why have there been so many novel coronaviruses lately (since 2000)? Silver nitrate does NOT prevent infections. Can I drink alcohol when taking Beta Blockers? There are many things affecting the sooner or later existence of stains in our skin. Silver nitrate can also help create a scab to help stop bleeding from a minor skin wound. What you are seeing is where the silver nitrate sticks have "burned" the tissue and caused discoloration. When does the sweating end? Get your answers by asking now. If it does happen to leak on the healthy skin, you should immediately irrigate the site with a lot of sterile water. What you are seeing is where the silver nitrate sticks have "burned" the tissue and caused discoloration. Follow your doctors recommendations for post operative wound care (how long to wait before bathing, etc) and don't try to wash off the discoloration. It prevents the stain from happening. Favorite Answer. Silver nitrate is a chemical substance that is used to develop photographs and in some medical procedures. If the silver nitrate is there on your skin for a long time, it will cause burn in your skin. Skin ulcers: Silver nitrate may be applied to chronic wounds to aid healing. 5; Wound epibole: Applied to epibole, silver nitrate may renew the healing process. Answer Save. Corrections Welcomed. How long am I suppose to leave it on? I recently cut my thumb badly and they had to cauterize it and im wondering how long will my thumb look like it was in a fire?? Silver nitrate is an inorganic compound that has a number of applications in various industries, from photography to electron microscopy. You should be careful not to let it ooze on the healthy parts of skin as it can stain and burn it. Hope it helps, good luck. However, when it comes to medical applications, the antiseptic and cauterizing qualities of this compound make it quite valuable, particularly outside of a formal hospital setting. Silver nitrate topical (for use on the skin) is used to cauterize infected tissues around a skin wound. The longer stains does not receive any cleanse, the longer the stain stays in the skin. I was wondering, if there were any people who have had this procedure done and if they could tell me how long the stains take to go away. Before the area has a change to darken, wash the exposed area in a salt (at least 5%) water solution. Silver nitrate is a great non-prescription wart remover that comes in pencil form. It literally burns off the wart as it removes the hard and rought skin layers of the wart tissue. But it should be ok to wash off so long as the wound is looking presentable with no discomfort. Do different ingredients in shampoo absorb into your skin/bloodstream. Protects intact skin from chemical damage. JMIM . I work in a veterinary hospital. You can sign in to vote the answer. Silver nitrate has no known minor interactions with other drugs. The discoloration is usually grey like the sticks, so it can be easily mistaken for medication. leave it alone. Stains skin, This element appears black and not silver in a humans body. I had cauterization performed on a wound. How long can I survive on only 4 hrs of sleep per night? Apply a skin protectant e.g., petroleum jelly to peri-wound skin or No-Sting skin-prep for peri-ostomy prior to the application. Still have questions? I had partial thyroid surgery last Friday and the last two days off and on I've been sweating or had a 100 temp. It will go away as the tissue heals. They become darker day by day and looks terrible on your skin. It will go away on its own. If it does happen to leak on the healthy skin, you should immediately irrigate the site with a lot of sterile water. Since silver nitrate is highly caustic, precautions should be taken before the usage. Relevance. The dried up silver nitrate was left on the skin. 2 Answers. This information does not contain all possible interactions or adverse effects. Silver nitrate sticks come in the form of wooden sticks with 75% silver nitrate and 25% potassium nitrate on the tip. If the color has darkened a lot, then full exposure to the SilNit has come and gone. This needs to be done before the stain appears as it doesn't get rid of the stain. Especially when it is exposed to light, which actually makes it even darker. There is no one suitable answer to the question. I am not sure about the chemical question. Silver nitrate is currently unregulated in water sources by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. occur if silver nitrate is applied over a long period of time in large quantities. The only thing you want to be careful about is whether or not your might be allergic to it. and also ive heard that silver nitrate has many side effects is this something to worry about? Long-term exposure may cause eye damage. How long will the silver nitrate stay on my skin?

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