Like their towering cousins the pine trees, mugos have dark green color and fresh pine smell year round, but in a much smaller package.Find out about caring for mugo pines in this article. They vary widely in size, from the tiny 4-foot dwarf mugo pines (Pinus mugo), to the stately 100-foot white pine (Pinus strobes). Creepy things - someone at school called them "mother's day caterpillars' but I've been to 2 flower stores and no one can tell me what kind of caterpillar they are. The top two to three years of growth can be affected. White pine weevils (Figure 6) are common pests of pines, Douglas-fir, and spruces. While it doesn’t go into particulars about pine scale, the University of Guelph (PDF) … Any suggestions? Pine needle scale on a mugo pine (Pinus mugo). I am mystified.I have 9 mugo pines planted around my corner lot that are 4 to 6 years old.They have always thrived since I planted them until this spring wheras 6 of them have become scraggly as a result of losing their needles on the lower portions of their branches. Like trees infested with Zimmerman pine moths, the central leader and lateral branches can be curled into a shape that resembles a shepherd’s crook. They clump together and move at the same time. Mugo pines are a great alternative to junipers for gardeners who want something different in the landscape. When things get busy in late spring and early summer, you’ll be ready to control them before serious damage is done. I have a mugo pine that now has a worm or caterpillar infestation - they eat all the needles then move to the next branch.

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