Due to the fact that this job is highly technical and requires expertise, systems architects are the most highly paid employees in Australia. The ATO's just released the figures for Australia's 20 highest-paid jobs if you're looking to see where you stand financially in the country. Surgeons Photo: Sasint, Pixabay. Maximum annual base salary: $450,000. Another interesting and highly paid jobs in the Australian job market is the Python Developers. There is no set qualification of this post, however you should be up to date with the knowledge and should have an enthusiasm for this post. The Careful Culinarian: A Foodie’s Guide to Living Gluten-Free, Sexiest Costumes & Lingerie That Will Spice Up Your Marriage or Relationship, Sexy Board Games Every Couple Should Play, Top 10 Erotic Novels To Read During Summer. Pharmacists top the list with nearly 180% more job … Psychiatrist. Some engineers are also qualified in business and economy and hence can get governmental roles like policymakers in their fields. This job is one of the most beneficial jobs to be done in Australia, get upskilled today and ready for the best jobs in Australia. Australia Unwrapped is your one stop guide to discover Australia to the core. This job requires an academic degree and many start offs, as well as experience in industry. Being physically and mentally well, the employees remain happy and can work efficiently. There are currently approximately 2600 vacancies for python developers in Australia. The system architects are responsible for highly complex and sensitive projects which not only require information and knowledge but also prior experience from the people who are responsible for the establishment of these infrastructures. If you are a Data Scientist in Australia, then you can easily earn around 100,000 AUD or 70,000 USD. A Python Developer can earn up to 100,000 AUD. Ten Australian Hostels to Stay 2020 Page Contents Ten Australian Hostels to Stay 2020Top 10 Hostels for Your 2020 Australian. Moreover, the country offers great quality lifestyle, brilliant education and much more. So if you are in for a Data Scientist, you surely are going to earn a lot in Australia. A Wellbeing Manager on average earns 110,520 AUD. Python is the most commonly used development language and hence it is a significant force in the industry of Information Technology. Yes and Information Technology System Architect earns as much as 139,690 AUD. Analytics manager usually starts with being data analysts or scientists. If you are an Analytics Manager, you can easily earn around 118,820 AUD. Median annual base salary: $350,000. An Information Technology System Architect’s work is to design, built and test the whole of the infrastructure on behalf of the organizations which have internal networks. The Construction Managers are earning a lot in Australia and are expected to increase their earnings in 2020. A senior Information Technology Manager can earn as much as 125,000 AUD which is approximately 89,000 USD. These professionals are required in the organizations which work by generating a large number of data. So if you are planning to move to Australia, you can consider some of these highest paying jobs in Australia, to earn as much as you can for a better living. Your email address will not be published. Read More: 10 Small Business Opportunities in Australia in 2020. This is your guide to unveil everything about the heaven down under. These are the 20 highest-paying jobs in Australia, according to the ATO. Read More: Top 10 Emerging Startups To Watch For In Australia In 2020. Australia Unwrapped bringing you the latest News, Australia Travel and Trends from the  Land Down Under and beyond! Surgeons have been at the top of the list for many years due to their involved work. Jack Derwin. Many people from around the globe move to Australia for a better lifestyle. If you have a portfolio of management and supervisor ship, then you can earn the most. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There may be a team of scientists and analysts who are working to manage and manipulate huge data sets in certain organizations, but an Analytics Manager can do this job more efficiently and perfectly. The society today is very much concerned about information technology security. The great employment opportunities of Australia attract immigrants from around the globe to this country. The demand for Information Technology Security Architect is very high in this regard, hence, jobs for IT security are very highly paid. The Australian country is among the highly developed nations due to which it has a very high GDP per capita and a very low poverty rate. You can do a job in any industry and earn quite well in Australia. Read More: 10 Really Funny Australian Slang Words for 2020. Normally the Human Resources department of organizations is responsible for bringing out a Wellbeing Manager. A Cloud Engineer can earn as much as 111,590 AUD in Australia. Passion for adventure and sharing his life long journey with as many others as possible. The Analytics Manager is responsible to manipulate and manage the data. An experienced Information Technology Security Architect earns around 124,000 AUD or 88,000 USD in Australia. A Construction Manager is also required to organize and manage teams to follow strict deadlines. Due to the technologies which are enabled by cloud computing including commercial applications, data storage and Internet of Things, Cloud Engineering is must in demand. Required fields are marked *. 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