The fretting hand fingering is pretty straightforward, but bar seven requires a bit of thinking ahead. He first picked up a ukulele at the age of 16 and has since been sought out for his ukulele wisdom by The New York Times, The Guardian, the BBC, and many other media outlets. Both figures are of the same tune: the opening line of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The first figure (Track 88, Part 1) shows how this piece is usually played, with consecutive notes sometimes being played on the same string. The following figure is an arrangement for ukulele of his “Andante” (Track 87). I started on Ukulele in order to play classical music. I can’t promise you playing these tunes will get you that far but they will surprise your friends and family with you skills and as a demonstration of what’s possible on a ukulele. 1-20 of 24 Free Classical Ukulele Sheet Music (search within these results) ( See also our Ukulele Lead Sheets selection) Level Artist Title Popularity Date. Compare the two methods and I think you’ll agree that the campanella version sounds much richer. Here, instead of strumming down with your thumb, you need to strum up with your index finger. They sell great strings and have wealth of info on tunings. One of the earliest pioneers of classical music on the ukulele was John King. Compare the following two figures. When you’re playing in this way, the ear interprets the last note you hit as the melody note. The campanella method of playing, however, uses all the uke strings and produces a much more pleasing sound. Für Elise. The tune is in the key of A minor and playing the chord at the beginning sets this up for the listener for the entire piece. How to Play Classical Ukulele by Ukulele Hunt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Classical Masterpieces for Ukulele Strumming up the classics. Thanks for the interesting read! In campanella, notes are played across the strings so that each string is never played twice in a row. Here are a couple of bits of fingering to look out for. The picking pattern is as follows: The A-string of this piece carries the melody while the E- and C-strings provide backing. John King developed this technique for the ukulele, and you can hear him using it with wonderful results on his album, Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita No. Für Elise( by Ludwig van Beethoven) is one of the most famous and popular compositions in the world. He was a ukulele expert who used a style called ‘Campenella’, where you play one note of the melody on each string and let them ring into each other. 3, BWV 1006 for Unaccompanied Ukulele. Perform a classical piece and people think, “I didn’t know you could do that on a ukulele!” This article shows you how to go about creating this surprised response in listeners. The holiday season can be the a fun but slightly daunting time to be a ukulele player (uker). Elephant – Saint-Saëns By Alistair Wood . Look at all the notes coming up in that bar and position your fingers ready for them at the start of the bar. Again, you lose the bass notes, but that doesn’t stop the tune being rewarding to play. Bridal Chorus – Wagner This summer, I’ve had a hankering to play classical music on the ukulele and recently received The Baroque Ukulele, arranged and performed by Tony Mizen (CD included), as a birthday present from my son. They’re arranged in a ukulele style rather than traditional classical style. Difficulty: Intermediate/Expert Price: $7 How To Play Classical Ukulele features some stunning solo ukulele arrangements that will have you playing Wagner, Strauss, Offenbach and more. A student asked me about classical ukulele books … She’d seen the Lute to Uke book by Tony Mizen, so I pointed her to the Baroque volume and Romantic era volume all by the same author. Doing so allows you to play the big stretch up to the eleventh fret. This beautiful composition can be played on the ukulele.

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