Shine is also used as a spike, and it's not too hard to pull of. Use Fox's positive attributes to your advantage. uses Sideb while too close to the stage. Beyond Final Destination and Dreamland the positives and negatives of the stages become even more opinion and playstyle dependent. Fox is generally considered to be the overall best character in Melee. Fox throws the opponent onto the ground and shoots them with his Blaster. A lot of combos are sort of improvised. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to play Fox in Melee. Press J to jump to the feed. It is mainly used from long range in the, Fox dashes forward, leaving an afterimage behind him. Active … Cookies help us deliver our Services. Getting a perfect sweet-spot is easier on stages with walls at the ledge because they allow you to "ride" the wall with Upb, avoiding the need to perfectly space yourself horizontally as you would on Battlefield for example. Unsafe lasers can be punished with options like a Boost Grab or Character Statistics Grabs. Yes I'm not really going to remove many threads at this point, though, because the sub is pretty small. Fox received a mix of buffs and nerfs upon making the transition between games but was overall buffed, with an increase in K.O power, recovery, and movement options. The large amount of space and a lack of platforms combined with Marth's general ground dominance and powerful punish game makes Final Destination a good pick in most matchups. Thus, it can't be used to break approaches. ". ". Because of these struggles, Fox must remain slippery, unpredictable, and above all, faster than his opponent to win. If you are a fox main, would u recommend any tips and tricks for fox? Fox, as his name would indicate, is the quickest character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He has no losing matchups on the character matchup list (as does Falco), with only three being considered even (Falco, Marth and Samus). Shine. Due to how commonly Fox is played and how potentially dangerous he can be, you cannot afford to His fast fall and low, fast short hop contribute to an extremely quick SHFFL. Players need most concentration to SHFFL aerials and Reflector combos with efficiency, if not done properly, Fox will get vulnerable to grabs by an opponent, which almost certainly means a painful chain throw or combo. SSBBrawlSSBWU/3DSUltimate his famous waveshine infinite). (3)Shine is incredibly useful in pretty much all situations. This section is incomplete, but sometime hopefully soon I'll go into more detail about specific situations and strategies for edge guarding. Informally known as the Shine in competitive play. A professional Fox player must do everything quickly to avoid getting nailed by his disadvantages. I think it's worth noting however that a lot of fox's most useful techniques involve the opponent being above you, like up throw > upair. Universe A lot of it is match up based as well, against characters like jigglypuff a run and gun strategy is much more effective than simple aggression. This is particularly true against Fox, due to his lack of options for escaping chaingrabs. Deals high damage if both hits connect. Even his defensive play styles look fast and assertive because that is just how the character moves and how fox works best. If he DI's fully away in either direction, your followups are the exact same. Switching the language to Japanese will cause him to say. Fox is very easily KO'd due to a combination of being a lightweight, having the slowest air speed (along with Falco), and having the fastest falling speed. Fox is just such a good character that he has the option to play however he wants. Control of space is key. This attack can be aimed up or down. vocal percussion on a whole 'nother level, coming from my mind! What is fox's main play style? I have been struggling to get new fighter without fox, but when i try to use fox against a bot higher than level 4, i lose. shine after aerials at low percent (learn how to shffl) but shine can be used for an approach and it can gimp people of the ledge too. Crappy characters like Link or something have to play specific styles. The largest difference is his potential to instanly kill you at any percent with a shine-spike. 11 Frame Startup. Dash Grab. Fox has pretty much the best ground movement in the game along with Falcon (you could really argue either one as being the best), but his SHFFL and general aerial game is equally amazing. Nair covers platforms rather well, and is difficult to punish with a Shield Drop due to hitting twice. 12% (foot grounded), 9% (leg & foot aerial). Like I already mentioned, it took awhile for upthrow upsmash to even occur to me, mostly because there aren't many good Fox mains in my area, and it also took me quite awhile to realize the combo potential of Fox's bair. You can use it right after a dair too. By Dash Dancing in and out of Fox's effective range (the range within which you can't react to his options) you can control the pace and spacing of the match. Fox is just such a good character that he has the option to play however he wants. Other than that, you can pretty much freestyle things, though. Make sure you use the time he spends shooting lasers to gain stage position.

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