She then goes to sleep as she has been overwhelmed with her work and been unable to leave. Hospital Playlist has certainly improved each week as we see the doctors face some difficult situations at work and also in their personal lives. Drama ko ditulih dek Lee Woo-jung jo disutradarai dek Shin Won-ho. Completed. 137 people found this review helpful. Since she is a lawyer, she wants him to be punished and so the director suggests a 3 month pay cut for the resident. They all continue to adopt great chemistry on-screen too, while the rest of the doctors compliment them quite well. Hospital Playlist 2 (Korean sequel) Native Title: 슬기로운 의사 ... Jang Gyeo Wool [Surgery Resident] Support Role. Hospital Playlist has been quite the pleasant medical drama to follow so far, with each week bringing us interesting cases as well as more information on the past for these doctors. He then calls the guardians of the patient who complained about Jae-Hak and convinces them to just accept an apology from him. Seok-Hyeong rushes out of the restaurant as Min-Ah calls him back to say that the other doctors are busy with surgeries. Meanwhile, Jae-Hak’s day goes from bad to worse when he receives a call from the husband of a patient who is angry his wife is still on a ventilator. Shin Hyun Bin of “Hospital Playlist” recently participated in a photo shoot and interview with @star1 magazine! After her son leaves, Rosa receives a call from the priest who tells her that Jeong-Won’s letter of recommendation has been accepted and that he has an interview. KDrama "Hospital Playlist" yang dikemas dalam 12 episode untuk Season 1 akan dilanjutkan pada Season 2 di tahun 2021 mendatang. The drama may have a lot of characters but it has managed to weave the secondary characters with the main cast well, who are of course the glue that holds everything together. Shin Hyun Bin merupakan salah satu pemeran di drama Hospital Playlist.Ia berakting sebagai Jang Gyeo Wool, dokter residen bedah umum di Yulje, salah satu rumah sakit terbesar di Korea di drama Hospital Playlist.. Berakting sebagai tipe cewek pendiam yang ternyata jatuh cinta kepada seniornya. He also explains that he has been putting some of his money in an orphanage. While mentioning Jeong-Won playing with his son last weekend, Doctor Jang realizes that Jeong-Won lied to her when he said he was busy. As he hangs up, Seok-Min arrives and asks him what Jun-Wan thought of his resignation letter. He replies that the new chief of CS has declined it and reveals that Jun-Wan has accepted the position. On September 28, the 2020 Brand of the Year Award winners were announced. He tells them that residents need to be more careful how they speak to patients as they get complaints. He tells her that she may have to get the baby out herself or both will die. The director meets with Cheon and Jun-Wan as the daughter of Jae-Hak’s patient is now complaining for the way he spoke to her. Of course, since she is the only resident in GS, she has lots of work. He explains that she had pneumonia before the surgery and apologises. Seok-Hyeong and Min-Ah visit the mother who thank them for saving her and her baby’s lives. Tags: Strong Friendship, Slice Of Life, Doctor, Multiple Mains, Best Friends, Hospital, Slight Romance, Strong Female Lead, Heartfelt, Bromance Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older Statistics All Rights Reserved. Hospital Playlist (Korean: 슬기로운 의사생활; RR: Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal; lit. Half a year has passed by since all five friends have started working under the same roof. Wise Doctor Life) marupoan seri televisi Korea Selatan taun 2020 nan bacarito tantang limo dokter nan bakawan sajak tahun 1999. He tells the parents that surgery is dangerous but they have no other choice but to try it. Click Here To Read Our Full Season Write Up. Hospital Playlist (Hangul: 슬기로운 의사생활; RR: Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal; lit.

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