My grandma taught me a slightly different method of measuring water (lived in Hong Kong 60 years before moving to the states). Or would it be the same amount of time? 12 minutes is fine. -Jaden. But this is nowhere near the perfection you can attain by cooking rice on the stove top in a heavy bottomed pan with a good lid. when a kitchen remodel left me without a stove for more than a week, and it took longer than on a stove top — the Nordic made a believer of me. Remove from microwave. Any suggestions? Microwave uncovered at 100% power for 10 minutes. jasmine, basmati, white rice or sushi rice. The best part is, it fits into many diets, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian…you name it! EEK!! Thank you so much for sharing this ‘secret’ method. I think you are confusing instant rice with Uncle Ben’s par boiled rice. I learned that when I worked in Hawaii for a few months, and I haven’t seen anybody besides me use it in years. big mistake! Rinse the rice. The more spread out the container of a liquid, the more surface area it has, and the faster it comes to a boil. A very useful size for lots of things too. Turn the burner on high and bring the water to a boil. At this time you can add butter and saffron as a extra special treat. Great taste and quality rice in just 1 minute. BASICALLY, YOU CAN SUBSTITUTE THE WATER FOR ANY TYPE OF LIQUID WITH SAME MEASUREMENTS! Thanks for the step by step explanation. This method is very forgiving, (would be “has a wide exposure latitude”, in photography). Well, I have cooked both Jasmine and short grain your way , the results are ok but not great. Otherwise add a touch more water and fluff. Sohla got her start decorating ice cream cakes and clown cones at her parent’s scoop shop in LA. Carefully pour out the water, keeping the rice in the pot. you used 1/6th the recommended amount of rice, who knows how much water and your complaining when you proportionally overcooked that amount by almost 4 times longer than suggested.. i put it to you that you are the one needing a minus mark. Thank you for this!! After all, the microwave method is only marginally faster than using the stovetop. It totally works. Thanks to governor Pataki and his electric utility deregulation, we pay several arms and legs a month for electricity in NYC, so gas is 100 times cheaper to use, so i’ve learned to make anything and everything on and in the gas stove. Thank you. Hi Alfred – Thanks for your questions. Hehe, was just browsing when I saw the article title and decided to check it out. I then realized that this was probably because the microwave bowl that I’d used had slanting walls (it’s basically a bigger version of a cereal bowl with slanted walls — AKA a circular truncated cone). But if you are, use glass Pyrex or Corningware dishes to cook the rice in the microwave. Learn more about our products and their nutritionals. Is the water supposed to go to a certain point? Is the nordic ware microwave rice cooker made of ceramic parts? I´ve been looking for this instructions for a while. Microwave on high for 5 minutes at full power. I understand to measure rice and water with finger it does not matter the amount but what about cooking time…I am sure it needs to cook longer and what about brown rice? It’s a supper-saver in my tiny two-burner kitchen, freeing up space for sauté pans and Dutch ovens. cook on high for about 9.5 to10 minutes, with the vents opened. That will make enough rice for 1. I cooked it in a glass bowl with a loose glass lid. Thanks!!! Use a microwave safe dish that is meant for cooking pasta/rice or steaming vegetables. Adding vegetables and lean meats. Tip: make sure the container you use is big enough. i think the biggest variable in how effective microwave cooking is is the quality of the microwave. I’ll go back to following measurements. For the same amount of rice, it seems like if the pot was wider and shallower 1″ would allow for more water, or if it was taller and narrower, then less water. It never fails. it will dry out and still not be mushy, I was looking for the button to give this 10/5 but unfortunately I could only give it 5/5, but it deserves more. I have had a couple of times that I was distracted while I was doing this recipe and added too much water so I strained it , then microwaved it for another min. The only time it doesn’t work that well is if you are cooking less than 1 cup of rice. (The pics look great! butter; combine in microwave-safe bowl, cover and cook on high for 8 minutes. Because I live at nearly 4000ft elevation and water boils at a lesser temp than 212 degrees. Anyway, the conversation went thusly (albeit in Cantonese): “So… what am I actually looking for when I use my finger to measure…? Put it on high for 9 minutes in the microwave. Cooking rice in the microwave have more advantages than cooking rice in rice cooker. Thank you! I think this will change my life. Don’t buy this type of rice…it tastes nasty. Wash it and use the first joint of my index finger. You are better off eating a potato if you want nutrients. I learned the finger method from a friend of mine that was a chef at an Indian restaurant in NYC’s Little India about 30 years ago. The microwave would save me time but do you use cold, warm or hot water. I know other Asians that do that so to say it’s Chinese might not be so accurate. I have a 1300 watt Microwave and don’t want to burn the rice! (I suspect that one of these days, if I research it enough, I’ll be able to just look at food, and it’ll cook itself. *For best results, use stove top cooking method. I also like the Pampered Chef microwave cooker – but it’s MUCH more expensive. The EASIEST, BEST way to cook rice is the Yogi way. I used to use instant rice! Let it stand, still covered, for 5 minutes. Measuring from the top of the rice grains takes into account the size of the pot, how much rice you’re using and the width of the pot as well. DO NOT place your hand over the top of the cup when removing. Plus, you won't have to deal with all of the rice stuck at the bottom of your pot as you do with the stovetop method (although some folks think that crust is the tastiest part!). Then I can dust off the steamer I registered for 9 years ago and never used because it actually took longer than it did just on the stove…. My ultra small apt only has a microwave & very small refrig so this recipe for cooking rice in a microwave came in very handy (esp. When I removed the glass bowl (of course I used heatproof mittens) the rice was so fluffy & I was more than pleasantly surprised. I also really like the Progressive International microwave rice cooker, and it’s actually cheaper, at around $10 on Amazon. I do put my microwave container inside a shallow pie dish to catch the overflow, but I had to do that with the microwave rice cooker as well. pi*3*8.8419 = 250 cubic inches rice Then microwave 15 minutes at 50% power. Love the taste and adds personality to each meal, We make this every week with some great recipes and adds personality to each mealtime. Maybe one day I’ll get a Zojirushi…. it was HUGE) cup rice cooker growing up, but usually cooked about 3 or 4 cups most days unless there was company over. Made jasmine rice, I used a glass Pyrex mixing bowl and put an inexpensive Corelle plate on top of it. Dan. Hi Jackie – since the inch is measured from the TOP of the rice grains, and not the bottom of the pot, it is a more accurate measure than size of pot. This rice came out great and saved me so much time! I bought one of these same rice cookers but I only paid $1 at the local 99 cents only store. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes when the oven shuts off, fluff, and eat. I had cooked rice in the microwave before following different instructions and always worked. I was going to try to prove you wrong, but in doing the math I found out that you are corrent… I use Pampered Chef brown plastic pot with lid with drain holes to cook perfect basmati rice for years. just curious! In the Corningware version you have to cook the rice for 20 minutes instead of 9 minutes. Always wondered how the restaurants did it. I have a rice cooker and usually cooks rice in it. Mine is 650W – it is quite old, and I understand more modern micros are more powerful, so I will probably have to adjust cooking time. My dad taught me the same method! The rice still came out just right! Now the rice water that comes out of the pot will just pool on the plate. I wish I read more clearly this post before I tried my 1st attempt! My new favorite Thai cooking site. If it's the texture you desire—eat! jaden. my 1st time and it was perfect could not cook rice b4 uncle ben eat your heart out lol, Pingback: 五個海外留學慳錢秘笈 5 tips to save money when studying abroad | littlebeanie的留學隨想, Pingback: Soboro Don-Japanese Rice Bowl -, Hi…I think the size of the pot matters cuz I did this recipe and the water overflowed when it was boiling….I used a Corning ware about 8″ x 8″ x 5″ in depth.

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