Thanks for a great roundup. Ferry Options. Important to note the Eurotunnel is NOT available for foot passengers. If you’re a cyclist, you’re probably not in a hurry, so board in the evening, park the bike, unload valuables, get to your (prebooked) cabin, and chill. Loading our bikes on the Eurotunnel minibus. The cheapest flight from London to Paris was £121 (found on Skyscanner, flying on the coming Saturday). Many smaller cities and towns are served by airports that connect through the capital. (External link) is your European rail expert. Once on-board the minibus driver will take you onto the Eurotunnel train with the rest of your fellow vehicles and take you under the sea. Contact: The doors close, train moves under the sea, and 35 minutes later you’re in France. I like Brittany from Portsmouth (to Caen, St. Malo, Cherbourg, Le Harve and both Santander and Bilbao in Spain). Once upon a time flying was a remarkably quick and convenient way to take you from England to France. No coupons or discounts were used and the ‘standard’ option was chosen. Travelling with your bicycle is cheaper than travelling as a foot passenger and from Dover to Calais or Dunkirk costs £17.50 one-way and £30 for a return. I’ve never heard of an issue, although I wouldn’t leave the laptop on the handlebars. I can imagine the wind could sometimes be harsh. Originally we had planned on taking the ferry but because of bad weather conditions we opted with the Eurotunnel. Take a look at our 'Ferry to France vs Plane' infographic and follow our family across the Channel to their holiday homes in the Loire Valley in Western France. What was wrong with le Pont de Normandie? A one-way journey costs £20 per bicycle and needs to be booked with 48 hours notice. The Eurotunnel is only available to people with vehicles (cars, vans, motorcycles, coaches) or bicycles (more explained further down) and claims to be the most sustainable option for crossing from England to France (besides swimming). W. e all need to cut down our carbon footprint and this is a great way. Two services operate this route, the DFDS Seaways service which runs 14 times a day also P&O Ferries which runs 24 times a day. By plane. The cheapest flight from London to Paris was £121 (found on Skyscanner, flying on the coming Saturday). Firstly, bikes need to be booked in advance through EuroDespatch and we’d advise calling before you make your train booking. Travelling around France with a disability, © olrat / iStock The main carriers serving France from Ireland are Aer Lingus (External link) and Ryanair. Trains from London to Paris, onward connections throughout France and rail passes can all be booked via their website or call centre. Although, it can be a headache staying in the undercarriage with your bicycle or wandering off to the upper decks. Here we’ll be looking at the Eurostar, Eurotunnel and ferry options, to see what makes them so popular and which is the best option to take you from England to France. I have used these routes on a motorcycle as well as a car, so some of the same concerns (weather, security) apply. Published: 14 February 2020, 15:08. The Eurostar also uses the Channel Tunnel but is a high speed train for foot passengers only; taking you from 3 UK stations to 8 different European destinations. The PdeN is a huge double span across the LeHarve harbour – there must be an alternative bike route around it, but the wind can be fierce. The boat to Brittany does sound nice, although we were glad we stayed out first night in Wissant, it was very beautiful. Now things have changed. For detailed info on UK-France coach services, click here. For the Chunnel train, on a motorcycle you just ride up and ride on, though. There are other ferry options. You can also see the distance in miles and km below the map. Arrive closer with our choice of cruise ferry and high-speed sailings direct to the holiday regions - avoiding the long drive through northern France. But just be aware that those raps are steel, traversed by thousands of diesel-dripping trucks and it does tend to rain in this area. How far is Pennsylvania from France in a plane How far is Boston Massachusetts from United Kingdom? Apparently there is a free ferry across – that would be my choice!   There is only one ferry company that currently works this route which is the DFDS Seaways service. A one-way ticket cost £101-£191 depending on departure times. But their customer service is very good (when not on strike – hey, they’re French Brittany is also trying to be “greener” with their ships (maybe just PR). BTW – I lied – I have done UK-France on ferry by bicycle. Our weekend hike was one of those ones where you f, Caught mid-mouthful, but when it comes to this ban, Our kind of coffee shop☕ Look forward to reading about your bike to India. In our opinion the Eurotunnel is the best option for cyclists to get from England to France (or the other way around). The most popular routes leave from Dover and go to Calais or Dunkirk. Airlines are expanding French routes every year, with maximum flight times of two hours; ferries are a great option for families or road trippers; and France’s reliable rail network spans all four corners of the country, making train travel a delightfully scenic option for those with more time. We went Newhaven late afternoon to Dieppe (it was a group ride, which is why I forgot and we had a sag wagon, so less relevant, I suppose). For those landing in Paris, the capital has two airports: Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle (25 km north of the city) and Orly (14 km south), both linked to the centre by shuttle buses and the suburban rail service (RER). For further details on travelling to France by train, click here. Folding bikes smaller than 85cm when folded don’t need to be booked on any services, whilst bikes larger than 85cm can only be boarded from major stations (London, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels). For one person leaving on the coming Saturday and returning the following Saturday showed prices of £157-£338 depending on the departure time (12 times available). Whatever the reason there are now great alternatives to jumping on a plane; with competitive services and an exciting experience in themselves. A flight from London to Paris produces nearly 55 kg of carbon emissions and with over 4 billion people expected to fly this year that’s A LOT of carbon. Much appreciated and very useful. Works a treat – very fast and after the first trip, totally unremarkable (boring, in fact). A former travel magazine journalist and self-confessed language geek, she loves using writing to inspire – but also spends a lot of her time rescuing people or articles from their losses in translation. Next time you make the journey check out the Eurotunnel, Eurostar or the ferry and we’re sure you’ll ditch flights for good! As simple as it sounds. So, the prices shown are the prices you’ll also find at this time of year (March). Of the two times available at that price one leaves. Being the UK’s nearest neighbour and boasting one of the best transport infrastructures in the world, France is wonderfully easily accessible to us Brits, whichever way you choose to travel.

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