIG. Release the Program/Set button—the long LED will blink purple. 3.

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