July 19, 2020 |   |  She told Grandma that she was scared to ask Dosan questions that weighed on her.  |  packmule3  |   |  Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. Turns out she has been absent the last year and a half working in Germany. However, a simple reminder that we’re all flawed humans can be enough to show someone with no hope that beauty still exists. He is brisk and abrupt with the patients and families, not willing to give false promises. Hospital Playlist: Episode 1 by lovepark. packmule3  |  There were other people demo-ing that day besides Dosan and JP. Top 5 Kpop MVs: Bring Me Those Strong Voices, First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: The Good Detective, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Episode 13-14 Recap.  |  This week we get to see the softer side of one of our stone-faced doctors, find out there a few crushes zinging along under the radar, and one of our poor doctors is about the have the worst week ever. We all knew that Joon Wan’s harsh outer layer was hiding some super sweet marshmallowy fluff. Genres. 29 Comments Kmuse: Oh dear heavens. Grandma knows that Dalmi was beginning to notice the differences between Dosan in the letters, and the Dosan she’s dating. Yeongsil: Sure, one second. This is ensemble storytelling at its best. packmule3  |  Then he called the restaurant and they remembered his cute family; my heart dropped and he dropped the phone at about the same time. The thread is now open for you, ladies. Hospital Playlist Episode 3. Good riddance to her and her selfish attitude. A. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Korean TV Shows, TV Dramas, TV Comedies. Let’s enjoy the show. 19 Comments November 17, 2020 |  He even left his half marathon and ran in those amazing shorts back to the hospital. Drama Geek: I think he’ll always have that warring inside of him until he steps away from being a doctor and realizes how much it means to him. We see a flashback of his discussion with Dalmi on the cost of funding the NoonGil project. Half a year has passed by since all five friends have started working under the same roof. Hospital Playlist ep 3 + textposts/onion headlines/twitter posts. Not to mention she […], November 19, 2020 |  16 Comments packmule3  |  April 5, 2020 April 5, 2020 / Kmuse. November 21, 2020 |  And Dosan was sailing without a map […], November 25, 2020 |  Kmuse: I live for these flashback scenes. But it doesn’t take Darth Vader Daddy long to discover that his wife is cheating on him and brought her lover with her to dump him. Cast. Director: Shin Won-Ho. Everyone makes mistakes, even doctors, but not everyone accepts responsibilities for their faults. 3 Comments Ooh! In the preview we saw these: a. the prospectus on “Tarzan,” b. Dalmi in a car telling herself she could do it, c. And then the car with “Tarzan” on the hood and grill. She answered understandingly, “Our apologies. I love that Darth Vader Daddy figured out how to get what he wants and it only requires some selfies of his best friend.  |  1. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. Much to everyone else’s despair, she chooses Darth Vader Daddy’s once again. It was Chi Hong, one of her residents.  |  Telzeytalks: We have been wondering about his wife. I thought we were past our hot Daddy Long Legs wanting to be a priest. packmule3  |  Breakup of the company 3. It’s a cream festival. Money has always been a JP’s #1 love. 12 Comments I want to view this whole chapter of Rara and Jun’s life as a beautiful dream in hindsight. November 25, 2020 |  This is a story about a group of friends who stumble across each other one fateful evening, and though they may all be different, their shared bond and memories hold them together for decades. Hospital Playlist (Korean: 슬기로운 의사생활; RR: Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal; lit. Some choose to run and others even push the blame onto others. Mar 26, 2020. the corndog) lcredit: irwhailen’s tumblr   2.

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